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Olga Pogodin was born September 21, 1976 in Moscow in the family of the actress and a public servant. As a child, a girl so much hurt that the school had to finish polueksternom. My mother, a gifted and talented as an actress, but, in addition, is also a very versatile man, was engaged to the daughter of the house. She helped the child even in algebra and trigonometry in the eleventh grade. Mom also taught his daughter not to retreat before difficulties, instilled in her one important quality - the will to win.

Painful children often dream of becoming a doctor. Although as a child girl playing only in a doctor and treated her dolls, but to become a doctor he did not want to. How many can remember, the future actress dreamed only about the theater, the other profession for himself did not see the girl.

Typically, student, all happy to go, but Olga Pogodin recalled their horror. She was admitted to the theater Shchukin School at age 16, and was admitted immediately. But with studies evolved not so: it is not a relationship with the artistic director. But for years of training, overcoming many difficulties, she learned so much.

Simply, by and large, are always more people who are bad for you. But I am sure someone will stretch and good hand among all this weight. So it was Olga. Poglazov Vladimir Petrovich Popov Petr Glebovich, Vilkin Alexander beneficial impact on the fate of the future stars of the screen.

Olga Pogodin is in the heart of Drama and Directing Kazantsev and Roshchin She`s busy in performances: "Floor" and "Moscow - the open city." Playing in the production of "Seth - 2," directed by Olga Subbotina.

The rapid rise in the movie

In the movie, Olga Pogodin began with bit parts in TV series "Maroseyka, 12", "Beauty" (Eugene), the comedy "Still Waters". His first major role she played in the film "If the bride witch" in 2002. Her heroine was Christina - nice girl-witch of the village, which comes a young scientist (Sergei Bezrukov), writing a thesis on "The psychodynamics of witchcraft."

And then, as they say, it started. The role of the role. In the series "Women`s logic-2", she played a waitress Nina in love with a musician and a gigolo Dmitry (Daniel Strahov), in the "firemen" - Lena, in "And in the morning they woke up" film - a serious wife, professor, and in the historical film "Golden century "- the Countess Tolstoy. In the "Golden Age," the actress had to appear naked on the script. Naturally, she worried a lot about this, but what to do if it really is due to the plot ...

Many viewers remember Olga Pogodin on the historical drama "My Prechistenka" Lyudmila Gladunko and Boris Tokarev. It is superbly performed the role of the actress Clara Duro Art Theater. This role is very expensive Olga Pogodin. She admits: "That`s one of my heroines, I really envy! Clara Duro. She was so loved, so loved! When looked first eight episodes, I was excruciatingly painful. How I love my kinomuzh - the hero Alexei Makarov! As loves kinolyubovnik - Sergey Vershinin! They loved me to death! The guys played great. I looked and thought, my God, that I loved so much, and not in the movie! "

Do not go unnoticed by her Ella from the series "Taxi driver, 1", Sonia Kadkova series of Zinovy ??Roizman "Twins", charming Dasha from the series "Women`s intuition" and "Women`s intuition-2", a German Erna in the movie "Echelon". For the filming of "Echelon" Olga Pogodina at one time I had to memorize German. It was difficult, but she mastered the text - and how could it be otherwise? And in the movie "Kill me, oh, please", filmed by director Oksana Bayrak, Olga Pogodin played Leroux - captive killer. However, the businessman bankrupt, Dmitry Kharatyan hero, was, it seems, does not die away from the hand of the beautiful heroine Pogodinskaya. Yeah, something, but the fatal beauty-heroine Olga Pogodina never leave indifferent men.

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