Olga Zeyger

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Date of Birth: 03/27/1984

Age: 32

Citizenship: Russia

I have dreamed of a magic wand!

Author: Eugene Kudryats

Website: Celebrities

Olya, what do you know about the origin of your last name?

- I know that my name has several translations. 1) - a watchmaker, 2) - a saw or vertical sawing. By nature I prefer the second interpretation. My name is of German origin

As passed your childhood, you`ve dreamed of, who wanted to become?

- My childhood was good. I was raised by my mother, who quit her job because of me, because in kindergarten, I stubbornly refused to go, the two grandmothers, my father, but most of all I was engaged grandfather. Everyone says yes and I both know he`s madly in love with me. He filled my childhood toys in countless numbers, performances, circus, to which he took me every weekend. When he was leaving for a trip abroad, I wrote him a list of what I bring, has never been, so it is not something brought, what was on the list. It was very touching. Grandfather at all for me was the first teacher, he first bought me a book, where are the children, and in some years has given into the hands of the first serious book (Stefan Zweig "Letter from an Unknown Woman"). I loved to read, thanks to him. I remember him as an incredible family man. It was very important that on the weekend, all got together, sat down at the common table, eating and discussing common problems. In the summer we have always lived with my mom in the country. And he came to us with her grandmother for the weekend. Usually arrive on Friday evening, after work, tired, he had two of his company. We knew that he would come in the evening, but did not know the exact time, so constantly ran out into the road looked rides - no rides. If you see headlights, then straight heart skip a beat, but he would only have his car. When it became clear that it was his car, I began to scream hysterically: "go, go." Hop out sister, mother and frightened neighbors. We were waiting for him as Santa Claus. The car drove up, he, you walked, opened the trunk and took out victorious there, watermelon, melon, peaches ... I only now understand how it says a lot about a man when he does so. I`m sorry that he died when I was only 14, I think right now we would be good friends.

I never dreamed of becoming an actress, it has turned itself. I just remember that all the grandmothers seated in the yard on the bench, to give them into the hands of the leaves of a tree, so that they gave them to me after the show, and then sang to the shearing voice. I get from this process very much.

Dream of peace in the world, I wanted to have a magic wand ... very loved playing store (I was a clerk in the store, and the poor grandmother - the buyer), and even, I think, wanted to become a saleswoman, I really liked the process of getting the money for the goods. It`s probably told my Jewish roots (Joke) in me

Why creative profession was chosen, what was the reason for this?

- The reason was my desire to choose my profession. This is generally the most important thing for me in life - to do what I want. Others - does not happen.

As far as I know, you have graduated from the pop department GITIS, not theater. You wanted to become a pop singer?

- I graduated from the pop department, because it came to one master on stage and got to another due to illness of which came. All these divisions are very conditional: pop music, drama, directing. The main thing - what you look like. And learn all the same. Singer I dreamed to become, but now I sing ...

Tell us about your theatrical works ( "Political theater", the actress 2002-2006, entreprise "Zoyka flat" role Manyushko, entreprise "French chanson" Piaf songs, Mathieu.)

- I would like to talk in detail about the work of one. It is a French singer. This performance we have set the course, when I was still studying at the institute, and played it for about 5 years. This musical performance. Each of us sang 2 songs from French chanson 40-60-xx years.

I do the singing turned an interesting story. When I came in GITIS, the first lesson in vocal one teacher told me that I got out of class, and the door closed on the reverse side and remember that I can not sing ever! 4 years later, in the final examination, where we just played French chanson, I had two songs, one of which was the final "My God," Edith Piaf. This is a very powerful song to aortic rupture. I sang it so that many teachers felt it was not only my vocal victory, but also an actor, after all, the last song, it does not entrust everyone to sing. (When I was on tour in France, I still have not had time to finish singing the last word of the song, as the French began cheering wildly and screaming). A different number in this performance was the comic strip, which I did the song Mireille Mathieu "All the children sing along with me." I sang it and undressed. The essence of the rooms is as follows: I went out to the ridiculous robe, wearing glasses with a sealed glass slides and so quietly in a small voice began to sing, and then all of a sudden took off the robe, glasses, dissolves the hair and began to sing in a low voice. Under the hoodie turned out an evening dress in which I continue to sing, she chose a man in the audience and invited him to come to me on stage. The man refused, so I rented a party dress, threw in his face and remained in the same combination. I was singing hysterically, showing everyone how I pity that this man does not pay attention to me, the crowd usually laughing, and the man even more shy and is definitely not out to me. Then I took off myself "nightie" and remained in a ridiculous leopard underwear made itself. It all started to laugh, and I continued to pursue the man. If he did not come out to me, I started to go to him herself, then the scenario I intercepted and dragged away. And if the man, however, went to me (I never know the reaction of the man, because man is always different, not "false"), I took his hand and was about to leave with him, quickly stripped him at the same time and here I was again intercepted and dragged away. With this number, I walked all the Moscow clubs, wrote about it many Moscow magazines. There was a time when I was only feed this number. And this room was in our performance. Just to think that I lost then, after listening to the teacher in order !!!

In 2007 on the First Channel of Russian TV started showing a new project - "Next", where you play the role of Tatiana White ballistics. How did the test, whether it was a lot of contenders on your part?

- Samples on "overview Next" were the most common way: come, try, left. There were many contenders. I was surprised by the invitation itself to the casting for the role of ballistics. I have such an angelic appearance, and I was invited to a very important role, but then I realized that this is the essence of the design.

Now I want to ask three questions of www.kino-teatr.ru visitors:

Kira from Krasnodar asks:

I would like to know how you have developed relationships with his colleagues on the series "Next"?

- The answer Kire: relations with colleagues on the series we all have the warmest. We are all very good friends. Always a pleasure, if there is time, going after the shooting or on holidays somewhere in a restaurant or at home at Maya. We are all very good friends, especially the first part, because in the beginning we all experienced a difficult period, when only the series began. Not slept for several days. They knew that they must take good care of each other, otherwise endure. We - the actors of the first composition - there is a sense that we - the team, I think the audience feels it, too.

Maxim Generalov from Volgograd interested in:

I`m curious, what are you really?

- The answer from Volgograd Maxim: I`m actually the same as on the screen. I am not lying! In each role, there is something from me. Just have a lot, so in the roles I always different!

Makagon from Pavlodar Elena wants to know:

There you have pets?

- The answer from Pavlodar Elena: I do not have pets. But if I get the opportunity (time & # 225; s), then I will get yourself someone.

And the last question. Recently you returned from Japan. Please tell us about this trip. What impressed "Land of the Rising Sun" on you?

- Japan - it`s super. It`s different. Everything is very beautiful. I love to travel, and Japan has made a great impression on me. I climbed Mount Fuji to the height of 3,776 meters and encountered the sun at 5 am. I first saw the sun on the earth. It was unforgettable, even if we consider that the summit we walked all day (!), And the highest point of the mountain, where I met the sunrise, the temperature was minus 15