Olga Tolstetskaya

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Date of Birth: 09/29/1967

Age: 49

Citizenship: Russia


Start a career

For the first time on the silver screen Olga Tolstetskaya appeared in 1985, while still a student GITIS. Aspiring actress starred in the film directed by Mary Mouat and Vladimir Alenikova "unlikely" - fifteen Lida Karjakin. The heroine Tolstetskoy after numerous conflicts decides to leave school. Having worked in different places, she realizes that her mission - to raise children ...

Three years later he graduated from GITIS Olga Tolstetskaya together with other former students took part in the television drama "Kodzhinskie skirmish", staged on the play by C. Goldoni on the life of Italian fishermen, playing the role of Orsetty.

90 - s

After GITIS Tolstetskaya Olga worked at the Theater of the Soviet Army and the Drama Theatre. GA BDT. Parallel Tolstetskaya starred in many movies, but in due measure her acting talent was not disclosed. Actress at most participated in the comedies of low quality, flooded at that time domestic screens. So she starred in Sebastian Alarcon "Spanish Actress for Russian Minister," "KGB Agents Also Fall in Love" and "In search of the golden phallus," Anatoly Eyramdzhana in the film "Bride of Miami," "The Third is not superfluous" and "We did it ! "Sergei Nikonenko in the film" I want to America. " And in 2000 goduOlga Tolstetskaya starred in the erotic tape Alexey Rudakov "Features of bath or bath policy-2" in the role of Rai.


New field of activity became Olga Tolstetskoy journalism. She started with the fact that three years worked in the editorial office of the Moscow weekly "Big City". Since Tolstetskaya constantly collaborates with the leading Moscow editions. In addition, she has written several screenplays.


unlike in 1985

1986 Dear Edison!

1988 Kodzhinskie skirmish - teleplay

1989 Five Corners

1990 Spanish Actress for Russian Minister

1991 KGB Agents Also Fall in Love

1991 Sekskazka

1991 Crime of Lord Arthur

1991 Hotel "Eden"

1992 Grass and water - short

1992 game seriously (Russia-Ukraine)

Director: Anatoly Ivanov Detective

1992 In search of the golden phallus

1992-1994 Goryachev and others - series

1992-1994 ABC of Love

I want to America in 1993 (Belarus)

1994 Third not superfluous

1994 Hammer and Sickle

1994 Bride from Miami

1997 Bomb

1998 Cops. Streets of broken lamps 1 - series

1998 Women`s Property

2000 Features bathhouse policies or Banja 2

2001 We made it! Turkish March 2001 - series

2001 Lady Boss - series

2002 Lady Mayor - series

2003 Always say "always"

2004 Samara-town

2005 Master and Margarita - series

Author: Igor BIN

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