Olga Hohlova

Picture of Olga Hohlova

Date of Birth: 12/25/1965

Age: 50

Place of birth: Angarsk

Citizenship: Russia



Olga Khokhlova (accent on the first syllable) was born in the Siberian city of Angarsk. Her father - a teacher at the music school bayan, and my mother - an engineer. As might be expected, as a child Olga attended music school, but dreamed of a career girl actress: "From childhood on his way to a music school or just walking on the street, I was sure that my camera shoots. Even when I found out that the movie does not remove secretly, still fancy did not leave child`s imagination - I`m an actress, I`m doing a movie ... "

The road to recognition

After high school, she realized her dream - she entered the acting department of the Far Eastern Institute of Arts in Vladivostok. After studying in the workshop of AJ Mamontov, Olga Khokhlova in 1987 became an actress Primorye Regional Academic Theatre. Gorky. Early career was good - some good theater seasons. But Olga dreamed of the capital ...

In Moscow, Olga Khokhlova came, it seemed, at the wrong time. Mid 90s. Theaters in ruins, films were shot practically. Someone from a hopelessness have dropped his hands. Someone, but not at Olga.

For several years she has performed in various theaters ( "on Perovskoy", "Nikitsky Gate", Stanislavsky Theatre "Satyricon"), as well as performances of independent theatrical projects. There have been successes. There were also failures. For any.

Then Olga Khokhlova enrolled in the Independent Film and Television School. Her teachers were the famous Vladimir Hotinenko, Alex Gurevich, Matthew Ganapolsky ... "Gratitude and love have for teachers their, - says Olga Khokhlova, - and especially to those who all this up, who collected our first release - Vera Vladimirovna Tulyakova and Anna A. Stepanova - I love you! ".

After graduating in 2000, the School of Cinema and Television Olga sat on Copyright TV. Then she accepted the offer from Kirill Serebrennikov, which puts at the Theater "Playwright and Director Center n / p A. Kazantsev and Mikhail Roshchin" play "Plasticine". This work brought the actress first official success - Olga was nominated for "The Seagull" award.

Subsequently, Olga Khokhlova was busy in the performances of "Transfer", "Floor", "Death of Tarelkin" and others.

Movie. From episodes to co-star

Cinema for Olga Khokhlova started with a string of episodes and co-starring. Governess Jadwiga in the series `Kotovasiya ", the wife of General Waqar in the detective series" Kamenskaya "multiple roles (the widow of the mayor, the mother of a lost boy, pimp on the side of the road) in the series" Turkish March "vahtersha in the series` Conference maniacs", the conductor in the series "Lady Boss", the cashier exchange kiosk Tatiana in the series "on the corner, at the Patriarchal" the headmistress on the show "request Stop" ...

Victims and witnesses, doctors and saleswoman, costume designers and dressmakers, teachers and taxi driver. The role of the role. Olga Khokhlova can rightfully be called one of the most actresses are shot. Here are just these episodes for a long time she did not bring a special prominence. But perseverance always pays off ...

In the next series "Kadetstvo" Olga Khokhlova again offered is far from a major role. Not even the second and third plan - mum Susie (Olga Lukyanenko), girls of one of the main characters - cadets Sukhomlina (Aristarkh Venes). However, due to the high ratings of the show, the actress finally began to learn the audience.

By the third season of "Kadetstvo" Olga Khokhlova number of roles in movies has become close to a hundred. It continued to actively removed - and in the episodes, and, now, in the lead roles. Viewers will remember her Obolensky, the wife of the deceased businessman Kulagin, a detective "Big Kulagin," Svetlana KUKIN in the TV series "Life of the doctor Selivanova" Liubka in "Eclipse." The actress starred in Nikita Mikhalkov, even in his famous "12", played, however, a tiny part of the witness-the neighbor.