Olympia Dukakis

Picture of Olympia Dukakis

Nationality: Greece


City of childhood - mostly Irish-Catholic commune and family Dukakis profitable stand out. Interest in the theater Olympia woke up when her father formed an amateur troupe called `Demosfena` club that specialized in classical Greek plays. At the age of 13 years, Olympia appeared on the scene. Later it for some time set aside his love of the theater, to get an education at Boston University, where she studied fizioterpiyu. Some time Olympia was working on a specialty, and when plucked up courage again enrolled in Boston University - this time on the program studying the dramatic arts. After graduating at the age of 28 years, Olympia moved to New York. She was enthusiastic, went to all the listening, of which only she ever learn, and eventually she started to get roles in off-Broadway productions. At one of these plays, she met actor Luis Zoriha. Nine months later they were married. In 1965 was born their daughter Christina, and in 1971 - the sons of Peter and Stephen. Soon seseystvo moved to New Jersey. In 1973, Olympia, Luis and Apollo was founded in New Jersey, his theater. Their performances were a success, but a year later they had to close down due to the fact that the government has reduced the budget for such activities. Olympia went to work. Despite the long list of works on stage and television, money and fame in no hurry to shed her abundant rainfall. Finally, in 1987, a breakthrough goduproizoshel - Olympia starred in `Moonstruck` and for a time became a favorite of housewives. She went on to star in blockbusters making roles in such films as `Steel magnolii`,` Opus Mr. Hollanda`, `See who govorit`. In addition, Olympia Dukakis has lectured at various conferences on women`s issues and the environment.

Perhaps the only one who could not succeed at a young age, and after she was fifty years old.