Olga Gepnarova

Picture of Olga Gepnarova

Date of Birth: 06/30/1951

Age: 23

Place of birth: Prague

Citizenship: Czech Republic

The last death penalty Czechoslovakia

Already at an early age have been Gepnarovoy mental problems. In 1964, she tried to commit suicide and was placed in a children`s psychiatric hospital where he spent about a year. Later, she worked as a truck driver.


July 10, 1973 Olga Hepnarova sent a truck on a group of about 25 people waiting for a tram on a street in Prague (then it was called "Defenders of the street of the world"). Three people were killed on the spot, three died on the same day, and two more - a few days later. 12 people were raneny.red murder Olga sent two letters to the editors of newspapers, which explained that its actions are in retaliation for the hatred towards her from her family and the rest of the world.

... I`m a loner. Scrapped people. Man, people destroyed ... I have the ability to choose - to kill himself or kill others. I choose - revenge on their haters. It would be too easy to leave this world unknown to suicide. Society too indifferent, not argue with that. My verdict is this: I, Olga Hepnarova, your brutality victim prigovarivayuvas death.

Due to the slowness of mail letters were delivered just two days after the murder. The murder was committed in cold blood. When Olga arrived to a stop, she saw that the people had quite a bit - the tram moved away recently. So she drove off and returned when the number of people increased.

The court and the execution

During the investigation Gepnarova showed no remorse for his actions and stated that its aim was to kill as many people as possible. Gepnarova refused to cooperate with a lawyer and was declared sane. April 6, 1974 in Prague city court sentenced her to death. The sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court of the Czech CP and then the Supreme Court of Czechoslovakia. March 3, 1975 President of the Republic Ludvik Svoboda rejected Olga mother a petition for clemency, and 12 March Olga Hepnarova was hanged in Prague`s Pankrac prison.

Interestingly, the street, where Olga Hepnarova committed his crime, is now called the name Milada Horakova - another woman hanged in Pankrac for 25 years before her (on false charges after the political process).