Olga Starchenkova

Picture of Olga Starchenkova

Date of birth: 28.03.1983

Age: 33

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Winner of the prize for "The Best Actress" at the International Children`s Film Festival Artek (2006, for the film "bramble. Summer Time")

Winner of the prize for "The Best Actress" at the I All-Russian Festival "... nadtsatiletnie" them. Priemyhova (2006, for the film "bramble. Summer Time")

Winner of the prize for "The Best Actress" at the VI International Children`s Film Festival "Kinotavrik" (2006, for the film "bramble. Summer Time")


Acting Education Olga Starchenkova received in the International Slavonic Institute. Derzhavin, in the workshop and I.M.Tarhanova G.A.Frolova. Olga graduated from it in 2004. Her diploma works were Biti in the play "Roots" (A. Uesker), wife Kolpakova staged "Playing Chekhov ..." (the stories of Anton Chekhov), the Moon and Girl in the play "Bloody svadba" (F.-G. Lorca).

The first role in the movie

His way to the cinema Olga Starchenkova began, like most actors: being a student, she attended the "Mosfilm", got acquainted with the casting director, leave your photos. Among her first works were episodes in the historical melodrama "The Northern Sphinx" (the girl in the library), series "Kamenskaya-3" (woman at the concert), "Return of Mukhtar-1" (Natasha), "Attorney-1" (The girl victim Lisa), the comedy series "Ha!". In 2005, Olga Starchenkova starred in the drama of Yuriy Moroz "Children Vanyukin" covering the period of thirty years, making a picture in the kind of saga, almost family chronicle on the background of the change of eras. The actress played there one of the main characters in their youth.

bramble. Summer Time

In 2005, the director Dmitry Fedorov, whom Olga Starchenkova worked in the TV series "Ha!", Invited the actress to audition for his new film "bramble. Summer Time "- history of relations between the 15-year-old girl with a disability Nicky family famed contemporary artist Ivanov and simple guy Bones. Dmitry Fedorov said: "Of course, it was clear beforehand that the role is very complex, and therefore rivals had much Oli. Casting was large, very complex, long. Although, of course, is not the same as it used to in the era of the Soviet cinema, when the period of preparation for such a picture would have lasted a year - would have reviewed all from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. The main roles we reviewed 150 people, somewhere along the 70 applicants for each role. After a personal conversation, I have selected the 10 real contenders, and even then were samples. That was for me the main criterion for the role played by Olga? It is the presence of some kind of internal problem .... Because it is very difficult to play a disabled person, it is necessary to have some kind of inner pain. In his youth, it is very difficult to imagine. And each I spoke: "Can you imagine that you`re absolutely ready for love and at the same time you know exactly what you have never been to be?" And so it turned out that Olga has got the most accurate in these experiences. "

The picture was very good, sincere, and aroused great response from the audience. We evaluate the work of young actors and experts: playing the main roles and Ivan Vakulenko Olga Starchenkova were awarded prizes at various film festivals.

"Bramble" became the hallmark of Olga Starchenkovoy. Talking about the actress after a few years, and segodnyaschy first recall this particular its role. But the asset of Olga and many other interesting works: it Piskunov and Rita in the series "Sea soul", and Anna in the historical drama "Interrupted flight Gary Powers", and Mila Vershinskaya family saga Dmitry Fedorov "The cross in the circle."


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