Olga Sidorova

Picture of Olga Sidorova

Date of Birth: 06/15/1976

Age: 40

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Olga Sidorova was born June 15, 1976 in Moscow. Her father, Eugene A., Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, is known for the fact that even as a student, invented a device that tells the Earth heart rate astronauts who later enjoyed Gagarin. Mom, Nina Fyodorovna, came to conquer Moscow from Novgorod region, from a remote village, where fifteen children grow up in a family. Nina Fedorovna - single-minded woman, she graduated from college, then the institution, labor economist at the Agricultural Institute ...

From a young age showed artistic ability Olga. She - with pleasure went to the ballet studio at AZLK, studied at the School of Music (playing the cello). Even then, the girl was different tenacity, commitment, desire to win (as they say, went to the parents). Once, children slowly on the Tchaikovsky Competition, she slipped and broke the cello. The teacher was able to quickly get a new tool, and Olga, not having to play fingers, unable to adapt to a foreign cello, besides disheveled and torn pantyhose, still ranked second!

WTU them. Shchukin

After high school, Olga Sidorova decided to enter the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. However, shortly after filing suddenly she changed her mind and decided to try his luck in the Theater School. Shchukin. She later explained his action thus: "I reasoned: I like to be the center of attention, love to play, dance and sing, it`s time on stage."

Successfully passing the test, Olga Sidorova was adopted in the Shchukin School, where she had the opportunity to study with Maria Poroshina, Olga Budina, Anton Makarska. However, it was unable to complete it. She says: "... we had a teacher, a popular actor, incredibly charismatic man, and, of course, I liked him. However, like other young girls in high school. He tried his best to help me in school, prompting something sketches ... But this time ended quickly, as soon as my artistic director noticed the sympathy. Her jealousy was so inadequate that I had to leave. But now I am even grateful to her for it ... "

Business Model, first marriage

After taking away documents from the Shchukin School, Olga within two months of thinking, how to live on. Hoping to get the job she applied to several leading model agencies, but everywhere was refused.

Luck came, as it happens, quite unexpectedly. Once on the street near her car pulled up, and the man was an agent modeling agency, invited her to come to the audition. Olga accepted the invitation with suspicion, but, nevertheless, decided to take a chance. Agency proved reliable ...

At the same time I met Olga and her love. Alexander, on the formation of the designer-fashion designer, at the moment of love with Olga did business, had his own company in Germany. In Moscow, he came on business and once met on the Arbat pretty green-eyed blonde. Resist such beauty, he could not ... Olga recalls: "From Sasha started another life. He is 14 years older and, therefore, more experienced, smarter, wiser. He took me on a good restaurants, shops on the road, courted as no one ever. " After a couple of months they were married, and after a while they have a daughter.

While Olga was sitting with a newborn, Alexander maintained the family. But then he lost his job, and then Olga had to earn the most. Note that even before the baby is born Olga entered GITIS, where it immediately took the third course. In order to be able to work, she transferred to the correspondence department.

At the invitation of modeling agencies Olga Sidorova went to Milan to show the wedding dress, but there is a lot of money does not work. But shooting for the Italian Metro proved to be more successful. Nevertheless, she decided to return to Moscow, and made the right decision. In case the capital it has gone much better - shooting music videos and commercials, and then debut in the film - a bit part in the film directed by Karen Shakhnazarov "Harvest Moon". Also in 1998, she appeared in an episode: "Composition for Victory Day", "Retro threesome," "Shallow Hal ..." (Veronica).

Erotica? Why not?!

In 1999, Olga Sidorova graduated GITIS, and a year later, on the screens out the first picture, where the actress starred in - a youth film director Dmitry Fiks, and Anatoly Artamonov, "Good and bad." The fame of the actress brought the role of Hope Suportovoy in the film by Sergei Soloviev "Tender Age". Most calls were about the erotic scene in the pool. The actress admits that no scruple not experienced, "If you trust the director and cameraman, why not? The picture was shot late Pavel Lebeshev - brilliant operator, and a wonderful person! My favorite uncle Pashechka! He belonged to mneochen touching and with this understanding! And I know that he can not lift my bad! "

It is worth noting that many of the actress, filming the sex scenes require understudy. The opinion of Olga Sidorova on this subject is as follows:? "Why do I understudy .. Just everything has to be beautiful and delicately lifted. Sensuality is not necessarily manifested in the "nudity" or sex. It may be in looks, gestures ... "The assets of the actress - shooting in the popular magazine" Playboy ", and there is a photo sensitive enough ...

Movie. Raleigh, roles, roles ...

Since 2000 Olga Sidorova regularly in films. Among her works of the century: a lover of the protagonist in the film Lena Zorina Philip Jankowski "in motion", Caroline de Roche in Russian-French film "Alice Fox," fellow traveler in the movie Natalia Petrova, "The Road."

Do not refuse to actress and from work in the series, unless the project is one hundred and whiter series. "I`m not a factory to deal with in-line production. Every single day - shooting with long shifts: it is necessary to play all the time, even when you do not have time to understand something, to feel in the role. It turns out the game idle ", - says Olga Sidorova. In general, the work in the series - it is an opportunity to earn and maintain an acting form. Viewers remember her Catherine in a detective series "The investigation leading experts. Ten Years Later "(2002), Marina Egorova in the TV series" Ondine "(2003), Senior Lieutenant Ekaterina Savina in the series` On the corner near the Patriarch" (2004), and especially Milady - the girl that falls in the most extreme situations in the series "Diva "(2005).

In 2005, Olga Sidorova took part in the remake of the legendary comedy "Queen of the petrol station", staged by Ukrainian filmmakers. The actress played the role of the very Lyudmila Dobryyvecher (at one time it played excellently incomparable Hope Rumyantsev), and the company made it known Ville Haapasalo, Sergei Growth and Klara Novikova. In the same year, Olga starred as Centerfolds Zatsepina Catherine in the criminal film "Gold Jellyfish". Then there were: Lyudmila Milovskaya in the melodrama "A friend of the banker" (2007), a nurse Katya in the melodrama "Bride to order" (2008), Nick in the blockbuster "Flock" (2009) and other works.

Olga Sidorova different independent character. It is not at all afraid to speak the truth in the eyes of the producers, if she did not like how it is removed. "I am sympathetic, if about someone write here, they say," this aktrisakapriznaya ", - says Olga. - At first, I was such a modest girl, and did not try to convince makeup artist or costume designer. I do terrible makeup and I`m ashamed to say. Looking like this are in the West, I realized that to remain silent and tolerate stupid. After all, when you know that you are okay with the person you are and work in another start. " Moreover, if the insult in his address, it can still somehow tolerate the injustice to others resent it especially hard. On the set of the same "Ondine", when the crew remained without dinner, she issued an ultimatum demanding the producer that all the fed: "I am something that I can go out and buy yourself a meal. Where did the money technicians for lunch in a restaurant? "


With theater, unlike the movie, Olga Sidorova novel has not yet formed. "Theatre - a family, it is necessary to live, only if this will become a theater actress. And if you have children, the family, and even you entail cinema ... One invited me to entreprise Dmitry Astrakhan on a leading role, together with Alexander Abdulov. Gender-summer to rehearse, I have all turned out, but each time becoming less interesting to go on stage, for the umpteenth time to repeat the same thing. Return the original fuse failed. Maybe it was unprofessional? Gone from the draft. But I`m not so old to not go to the theater if it`s my vocation, it finds me, or I`ll find it, "- she says.


With her first husband Olga Sidorova lived nine years. Then they parted ways. As she says herself, her husband at some point in its development has stalled, "I fought as best she could. And then he waved. Man is able to change only their own destiny ... "


1998 Composition for Victory Day

1998 Retro threesome

1998 Harvest Moon

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