Olga Bogdanova

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Date of Birth: 08/07/1951

Age: 65

Place of birth: village. Skulyany

Citizenship: Russia


Olga Bogdanova was born August 7, 1951 in the Moldovan village Skulyany. After graduating from school with a gold medal in Chisinau, I came to Moscow to enter the Moscow Art Theatre School in the studio of the Moscow Art Theater veteran actor Paul V. Massalsky and Alla Tarasova. After receiving in 1972 the diploma of one of the best theater schools of the country, Olga served for a year in the theater "Contemporary". In 1972godu Olga Bogdanova goes to Theatre of the Soviet (Russian) Army, received a small role in the graduation performance of Boris Morozov (now chief director TSATRA) "night without stars." The very long and fruitful collaboration was with director Olga Alexander Vasilyevich Burdonskim - seven joint performances. A lot of time has given Olga Bogdanova travel as part concert brigades in military units.

Theatrical works:

"Satellites" - Vaska Burenko

"The Old Man" - The girl

"Trees die standing" - Marta Isabel

"Charades Broadway" - Eve

"Mandate" - Varka Gulyachkina

"The conditions dictated by the lady" - Philip James

"Diamond Orchid" - Eva Peron

"Last passionately in love" - ??Bobby, Elaine, Jeanette

"Terrible Parents" - Madeleine

"Idiot" - Aglaia

"The heart is not a stone" - Olga

"Othello" - Emily

"Invitation to the castle" - Mom

"Hamlet" - Gertrude


"The Twelve Chairs" (1971)

"Tuning fork" (1979)

"Do you remember?" (1979)

"Waiting" (1980)

"Temptation" (1987)

"The wife of the head waiter" (1991)

"The Enemy Within" (1993)

"Little things of life" (TV series) (1992-1995)

"Abandoned" (TV show), (1997)

"Dying Soul" (Video) (1997)


"Family comedy - tragedy of love"


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