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Date of Birth: 05/04/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


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Sutulova Olga was born on May 4, 1980 in Leningrad in a family of intellectuals. Her parents, engineering mathematics, in due time graduated from the Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute. However, the daughter of their ability in the exact sciences are not transmitted. As recognized herself Olga, numbers are always introduced her into a stupor. But it proved to be excellent in other areas.

Olga five years successfully engaged in English language, and then came to school with in-depth study of English. At age 14, a girl sent students exchange program for a few months in Oxford. She recalls: "It was my first overseas, it was in 1994, and I have created the feeling that I found myself on a different planet. I remember we landed at Heathrow, boarded the bus, drove through the empty road and suddenly saw forward rushes luxurious red "Alfa Romeo" with an open top ... Just like in the movies ... Although I already knew and established in this opinion later What`s left to live abroad could never. Another thing is to go there for a while, stay with friends, walk to museums ... "

If the study of English everything was fine, then here is the rest of the ... Olga did not like school and had a reputation there hooligan. Not the best way is the relationship with classmates. "I`ve been at this school only two drugana, with whom we hooligans - says Olga Sutulova. - That was another trio: Natural Wild Child. " Teachers spoke openly that are nothing good will come of it. But because the irony - Olga became an actress, and her friends are well settled, became a successful businessman ...

The zigzags of fate

But back to the school year. The result of endless disputes with teachers Olga Sutulova was disgusting certificate and its expulsion. Without hesitation, she filed documents in a vocational school with the shipping company, has handed over perfectly well all the exams and was admitted to the specialty-equipment mechanic.

The parents could not come to terms with such a choice, and soon identified his daughter at school named after Alexander II in Peterhof. "This school was really remarkable, - says Olga Sutulova. - Firstly, it is located in a historic building in the Peterhof park, where we walked on the changes, and sometimes the IP lessons were running away, to wander through the palace. A great teacher taught second, it. And do not keep up in the gymnasium was a shame. "

At the same time there was another significant event. Olga was 15 years old when she went with her parents at a birthday party of a friend. There, she met playwright director Dmitry Astrakhan - Oleg Danilov. Through this meeting, Olga soon starred in the television series "The Waiting Room" as pupils of the orphanage Amy Ponomareva. In the same 1998 the young actress shone in another picture Dmitry Astrakhan - in the crime drama "The contract with death", where she performed the role of Anna.

Despite early successes in the cinema, to bind their future life with play-acting Olga he was in no hurry. Then she thought that acting - not too thorough profession. She attended courses at the University, specializing in history. She even wrote a scientific paper "Grottoes Peterhof cascade", for which then won the Soros Foundation. But the University she has not happened. Olga Sutulova recalls: "On the day of exams, I was sitting in the audience and thought, well, right now will do, then I`ll take the papers, plugging away day and night in the library ... And my imagination drew a monotonous pattern that I literally got sick in a moment to study there. Therefore, in response to a simple question of the ticket, beginning to bear his teacher outright nonsense. So I got off from the University of ... "

After the failure of examinations Olga came to VGIK, in the workshop of Joseph Raihelgauz. Successfully graduated from it and became an actress.

Movie. The road to fame

Between 2001 and 2004, Olga Sutulova played in half a dozen films and serials of different genres. One of the highlights of her work - the role of Dasha in the drama Valeria Ahadova "Moscow Elegy", the film adaptation of the play by Mikhail Kozakov. In this clever, deep pattern on the problem of "fathers and sons", starring the star of our movie Mikhail Ulyanov, Ada Rogovtseva and Irina Kupchenko.

In addition, heroin Sutulova in this period became: actress Assia in tragicomedy "Cinema about cinema" Lena detective "Behind the Scenes" Nastia in the series "Atlantis", Katya in the historical melodrama "The Northern Sphinx", the doctor Marina in the series "ambulance "Tanya in the action series" Cobra. Antiterror "Selina in detective series" Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation -1 ", the chief editor Julia Belkin in the romantic comedy" Formula "Face in the melodrama" The night is bright. "

In 2007, Olga Sutulova invited to a major role of the police sergeant Nina Tsvetkova in the picture Buravsky "Leningrad", tells the story of a tragic period of the blockade during the Great Patriotic War. Olga Sutulova said that work on the way Nina Tsvetkova was given to her hard: "It is she and not the same as in nature. Times were hard, and she tried to kill all the female, light, beautiful ... For the filming I had to lose the long hair, and it`s not the worst. Three years we were shooting this story. Long, hard. Both physically and mentally. Because all the actors were very impressed by the diary inhabitants of the besieged city, archival footage ... So I just basically decided for myself that I would not simultaneously take on other projects, so as not to be sprayed. We started rehearsing long before the shooting, which is rare. And always present sense of fear: because a lot of people who remember the blockade, are still alive and they will not forgive errors, falsehood on the screen. "

The filmmakers were rewarded for their honest work as the recognition of the audience and the experts (the picture was awarded the "Taffy" award in three categories).

Intellectual actress

Olga Sutulova admits that he loves his profession and seeks to enjoy it: "I do not want to just play in order to earn more money once again and flicker on the screen. I want to be happy to go to the shooting, with interest to discuss the role and then be proud of their work, and not to suffer on the court, regretting that signed on to the project. "

Journalists often called Olga Sutulova intelligent actress. Probably because she is well versed in literature and painting. Among the favorite writers Olga: Meiringen, Remarque, Belle, Marquez, Gayato Gazdanov. She enjoys listening to jazz and blues, and prefers the creation of the Impressionists, Brueghel, Kustodiev, Vereshchagin ... Here are just a she herself believes that our country is no intellectual cinema, filmmakers, removing deep original paintings units. Fortunately, over time, she had the opportunity to give up her uninteresting projects and choose what to liking.

Often heroines Olga Sutulova become provincial girl who came to conquer the capital. So in the social drama directed by Igor Voloshin`s "Nirvana", released in 2008, she played the role of Alice, who decides to break with the old life for what moves to the big city. But what awaits her here? ... A simple and yet very poignant story of love, friendship, betrayal can not leave the viewer indifferent.

Another such a role - Dasha in the famous melodrama Olga Subbotina "About lyuboff", filmed on the novel by Oksana Robski. It would seem - hackneyed story about a clever intelligent gray mouse-provincial, working capital on a businessman, this fairy-tale prince, whose beautiful wife a bitch. Classic triangle, which according to the laws of the genre should be completed as a classic. But the story suddenly makes a sharp turn, revealing new facets of the characters the audience relationship, thus giving the picture eccentricity. Company brilliantly played a role made famous Olga Subbotina Fyodor Bondarchuk and Oksana Fandera.


1998 Waiting Room / Hall Chakan (Belarus) - series

1998 Contract with death

2001 Give me the moonlight

2001 Gladiatrix

2002 The investigation leading experts. Ten years later - series

2002 near Moscow Elegy

2002 Movie about the movie

2002 Behind the Scenes

2002 Atlantis - series

2003 Northern Sphinx

2003 Ambulance - series

2003 Cobra. Antiterror

2003 Dasha Vasileva. Lover of private investigation show -1-

2004 Formula

2004 Light is the Night

2004 Joker (Ukraine)

2004 Thieves and prostitutes. The prize - a trip into space

2004 32 th December

2006 Seventh Heaven (Russia-Ukraine)

2007 Private Order

2007 Leningrad

2007 Contract on Love

2007 Disappearance (Ukraine-Russia)

2008 Nirvana

2009 Close gate

2009 Random entry (Ukraine)

2010 About lyuboff

2011 Scorpio in the palm

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