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Date of birth: 16.12.1981

Age: 34

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Winner of "Golden Sofit" St. Petersburg theater award in the nomination "Debut" (2005, for his role in "Five Evenings" performance).

She was awarded a diploma "Best Duet" at the festival "Theatre of St. Petersburg - the children" (2007, for his role in the play "King Stag").

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Choosing a profession

About that, in some specific point in her life Olga Olga Medynich decided to become an actress, she can not speak. Perhaps this decision is ripe in it gradually. At school she is always difficult to give the exact sciences, especially chemistry. In another reference on this subject when she realized that she was once again facing a "couple", Olga wrote on a piece with the task of "Chemistry I do not know, did not know and will not know. But I undertake to participate in all extra-curricular activities. Deliver me, please, the top three. " The teacher of chemistry, which led to the school the whole class work, she went to meet her. Since that time Olga began to participate in the initiative. One of her first jobs was the role of the cat Basilio in the school play.

Parents of a new hobby daughter treated leniently, considering that after graduation Olga chooses some serious profession: will any economist or lawyer. But everything turned out differently. Olga has gone to submit to apply for the tourist department of the Institute of Culture and Arts, but on the threshold of the selection committee realized that making a mistake ...


Olga Olga Medynich SPGATI enrolled in a course N. Naumov, by specialty "puppet theater actress."

The academy was clowning course, and student Olga Olga Medynich under the guidance of teachers made a number of "hanger". The plot was based on the numbers that hung on a hanger coat, and Olga, alternately thrusting his hands in his sleeves, created some images. Like anything groundbreaking, but the number was very funny. For his performance in 2003, the actress was awarded the diploma "The Muse of St. Petersburg", and a year later won the 2nd prize at the Moscow contest pop them. Brunow.

The Youth Theatre

"Hanger" played a role in the happy fate of Olga Olga Medynich. This room saw Semyon Y. Spivak, artistic director of the Youth Theatre, and became interested in the young actress. And after the final performance of "The Winter`s Tale" by Shakespeare, he became convinced that Olga can successfully play not only comic roles.

Once in 2003, graduated from the Academy Olga Olga Medynich, Spivak invited her to his company. Here, in the walls of the Youth Theatre, she made her debut in the role of the wise know-all crows in the play "Story of Kai and Gerda" (directed M.Mirosh).

In today`s repertoire of the actress: "Five Evenings" Alexander Volodin (Kate), "King - Deer" by Carlo Gozzi (deer), "The King and Prince, or the truth about Hamlet `Alexander Radovsky (Ophelia)," The Lion in Winter "by James Goldman (Alice ). In October 2005, for her role as Kate in "Five Evenings" actress was awarded the highest theater prize of St. Petersburg "Gold spotlights", and in 2007 she was with the actor Basil Guzov received the diploma "Best Duet" for the role play "King Stag" at the festival "Theatre of St. Petersburg - the children."


In the movie Olga Olga Medynich - since 2005. Viewers actress remembered for the detective series "Old Cases" (2006), where her character Julia Zaitseva with lawyer Mazaev unravels the complex, intricate business for which does not undertake to neither the police nor the private detective agency.

Among other notable works of Olga Olga Medynich: Khmelevskaya Katya in the film "Aunt Claudia von ghetto" Odintsov and Veronica in the film "Caterina. The return of love. "


And vse-taki best known actress brought not participate in theatrical productions and in movies and in the television show "Women`s League: boys, money and love", which is a permanent participant Olga Olga Medynich is 2006. Actress with her usual sense of humor, creating on the screen a lot of diverse images, and they are all very convincing.


2005 Tambov wolf

2006 Old things - series

2007 The era of Sagittarius

2007 Wrangler

2007 Whirlpool

2007 Europe-Asia Express - Short

2009 Aunt Claudia von Ghetto

2009 Katherine. Return of love

2009 Return of Sinbad

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