Olivier Martinez

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Date of Birth: 01/12/1966

Age: 50

Place of Birth: Paris

Citizenship: France


Author: Christina Minasian

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Olivier Martinez was born in Paris, France on 12 January 1966. His parents were middle class, his father - a professional Spanish boxer`s mother - secretary of France.

Despite the difficulties experienced, Oliver received a good education. At the time, he graduated from the school with success. After - he decided to devote himself to acting career and entered the French Academy of Dramatic Arts (French National Academy of Dramatic Art).

The debut of Oliver Martinez (Olivier Martinez) took place in the early nineties. Then even inexperienced actor became increasingly appear before a French audience viewing.

He quickly achieved success. In 1994, the year - after the execution of the role in the dramatic film, Un, Deux, Trois, Soleil (One, two, three - the sun) - Oliver won the C & # 233 Award; sar Award - as a particularly promising actor.

global viewer attention attracted Oliver, after starred in Hollywood film Unfaithful (Incorrect) (2002). After - the actor has appeared in such films as The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (2003), SWAT (2003) and Taking Lives (2004). A few years later the actor flashed in the film Blood and Chocolate, performing the role of Gabriel.

Life Oliver Martinez (Olivier Martinez) formed on the basis of a zebra - white stripe punctually alternates with black. In 2007, the year - after three years of relationship - the actor broke up with Australian singer Kylie Minogue. Meticulous media claimed that Oliver was extremely caring and gentle partner, strongly guarded Kylie (for example, constantly supported the singer during her severe oncological disease), and yet - are not always able to resist the charms of female strangers. Martinessa the Idel accuses of having links with a variety of women, including Michelle Rodriguez and Salma Hayek, sometimes - with several at once. Minogue has been patient, but one broke down and after another affair Oliver broke up with him. It seemed that - ever.

However, in February of 2008 they were again seen together. The couple was spotted in Paris, in one of the restaurants. Subsequently mysterious Minogue said: "We - friends and nothing more. It was just dinner. "

Is this true, time will tell and the current girlfriend of Oliver Martinez (Olivier Martinez) - Spanish actress Goya Toledo.

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