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Date of Birth: 05/19/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod

Citizenship: Russia


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Olga Ozernaya was born May 19, 1971 in the ancient Russian city of Nizhny Novgorod. As a child, Olga was a naughty little girl, my friend "threw the ball into the box," he climbed the fire escape and jumped down with an open umbrella, "feeding the dolls delicious soup from the leaves."

After high school, Olga headed arrived in Nizhny Novgorod pedagogical school, but for six months to the end took the documents and "went nowhere." "You are crazy! Study up!!! "- Did not understand the teacher. But it is already not interested. After a while, Olga headed "settled" in Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School, the course Lerman Seeds Emmanuilovich. After the release in 1993, she worked in the theater "Comedy" in his native Nizhny Novgorod.

And then came the period of the conquest of Moscow. Hearing that Fomenko gaining course (and we know that he is with the cast works wonders!) Olga went to the capital. Unfortunately, Fomenko was not possible to do, but she got in GITIS on course to the People`s Artist Evgeny Lazarev. While studying she worked in the Moscow Regional Chamber Theater.

Film career

Olga headed the beginning of his creative career in 2004 as a part of the actor`s group: Sergei Gabrielian and Sergey Soulless comedy titled "Flying stork over a cabbage field." The next milestone in the biography of the actor was the role of Olga Svetlana Lyalina drama "Under the sky of Verona."

Initially, the film Olga Ozernaya role battered blond with a charming smile and beautiful heroines speech. But it was up to tape, 2006 "Dzhonik" Dmitry Tomashpolsky where talented actress has created an image of his wife officer, went in search of her husband in Chechnya. In the same year she played kinonasyschennom another brilliant title role in the detective "Crom", where her co-star was the famous Viktor Rakov, Boris Romanov, Igor Livanov and Vladimir Gusev.

This was followed by the role of Irina in the detective "Cool game" and a role Alevtina Varfolomeevna Panasiuk in a drama series directed by Vadim Ostrovsky "is more important than love," the author of the script was Victoria Tokarev. In this popular adaptation of four short stories of Victoria Tokareva, "Pasha and Pavlusha", "the pig victory", "Long day," "Lilies for Lily", Olga headed starred alongside actors such as: Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Ksenia Rappoport, Alexei Guskov. The picture is quite exciting uncovered a story about the fate of three women and one man. The film is about the simplest and most important things - friendship and love, children and parents, loneliness and meetings. This godaktrisa completed filming the film "The Straight Story".

Olga Ozernaya sure "for the pleasure of filming on one set with the luminaries of the cinema, the actors must also pay extra." So the actress was fortunate enough to star together with Svetlana Hook in the biographical film written and directed by Dmitry Tomashpolsky "The moon at its zenith", tells the story of the famous poetess Anna Akhmatova. Olga enthusiastically tells how Kryuchkov, who performed the role of the poet, read poems. It was so delicious that actors without pretense sobbed into my pillow. Is not there a real school of acting?

Subsequent work of the actress in the drama "House on the Embankment", a political detective "Big Game" in the political detective "reporters" have drawn attention to her person from the press and the audience. Particularly successful to get a job, "the reporter," directed by Yuri Kara - adaptation of Ivanov-Tagansky "Seed of the fatherland", where headed brilliantly played the role of Valentina.

Ozernoi career continued to develop successfully. Youth drama about eternal problems of education "On the bridge" went on display spectators in 2008. Olga Ozernaya had the chance to play alongside such movie stars as Ilya Krutoyarov, Boris Galkin and Irina Lachin. In etomzhe, the actress worked great, and the role of Marina Krikunova in the TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3".


Olga headed with her daughter faring at the estate, in an apartment with a view of the forest. She is a fan of high-TEK: metal, light, glass, silver and white. The actress does not carry gold and diversity, when a lot of things, the furniture when the walls hung with carpets. One of the rooms in the apartment sustained in dark colors, the other - very white, airy and spacious, and the children - only territory daughter.

Olga Ozernaya Severianin likes to read, this is her favorite poet, and after the shooting of loved Akhmatova and her poetry. Headed loves only strong men, who do not need to drag on itself, and this in her life, it seems, appeared.

Interesting facts

Olga Ozernaya have a desire: to play Baba Yaga, but the producers did not offer her a role, more princesses. And the actress, on her admission, loves cinema more than theater.


2004 Flying stork over a cabbage field

2004 Under the sky of Verona

2006 Cool Games

2006 is more important than love

2006 Crom

2006 Dzhonik

2007 Reporters

2007 At the bridge

2007 Moon in its zenith

2007 House on the Embankment

2007 Big Game

2008 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -3 - series

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