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My pig is able to bark.

Olga, a pig in the house - a rare phenomenon. You decide on such exotica, following the fashion?

- In fact, we decided to buy a dog and breeder of luxury living creatures showed us even piglets. Husband saw a mini Piga, and could not tear myself away from it. Now the Piggy - a favorite of the whole family, which causes a burning jealousy in our Shepherd Ray. The dog lives in a cage on the street, and Hryundik when out for a walk, having fun teasing him: coming to the cage and runs tuda-syuda. A smart pig even adopted the style of Ray bark and now, when angry, makes sounds very similar to woof. Once the dog has bitten him - I was screeching in the whole district. Skin tight at Piggy, the wound healed quickly. But to tease the dog, he never stopped. During the walk, be sure to pass by the cell, proudly raising his snout. It indicates that he is the boss. And once he nearly drove her husband to a heart attack - he managed to dig a huge hole in the area. From snout was bleeding, we were scared, but the vet said that everything will itself.

Judging from this luxurious cottage, your husband is not a poor man?

- He`s been in business, as well as my first husband - the owner of the largest supermarket chains, with whom I lived for 12 years.

For me, money is not an end in itself. When I decided to engage in a movie, the husband did not realize it my hobby. And I left the five-story mansion in the apartment in a residential area, many have lost in material terms. Ironically, now I`m back living in a luxury cottage - it belongs to my current wife. And the first time I walked into this house as a designer, when the contract to design the interior here.

Hryundik not turn your beautiful house into a pigsty?

- Mini piggies - neat animals. Smart and do all their business in the street like dogs. Live pig on the ground floor of the cottage, in economic room with wood compartment. In the summer he likes to sleep on a soft toy, while in winter - on a warm blanket. When we were living in a city apartment, a pig walking through the rooms. Now it is enough space in the zagonchike and walks in the yard. And when guests come, let him in the house to talk.

And what do you say proego character?

- He hates men, and if any of them coming to his home, starts to growl and bark. Stroking himself does not, does not accept a treat, maybe even bite. My husband, he obeys because afraid. But with the ladies Hryundik gentleman. When she rubs his snout and behind the ear, just thrilled with happiness.

What do you feed him?

- In general, fruits and vegetables. He loves nuts and watermelon rinds. And for the cucumber is ready to stand on its hind legs. In autumn it is a bit fatter - foliage overeaten, but we are for his weight carefully monitor.

How do people react when they see you with a pig?

- The first time came out for a walk in the cottage`s reaction was amazing. We put on a pig harness, went on the road. He stamped his hooves on the frozen snow, and all the cars passing by stopped, the people opened the window and asked, "Who is it you ?!" Three years ago, a mini P & G was in Russia in curiosity.

HOME disgusting

* It used to purchase mini-pigov was only possible abroad. Now they are sold in our country. Stand according to the size and health of 300 to 3000 cu In America, the mini-pig is any pigom weighing less than 50 kg, in Russia - up to 30 kg.

* Mumps - a social and outgoing. If she does not pay attention and not to walk, it starts Skoda: tearing carpets, wallpaper, linoleum detach, move tables, open kitchen drawers, the refrigerator door, turn the pots with plants.

Pig as a child should be wanted, or start it does not make sense.

* In Russia, one of the first breeder "home beastliness" became Ilona Bronevitsky.

* Unlike dogs contents of mini-pigs are cheaper, besides, they respond well to training. They are easy to learn the commands "To me!", "Next!", "Give hoof!" "Sit!", Get up on their hind legs to take the barriers. Trainers are very fond of pigs, because they belong to the category of animals ready for a treat to do everything.

* No cases of allergy to pig is not registered in the world.

* The average life expectancy of dwarf pigs - 15 years.

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