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Olga Yalo killed and wine

"surrendered to us such a glory!"

Panel shabby five-storey building on the street Zhigulevskaya buried in the poplar fluff. Here, on the fourth floor, in the late 62 th Yukina were settled family.

- Moved to the sleeping area Kuzminok of communal and basements. Then it seemed that the end of the world, right from our homes began park, morning, at the entrances of rabbit footprints found - says veteran Alexander Zykov. - Uncle Gene - the father of the twins - I remember well. He worked as an ox at a factory near the village of Khokhlovka, which released the pillow, and drank for three. The whole house could hear his wife, Manya stout applied unprintable expressions.

- The family as a family that slander you direct? - Barges in talking 88-year-old Lydia Petrovna. - Life was hard, all the while drinking. And Maria Ivanovna can understand. Strauch day long cloaks and coats in the studio. And the house, and the girls on it. And I yell at him, to let off steam, then after half an hour already sang. Othodchivy and cheerful was a woman.

The fact that the two daughter Yukina Her colorless starred in the movie, was a complete surprise for the residents of the working area Kuzminki.

- It all started with the contest twins and twins - she continues to tell the woman Lida. - In the House of Culture from all over the region gathered similar as two drops of water siblings told learn songs and poems. And Olga and Tanya did not have to prepare. Songs knew abyss, but more childish and adults, with anguish, hard-won. Not surprisingly, the contest dragged with a bunch of letters and gifts. A month later, a call from the studio Yukina Gorky: "Come to sample! "As the director Rowe got photos daughters, Maria Ivanovna did not know. He said he was going to shoot a fairy tale, where the scenario requires girls twins. For two days she sewed a 9-year-old Olya and Tanya new dresses. And in the summer they went to the Crimea to the shooting.

Roles were distributed quite the opposite. The main heroine of the film, the girl Olga, who does not listen to her grandmother, capricious and lazy, has played more diligent and discreet of the sisters - Olga Yukina. So the director has decided to avoid confusion with the names on the set. More lively and Tanya got cocky reflect the role of pioneers Oli - Yalo.

Neighbors recalled that the family returned to Moscow inspired. Girls with childlike told that they were afraid to dress up as rulers of the Kingdom of crooked mirrors. Especially they instilled fear King Yagupop (Parrot) 77 minutes, played by Anatoly Anatoly Kubatsky and overriding Minister Abazh (Toad), whose image embodies Arkady Zinman.

The fact that secretly been in love with the young zerkalschika Gourde (Friend) - Andrew Stapran sisters classmates confessed years later. But neighbors at home, eyes wide, talked about the soft car of the train, chickens tobacco, ice cream bowls in which ever tasted after the shooting. And the warm Black Sea, which previously had a working family dream. When friends asked about the fee, twins mom just spat: "For the whole season was given 80 rubles to the nose! Cleaner gets 90 Faith ".

The painting was recognized as the best children`s film in 1963. Critics touted in every way a dress belt, highlighted the talented sisters Yukina. After the premiere of the girls with his mother were invited to a reception in the Kremlin, presented gifts. With Gorky`s studio they brought bags of letters. But Ole and Tanya quickly tired of scribbling answers. The boys threw their notes. The twins had almost daily to wash off the walls in the stairwell with a declaration of love. The window Yukina flew stones. Parents grumbled: "We have surrendered such a glory!"

Two years later, the girl decided to remind myself Alexander Rowe for a very prosaic reason: they are terribly tired of sitting at the cottage, tugging at his mustache strawberries. Olga gave a good hand on the sheet in the line: "Dear Alexander Arturovich! We really want to be in the movies again! "And the director said. In his new film "Jack Frost," 11-year-old sister got cameo girls with a basket, which was collected in a clearing griby.Na this Yukina film career ended with the sisters.

"Most say" we "instead of" I "

Olga and Tatiana for a long time to remember that the Kingdom of inhabitants names of distorting mirrors were a mirror image of their common nouns, and continued to play the game: to write and read the words on the contrary - from right to left. But he never boasted of his stellar roles.

- Our school number 337 was on the street in Volgograd. Yukina sisters were very friendly. Each of them spoke often of "we" instead of "I". I was closer to a sensible, restrained and calm Olya - shares with us classmate twins Marina Plotkin. - Tanya was cocky, always laughing - in general, imp. Olga carefully made lessons, and its "mirror image" preferred to write off. But soon the sisters have entered the division of labor. One cooking section on physics, taught another verse in the literature. Then, exchanging bows, responsible for each other a lesson.

- Despite the resemblance, we distinguish them perfectly - adds Natalia Grachev. - Tanya was smaller sister, nimble as whirligig. Olga - a very focused, intelligent. We had been together in the training committee, pulled up underachieving students. Girls, starring in the film, did not asked. At matinees and evenings often wore costumes and acted out scenes of Pages.

The potential of the twins was huge. Kak-to physical education teacher after school assembly went to my mother and sisters Yukina noticed that mirrored twins can create the perfect tennis team in doubles. When he learned that it is necessary to go to the central stadium, Maria Ivanovna waved her hands: "It is not for us."

- In high school, we all became not to study. We went "on fire", - shares with us Marina Plotkin. - Going to a big company in the field, lit the log, they smoldered until the morning. We were taken to a padded jacket, pockets stuffed with apples and dried. They sat and sang with a guitar, etched jokes. Straight to Kuzminki then adjoined village. The boys were fighting for us. The sisters Yukina did not have a release from the Knights, especially Tanya. They ran at a time on a date, and then tell each other details.

Often, we are a big school now gathered at the home Yukina. Olya and Tanya was absolutely charming mom is very full, good, hospitable. And the father? Beautiful as chertyaka: thin, with blond hair and perfectly magical tremendous blue eyes. The twins are very much taken with the Pope.

After high school, according to the recollections of classmates, Tatiana tried to go to theater school, but cut off at the first round. It ended in failure and try to Olga enter one of the technical institutes. The sisters carried documents in Engineering College.

- As a child, they were charming little girl. Grown - girls have become common, though very nice, - says classmate Marina Plotkin. - Their mother, a simple, down to earth woman, did not think the acting profession attractive. Often told his daughters: "We need to get a reliable profession to stand on their feet."

The neighbors, however, specify: "The girls were both not stupid. They would get a higher education, but the house was still the atmosphere! Rarely does a day in the family Yukina did without scandal. "

Maybe that`s why, after graduating from college, twins, one after another rushed to get married. Olga tied the fate of a man from a parallel class Victor Lamonova. Tatiana became the wife of the driver Alexander Zamolodchikova. In the first family soon she had a son, Maxim, in the second - the daughter of Julia.

But without each other Olya and Tanya could not be long. After settling in to work in the "Intourist", one of the twins soon dragged to this prestigious job and sister.

Side by side with foreign countries

Began "life in the chocolate." Hotel "Intourist" was a symbol of the Soviet chic shops "Birch" or closed spetsraspredeliteli. It seethed with serious spy passions. Around cult place revolved black-marketeers, elite prostitutes, all-powerful KGB officers. It smelled abroad. From this stream flowed through the capital scarce jeans, batch file, record, tape recorders.

Even the cesspool in the backyard "Intourist" was a very attractive place. The boys pulled from tanks strange empty beer cans - the object of desire of many collectors.

Of course, every employee was taken on a pencil.

- Tatiana and Olga Yukina sends and receives groups of tourists - says Ilya Celine. - Often themselves went abroad. Only in the Soviet Union "Intourist" owned 450 hotels and another four hotels in the Caribbean, two - in London, one - in Paris and in Cuba. It has had 20 of its own aircraft, four cruise ships ... Golden were the days. Hockey Super Series USSR - Canada in the 72 th, training and service in the 74th visit of US President Richard Nixon, the Moscow Olympics, youth and students festival ... even organize a cruise on an icebreaker to the shores of Franz Josef Land. It was the case, a group of 35 workers from Germany, traveling to the Union decided at their vacation ... to work in the factory "Hammer and Sickle."

All employees of "Intourist" on a quarterly issued a special order. From the list of a variety of goods worth, relying on the basic salary, it was possible to pre-select and order the imported equipment, clothes, shoes or food.

Everyone in the class were jealous of the son of Olga - Maxim Lamonova. Boy sported a baseball cap and jeans heaped Levi Strauss.

- Max has vodilis imported chewing gum and sweets, - says Yuri neighbor. - The first video recorder appeared in the neighborhood. We ran to him to ogle "Tom and Jerry" and horror movies.

Restructuring buried in default and washed away all the privileges. Goskominturist carried off on a lot of companies and privatized. Most of the dismissed workers. Iconic Soviet hotel shared the fate of the entire Soviet system. She was not blown up and not break one day and dismantled - sawed into pieces.

Collapsed "iron curtain" literally "crushed" sisters Yukina. He came Gorbachev and Gorbachev resigned. Nakata new time. It does not become any work not spetspayki or travel abroad. Olga and Tatiana odd jobs. Everywhere we are paying a penny. I had to sell equipment and specialty items. In order to feed themselves, planted all free plots of land near her house in the village Shevlyagin.

- The tragedy of the sisters that they are not supported by their husbands, - says Marina Plotkin. - And the times were terrible, I`ll buy on the cheap cow`s udder, it scrolled through a meat grinder and molded patties. The problem was the same: to survive!

"Alcohol became anesthesia"

This "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors" and Olga Yalo, opposing kite, snakes and toads were able to overcome their fears by becoming bold and persistent. In the real, adult life, they did not have the heart to resist the circumstances.

Their early years had aged not, and hopelessness and misery.

Olga, divorced even in his youth with her husband, lived with her son Maxim in the parental flat in Kuzminki. She worked close to home - the assistant chief of the department in the district recruiting office.

- As long as the parents are alive, Olga still held, - says Alexander Zykov. - As dead mother, Maria Ivanovna, and her life, and the life of his son Maxim has gone downhill.

- At work, Olga barely tolerated. She did not live and not die, go like a shadow, - says her colleague Valentina. - Sometimes, I noticed: "What came? Rust on the joints, the scum on the shower. " Alcohol has become anesthetized to it. The unconscious was not so painful to live.

After the second stroke, realizing that the forces at the end, Olga dragged in Kuzminki work sister who worked in the military to "Academic", "on call".

Again, Olga and Tatiana were next. To his 52 th birthday, they came without a single trump. To celebrate the date next joint sisters were not able to. January 29, 2005 at Olga`s heart stopped. She was only 51 year.

She fussed about her funeral son Maxim. The neighbors said: "had a heart attack."

From the apartment Yukina, where Olga lived after the death of her son, were still hear drunken shouts. And once flat flared. The owner had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in his hand ... Fortunately, I woke pal in the next room. He pulled Maxim with a burning couch. When fire filled the room with water, it became clear that burned polkvartiry.

Now in its 35th strangers live in the apartment. Two years ago, Maxim sold housing and slid into one of the suburban villages.

In social networks appeared to the user avatar, which shows Olya Yukina in the movie "The Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors". Her face as an icon chose monk Peter of St. Nicholas Monastery Velikoretsky at Vyatka. It is unlikely that the blue-eyed pretty girl Olga Yukina at school knew that it dries a small, frail Volodya Sobolev from a parallel class. And Vladimir, becoming in monasticism Theodosius, then - a monk Peter, choosing to serve God carried that feeling throughout his life.

Could he foresee that fate years later entrusted him with the fate of Oli ... Yukina ?! It all began with the fact that the shelter at the monastery brought the blond 3 year old girl, a mother, a parishioner who had died of cancer. Peter Monk took the snub-nosed, round-faced little girl in his arms, and otchego-to heart ache ... And went with her for half an hour before did not want to let go of the orphan. As the evening took the birth certificate of the crumbs it if electric shock. In the column "name and surname" stood Olga Yukina.

Peter Monk to adopt the girl. Up to 18 years, she lived with him at the monastery. She married, became a mother, left with her husband in the parish in the Amur region. And all the while praying for his namesake - Olu Yukina.

"Do not tear my soul"

- After the death of her sister Tatiana G. he kept saying: "So me and a short time left to live. Twins always pull each other into the grave "- says a colleague Yukina Valentine. - She really missed her sister. Sometimes, approached the mirror and dropped her: "That would be Olga is now stepped through the mirror! "

But such moments of revelation are very rare. "Usually - with a hangover" - says a colleague.

Once the crown Laughs Tanya Yukina became secretive and closed Tatiana G. Zamolodchikova. The details of his life are not divided. I went to the horrible jackets worn.

- We used to tell her: "Yesterday you Olga and shown on TV." She changed directly in the face, saying, "Do not tear my soul." It was hard to remember a happy childhood, when it seemed that the tale will last forever. Only once he told me that when my daughter Julia was little, they gathered all her class and watched together "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors".

Tosca Tatiana, according to his colleagues, increasingly drowned in wine.

- After a weekend of it often appear to work only to the environment. She regretted not fired - says Valentine. - We knew that it hurt his feet, skipped pressure. But it did not apply to the clinic, said: "I was immediately put in the hospital, and I do not want to." Often Tatiana came to work with bruises, and one - with a broken head. From all waved: "She fell! "But we know that it has a husband. We have wondered: whom it beat? She barely dragged his feet. And this despite the fact that Alexander himself Zamolodchikov was on disability after a stroke.

Working in Kuzminki Tatiana had to go with the fresh water.

When the power to get to the recruiting office was gone, she wrote a letter of resignation. And four months later, on March 31, 2011, she was gone. At the end of the death wrote atherosclerosis. Twin sister she survived six years.

In the film, releasing the young zerkalschika Gourde, they boldly climbed to the Tower of Death, took it by storm. But in real life death threw them into oblivion when it was not and 60.

- The film broke all fate Yukina. Needless to flirt with mirrors and other world - said, making the sign of the cross, a neighbor Lidia. - Neither Tanya nor Oli is no longer alive. And so it went to the other world unbaptized. One son almost carbon monoxide poisoning. Neither Maxim nor Julia and no children.

Native stubbornly hiding place, where the ashes of the twins. Monk Peter found out upon request: on Pokrovsk a cemetery, on the 12th site, near the graves of my mother and relatives. Fans of Olga Yalo and the opportunity to put on the grave`s favorites flowers.

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