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Date of Birth: 12/22/1937

Age: 78

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


People`s Artist of Russia (1994).


The whole life of the actress is associated with the Leningrad Academic Theatre named after Akimov Comedy. Here she spent her childhood and adolescence (ironically future star lived in Leningrad communal services of the theater), here, it seems quite by chance, she was admitted, after finishing his studies at prominent theater teacher B.V.Zona in LGITMiK in 1965. All these years, Olga Antonova faithfully serves hearth of home, becoming a symbol of modern Comedy Theatre, reliving all his pain and joys, ups and downs.

As one of the most interesting works of the season, was listed first is the role of the actress - at the ordinary dramaturgical material debutant managed to create a memorable multi-faceted image: a bribe inner purity, the utmost sincerity and charm of bright eyes Shura Zalygin - "difficult girl", not too original a character comedy writers B.Ratsera V.Konstantinova and "Incognito".

Despite the fact that he did not have time to find Akimov decent frame talent Olga Antonova in the first years of life in the theater, her talent was polished in the productions of directors, which hospitably opened doors Master. Then, in the repertory cast travesty, angular girls, school girls, maids and princesses (all were played about twenty roles) Antonova has developed a distinctive style - going from its own personality, sharp and intimate: the game on the midtones, without pressure.

Magic Nature "fairy elf," as for the eyes nicknamed actress critics and fans, the charm of fragility, inner purity and strength underpinning its identity, as well as - an amazing musicality and ability to "lyrical" grotesque - were in demand Pyotr Fomenko directing in a creative alliance with whom Olga Antonova created in the seventies a series of unforgettable images. The role of the dentist Nina Begak in the famous and the most "optimistic" the play of the young director, "This cute old house" on the melodrama, vaudeville Alexei Arbuzov, in 1972 brought Olga Antonova noisy fame. The productions Fomenko blindingly beautiful and subtle sense of genre actress who could stand the seductive Helen Perfect ( "Trojan War will not" Jean Giraudoux), the self-confident and full of thirst for destruction Anna Martynovna Zmeyukinoy ( "The Wedding. Anniversary" AP Chekhov).

Always being open to any collaboration, an interesting creative union, the actress has worked with well-known theater artists - young R.Viktyukom, Yu.Dvorkinym, V. Titov and many others.

Strong creative relationship developed Olga Antonova with the St. Petersburg theater "Shelter comedian". In 1997 the actress, along with her long-time partner in the Theater of Comedy Peter Velyaminov srepetirovali and played the "old-fashioned comedy." In October 1999 Antonova played another brilliant "cash" performance, which brings down the shaft tired of "seamy side" audience - "unreachable" by William Somerset Maugham.


In the movie, Olga Antonova made its debut in the television movie of Peter Fomenko "Almost Funny Story" (1977, E.Braginskogo scenario). By this time, the Antonov was a well-known actress Leningrad Academic Theatre of Comedy. But national fame earned her the first time it was this picture. After her demonstration on TV, in the Hollywood fairy tales, Antonov morning woke up famous. Familiar her to work in the theater Fomenko offered Antonova role eccentric and exalted girl named Illariya. Viewers loved this image along with became widely popular song "I Lepley of plasticine ..."

We can not say to the cinema too has opened its arms Antonova. It was too much for the non-standard "in-line film".

In 1978, Antonov has played a major role in the TV version of Shakespeare`s "Comedy of Errors" (screenplay Friedrich Gorenstein, director Vadim Gauzner) in partnership with Mikhail Kozakov, Sofiko Chiaureli and Mikhail Kononov. Again, the magic nature of the "fairy chimney" let her in the most improbable situations exist with the freedom and naturalness, it is impossible without the viewer`s trust in the unbelievable. And then in a movie for Antonova came a break of several years.

In 1989 Antonov brilliantly played the role of Natasha in the film CG Muratova "asthenic syndrome" (a special prize "Silver Bear" International Film Festival in Berlin). This film, as it were summed up the whole of the Soviet way of life with its "perestroika" era, showed a total state of decay and exhaustion. Antonova, with her usual subtle psychological development of character, was a portrait of a man pereprygnuvshego boundaries of reason, embodied in pain and hatred, the woman with a twisted mouth, with disheveled hair and furies unseeing eye sore eyes.

In the nineties cinema and television were keen Description Olga Antonova and its incomparable craftsmanship. She has created complex, multi-dimensional images: the last Russian empress Alexandra Fedorovna in "Regicide" by Karen Shakhnazarov (1991), magically terrible Duran in "Curse of Durant" Viktor Titov (1994), majestically sad and bright character of the movie "Tinkerbell" Leo Kulidzhanov (1994 ).

In 2000 he starred in the role of Catherine the Great in the historical drama Alexander Proshkina "Russian riot".

Currently, Olga Antonova - acknowledged master of the scene, teacher, leading classes at Saint Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy (SPGATI) and transmit the skills of their profession to the younger generation of actors, a member of the Arts Council Theatre "Shelter comedian".

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