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On the advice of his vocal coach, Lee Farrell (Lee Farrell), Oleta moved to KansasCity (Kansas City), where she participated in various local shows. Her career started in the early 1980s with the release of two albums in her account, which earned only modest success.

Oleta Adams was born on 4 May 1953 in Seattle, Washington (Seattle, Washington). Daughter preacher grew by gospel music.In her youth the family moved to Yakima, Washington (Yakima, Washington). Before you start a career, Adams faced a lot of trouble, or rather the rejection of her work. In 1970 Oleta moved to Los Angeles, California (Los Angeles, California), which recorded a demo tape. However, many of the movers and shakers of the music business were interested solely in the disco, not wanting to work with Adams.

On the advice of his vocal coach, Lee Farrell (Lee Farrell), Oleta moved to Kansas City (Kansas City), where she participated in various local shows. Her career started in the early 1980s with the release of two albums at her expense ,who earned only modest success.

In 1985, the founders of the British group `Tears for Fears`, Roland Orzabal (Roland Orzabal) and Curt Smith (Curt Smith), Adams noted during her speech at the hotel bar in Kansas City, Missouri (Kansas City, Missouri). It took another two years ,before they got in touch with Adams and invited her to join the group - to participate in the recording of their new album `The Seeds of Love`. The album was released in 1989, and the single `Woman In Chains`, Adams duet Orzabala and with the participation of the drums by Phil Collins (Phil Collins), became a hit ` odin` number.Together with a group of `Tears for Fears` Oleta went on a world tour in 1990, responsible for vocals and piano.

After her work with the band `Tears For Fears` Adams agreed to a contract with the label ` Fontana Records`, and in 1990 to revive her solo career with the assistance Orzabala, which was co-produced her new album `Circle of One`.The release received critical acclaim and in 1991 reached the 1st place in the UK, when the cover Brands Russell (Brenda Russell) `Get Here` was nominated for ` Gremmi`. The song was very popular during the Gulf War. Adams also participated in recording a tribute album `Two Rooms` Elton John (Elton John) / Bernie Taupin (Bernie Taupin),where there was a version of her hit John `Don`t Let the Sun Go Down On Me`. This song was another hit, caught in ` Top 40` in the UK.

Next her album, `Evolution` 1993, was also a commercial success, having appeared in the British ` Top 10`. In 1995, its release `Moving On` Adams defined the direction toward the rhythm-and- blues ,and the singer was reunited with Roland Orzabalom to record a duet `Me And My Big Ideas` album ` Raoul and the Kings of Spain` group `Tears For Fears`. Two years later, Oleta released the album `Come Walk With Me` on Christian themes.

In 1998-m as a guest vocalist, she toured with Phil Collins in the tour `Big Band Jazz Tour`. In 2001 came the sixth album of Oleta, `All The Love`, the sound of which is close to the Adult contemporary and rhythm and blues. In 2004, the album was re-released in Germany under a different name, `I Can`t Live A Day Without You`.In the same year Adams once again worked with the band `Tears For Fears`, to become a real surprise in the concert band in Kansas City, performing the song ` Woman in Chains`.

Oleta first Christmas album, `Christmas Time with Oleta`, was presented October 3, 2006, and April 21, 2009-the label of `E1 Music` released her new album secular ` Let`s Stay Here`.

In 1994, Adams married drummer John Kashona (John Cushon) in the United Methodist Church in Kansas City, where they both studied at the Sunday school. They met in 1980 while working on a demo recording of Oleta. Adams said that ,I never aspired to marriage, but 17 of January 1994, she and John were in Los Angeles, hitting the earthquake. Adams considered it as a sign from God, so it seemed to her that it was time to get married

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