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... Look, gaze, which swept through the whole life : Maybe then the man on the second floor, then decided the fate of another girl, now a designer Olga Anikina. But all in order. Now, I - a successful manager of a promising company, I have a little extra income, as they say here in America, my little office at home, and the total amount of our annual income from her husband surpassed the mark " upper middle class " America.

It is now, and then. ..

Perhaps,I thought about going abroad as early as the eighties, when my friends were taken to the psychiatric hospital for distributing leaflets about how to actually pass the election of local authorities. To help them, I had to climb over a fence hospital Skvortsova - Stepanova and the fence where patients are walking, bury the bag with the key of the door. They key was there in trains. I open all the doors. The key is I did one rukodelnik. Great place to climb over the fence, I found. As soon as it got dark, I went "on the case". She found a place to hide the key. Sitting on his haunches, I pick the ground with a knife. I feel that someone is watching me. I lift my head - and accurately.On the second floor there is a man in a white robe and carefully watching me. While on the street and dark, but there are a lot of lanterns, so that I can see him, especially when you consider that he is on the second floor, and I`m at the bottom of the bushes. I immediately realized that he saw me. I waited for the alarm, imagine how I`ll rush back through the bushes to the fence. ..I quickly started finishing touches and went down dale, to the fence. Behind him there was a dead silence. Why is this man not raised the alarm ? After all, it was then that he decided my fate.

At the end of Mukhina whom I have worked not only in Russia ! The artist in a shoe store, a watchman at the institute, and finally animator at the studio ,where I found myself, but : not enough money, I had the day to create cartoons, and in the evening to alter pants size 56 in children`s costumes, decorating them in large letters `Nike`. I remember how I was afraid to meet his own work on the streets of his native Leningrad. But the money and satisfaction still was not enough.

Especially,that there was a family - husband and finally a son. The child needed normal foods, and in those days, to buy baby food, it was necessary to take a prescription from a doctor for 10 cans per month thereof. A month seems to be more than 10 days. I was afraid to live in Russia. Scared for their future and the future of his son. I wanted to paint, draw, art ,beautiful, right. Design and cartoons - it was my calling. I was already over 30 year-old child in her arms, communal, three works - and no prospects.

Moved with her husband decided to immediately and unconditionally drop everything. Although that in our country you can quit ? Communal apartment with his parents ? Or workwhere you and your ideas are not wanted ? Documents in hand, we got in late `89 and immediately set out. For six months we have traveled to America, and, behold, the day January 31 : we finally landed the then foreign country. In the bag for the whole family - $ 200, and all we have left - it is the desire to live ,to work and be useful at least someone.

It all started, of course, with the study. She took the money in the debt, and went to college to teach computer and language. As here in Brighton govoryat- " my son took the language, and finished on the computer. " So my husband. After five years of study gave debts. Three years have not read anything in Russian, some English books. At the same time he worked as an illustrator in publishing. Illustrated with graphic programs mainly medical textbooks. Then he moved to the advertising agency, has appeared online, and I was in the forefront. So much had to teach. .. The terrible headaches - the main memory of the time. How-I stoskovalas so on a full understanding of the text, which decided to break the ban does not read in Russian. Took ` 12 stulev` Ilf and Petrov, and began to read. A couple of pages start involuntarily cry of delight. I`m probably the only person who read " 12 chairs ", in tears. .. Then I realizedthat Russian should be returned to my life, and since then a lot of reading in both languages, but the Russian, perhaps even more.

Life is a strange thing, sometimes it is black, sometimes white, headaches today and tomorrow. .. house. My husband found a job, and we went to Pennsylvania, where no one knew about the existence of a Russian mentality. It was our first job. Later he bought his first computer, and then home. How many joys, as we know and have not dreamed of in Russia. Then, in 96, I decided to make a small business on the Internet, started a website www.anikina.com, and received its first order to help arrange a site ferris Kulichki. Later, her husband was offered a job in New York, and we are, under the frightened cries of neighbors : " There you shoot ! ", Aspire to a new location. In general, moving - it is very dreary affair. Although, considering that we have established a kind of record, moved six times in three years, we have this move was not to cause trouble, but there it was. Over time, we have acquired things as ship bottom shells. Strange all this country is America, not here honey feed, allow to get on any sale. So, pay for the dress, the thing of the thing is cluttered with anything, and then throw a pity. Nevertheless, we overcame and it.

Thus began our work in New York. I got a job in one of the designer of the prestigious company, the husband became a programmer - analyst in a serious bank, and the son was sent to a good school, where he studied German, Spanish, and will soon begin to learn Russian. Sometimes it is a pity that the son does not speak your native language, but I amuse myself a dream to bring it to Peter, to walk with him through the streets ,albeit imbued with love for the country.

In New York, more than a million Russian-speaking, and therefore isolation from the language and the culture here is not felt at all. There are bars, restaurants, only Russian. There are whole channels of radio and television for the Russian. They also produced newspapers and books. Moreover, there are areas ,which speak only Russian, and even signs Russian, but I am afraid of them, for me it is better to pretend to be an American than to come to our, shovels shop. A few days ago was in the restaurant ` Rasputin`, so there`s our aunt jumped with make-up in the thick finger and danced so that the layer of makeup on my ass barbecue,I had all following their performances cover a plate with a napkin.

In New York, it became easier to live, there was a second home, two cars, a vacation started going where he wants. Normally, it would be desirable to Italy or Canada, only in thought in Russia. And the strange thing is, I want to briefly to his homeland, something I had lost in the love of their country. Why-then I do not need to. I shudder to think about the possibility of returning to the country. My departure - business, thoughtful to each point. I want to live the way I want, and here no one bothers me to want. I`m fine here psychologically. I depend on themselves and their abilities and capabilities. Therefore, I can always improve.Many spend time learning in his new profession. I was comforting, and I know that if I lose my job, then find a new without any problems. Proven experience. And what they say about the crisis - it`s just lazy fanning the smoke around a small spark. It suits them.

What can I wish for his fellow countrymen ? Patience. Only here you realize how people in Russia are deprived of basic human relations to their fate. Only here I realized how grateful look of a man in a mental hospital, which did not raise the alarm.

P.S. Olga Anikina soon will be an exhibition in the House of Journalists in St. Petersburg.

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