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Date of birth: 22.11.1978

Age: 38

Place of birth: Ulyanovsk

Citizenship: Russia


She graduated from GITIS, Humanitarian University of Television and Broadcasting and Cinematography.

Famous actress brought the role of Masha - the wife of Ensign Shmatko in the series "Soldiers". Olga Yurasova admits: "We can say that after the" soldier "I woke up famous. Every day I ask for his autograph. I love my fans, if I may say so, it`s good people, honest! I was on the street and hail, Mary. I like!"


- TV series "Soldiers" (Masha Shmatko) of the 1-11, 2004-2006

- "The Goddess: How I Fell in Love", dir. Litvinov 2003

- "Lady Homeless", dir. Friedberg, 2001

- "Thunder", dir. Baranov, 2004

- "Case of Kukotskiy", dir. Yu Grymov, 2004

- "Jack Pot for Cinderella", dir. N. Istanbul, 2004

- "Swans` paradise", dir. A. Mitta, 2004

- "The saga of ancient Bulgars", dir. B. Mansurov, 2005

- "The State Counsellor", dir. F. Jankowski, 2004

- "Graffiti", dir. I. Apasyan, 2005

- "Sasha + Masha", dir. D. Fyodorov, 2003

- "Luba, children and the plant ...", 2005

- "Banker" (Regina), 2006

- "It`s all flowers" (the bride), 2005

- "The real Santa Claus" (Snow Maiden), 2006

- "Bloody Mary", dir. N. Agadzhanova, 2006

- "Web" (Tomka), dir. Uskov, 2006

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