Olga Ostroumova

Picture of Olga Ostroumova

Date of Birth: 09/21/1947

Age: 69

Place of birth: Buguruslan

Citizenship: Russia


She was born September 21, 1947 in the city of Buguruslan Orenburg region. Father - Michael A. OSTROUMOV. Mother - Ostroumova Natalia Ivanovna. Spouse - Gaft Valentin I. (. Born 1935), People`s Artist of Russia. Children: Levitin Olga (1975 born.), Mikhail Levitin (1983 born.).

Childhood Olga passed in Buguruslan, in a small house, near the church, the priest who was her grandfather, a man intelligent, respectful and responsive. His son, the father of Olga, was a school teacher of physics. His distinguished tact and patience, incredible accuracy and integrity. The mother was the guardian of family traditions, among which an important place occupied by love and respect for each other.

In the family of Olga Ostroumova besides two more daughters and a son: Raisa, who worked as an engineer of water transport, is currently retired; Ludmila - entrepreneur, now lives in Gelendzhik; and George, who at one time worked at Baikonur, and is currently working at the company for the construction of cableways.

When Olga decided to become an actress in the family react to this simple and natural. No it is not discouraged. She bought a ticket, baked pies on the road and sent to Moscow, where she knew no one.

So in 1966 she became a student of GITIS Lunacharsky. Student years passed Ostroumova dorm GITISa on Trifonovke, where then, in the last years of Khrushchev`s "thaw", sounded wonderful songs Leonid Filatov and Vladimir Kachan.

After graduating in 1970, she was adopted in Ostroumova Youth Theatre, where she began to work with director P. Chomsky, who had previously been her teacher in GITIS and brought to "air live theater." She worked in the Youth Theatre with director Mikhail Levitin, who became her first husband.

Really, she realized that this profession is an actor, what the theater, just starting to work with A. Efros at the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. Theater World Efros was genetically close, as if the only possible naturally to her. So it was in the "Veranda in the forest," and "Lethe and smoke."

For 30 years of work in theater and cinema Ostroumova played very different, sometimes opposite in content roles. She had to go through expensive and for each actor stellar moments of audience recognition and creative triumph. Glory descended on her at a very young age. The role of the schoolgirl in the film Stanislaus Rostotsky "We`ll Live Till Monday" suddenly made her a favorite of millions of viewers. In the movie "The Dawns Here Are Quiet", she played the role of Zhenya Komelkova. The film became a cult in the Soviet Union, China and other countries. Cult actress Olga and became Ostroumova. But the biggest success in his creative film actress believes the role of Vasilisa in film "Vasiliy and Vasilisa". This work has become a landmark for Ostroumova. In her confession, if it were not for this role, it would not appear theatrical role Anfisa from the play "Widow steamer" delivered Henrietta Janowska at the Mossovet Theatre, which has agreed to give Ostroumova this role only once looked "Vasily and Vasilisa ".

Anfisa - one of the most favorite theater roles O. Ostroumova, as well as the performance itself "Widow steamer." For the first time in her creative experience, a unique atmosphere of artistic truth, multiplied by the universal human truth. The play made all the thousandth audience to turn into one compassionate heart.

Apogee star Olga Ostroumova came at a time, which is now accepted to refer to a period of stagnation. It was then that the actress is the ideal woman. Personality is not "right" wing misses the leading female role of time.

The actress speaks learn to work in a far from enthusiastic tones. It did not feel like a star in the Hollywood sense of the word, since it implies a once and for all created for the further exploitation of the image, is actually a mask. Ostroumova same absolutely can not participate in what has already been done, completed, and tries to take the role of a female character so that it has not yet been played.

The main thing is to work on another role - always be true, whether on stage or on the screen. In addition to the role of Anfisa in "Widow steamer" expensive for itself roles on stage she finds the role Glafira from the play "Wolves and Sheep" (Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya), Emma from the play "Madame Bovary" (Theater Mossovet) and Helena in the play " Days of turbines. "

O. Ostroumova - People`s Artist of Russia, laureate of the USSR State Prize and Dovzhenko Prize. In 1998 he was awarded the Order of Honor. She - a member of the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and the Union of theatrical figures.

The cast ideal for the OA Ostroumova are Edith Piaf and Ruslanova. Especially high honors director F. Fellini and play Chaplin. She loves nature, enjoys memoirs, classical music.

Lives and works in Moscow.