Olga Kyrilenko

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Date of Birth: 11/14/1979

Age: 37

Place of Birth: Berdyansk

Citizenship: France

Bond girl from Berdyansk is not afraid of old age

How to become a model?

Olga Kurylenko was born November 14, 1979 in the mixed Ukrainian-Russian-Belarusian family. Parents separated almost immediately after the birth of Olga. Salaries mother, a teacher of drawing, was not enough to even the most basic needs, and she grew up in a large family and grandparents. Despite the modest prosperity, Olga studied piano and English, attended choreographic studio, engaged in painting and participated in school theater productions. However, she wanted to become a doctor, like her grandmother, but changed the case.

In 1992 Olga and her mother went on vacation to Moscow, and there right in the subway slender girl with luxurious hair handed a business card model agency. Two years later, Olga successfully passed the audition and was admitted to a modeling school. However, the well-known Peter Listerman claims that throughout his career, from a trip to Moscow to shoot in `Bondiane`, Kurylenko indebted to him; Olga herself has not commented on this statement. One year later, she received an offer from the Paris agency `Madison`.

After moving to Paris with his mother, Olga was faced with enormous difficulties, particularly because of ignorance of the language and realities of French life. A difficult childhood taught her persistence and determination, she did not refuse the most complex orders, went public transportation across Paris on the high heels and the clock does not spill out of the air travel, perfectly mastered the French language and attended courses at the Sorbonne. Kurylenko Photos are increasingly appearing on the covers of magazines, it chose your face many cosmetic companies.

The road to movie star

Reaching the level of success of which many dream, Olga Kurylenko has decided to retire the model and try his hand at filmmaking. She worked in the acting classes and playing in low-budget films. Although her character in the movie `L`Annulaire` (2005) was positively featured on the Brooklyn Festival, the real success came in 2007, after starring in the film adaptation of the video game` Hitmen`. A year later, the success accompanied Kurylenko character in the blockbuster `Max Peyn`. In the same year, Olga managed to get incredibly complex casting for the film `Quantum miloserdiya`. On the role of the next Bond girl claimed more than 400 actresses for the role while still required and a Spanish accent. Olga Kurylenko brilliantly coped with the study of Spanish and with skydiving, mastered the skills of handling weapons. The success of `Quantum miloserdiya` Kurylenko made world famous. This was followed by films like `Tsenturion`,` It is home drakony` `Magic gorod` and others. Special attention is attracted published in 2011 tape` Land zabveniya` telling about the events at Chernobyl. Now Olga is involved in the filming of a very expensive sci-fi movie `Deep imperii`, in which she plays a mermaid. Completion of work on the film is planned for 2014.

A little bit of love

In the ranking of the sexiest movie stars 2013 Olga Kurylenko holds 30th place. Her first marriage to photographer Cedric Van Mol, in which she took French citizenship, lasted four years. Second marriage with businessman Damian Gabrielle marked luxurious wedding in the old monastery, broke up a year later - and husband and wife, each absorbed in his career, could not devote enough time to each other. Currently, Olga Kurylenko holds a lot of time in the community of the actor Danny Huston and his young daughter, but the wedding is out of the question that. Olga recognized that the marriage with his wife, the actress - it`s a heavy load, which she does not want to burden anyone.

Kurylenko practically does not use decorative cosmetics, her favorite clothes - jeans with a T-shirt or a classic black dress. It adheres to the rules of a separate food and a healthy lifestyle, she loves dancing and playing with ball outdoors. The actress is not afraid of each lived year; it is certain that you can be beautiful at any age, and cites the example of a stylish, sexy and independent Brigitte Bardot. Life has taught Olga soberly assess the situation, do not entertain the vain illusions, and did not go astray when moving toward the goal.

Author: Andrew Puminov

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