Olesya Jeleznyak

Picture of Olesya Jeleznyak

Date of birth: 11.11.1974

Age: 42

Place of birth: Moscow

Citizenship: Russia

I`m a gambler and I`m afraid of his passion ...

Olesya was extremely punctual. Only it is not pulled up to the venue in a huge "Lincoln", and went his way. We settled at a table lenkomovskogo cozy cafe and started a conversation.

- Olesya, apparently, journalists you have not yet had time to get bored with the obvious question: do you dream about as a child movie star career, and indeed about the acting profession?

- No, I did not dream.

- Are you from Moscow?

- Yes. But it did not give me a reason for such dreams. I do nothing dreamed. Just enjoy life! The theater did not go, even puppet. Only in the eighth grade, I remember, went along with all of the play "Woe from Wit". But it was probably in voluntary-compulsory. The play does not remember. I understand you want to hear a beautiful story of how as a child I was impressed by the game kakogo-to actor and she wanted to be a star. None of this was not. Everything happened by itself. I would say, by chance. I never took part in school performances, songs as a child did not sing, did not read poetry. Maybe sometimes - on holidays, like all children. About Lenin, about the party. Voobsche-to two years I was engaged in dances in choreographic studio, but I do not really like it. Apparently, so I ran away from there, when my sister told me that gde-to on Arbat has a drama school. She read about it in the newspaper and decided that I there will be more interesting. I learned verse Gumilev "Giraffe" and went into the studio. I read quite without expression, but I was accepted. I do not know what guided the German Sedaka, when enrolled in the studio. True, there is a long time I did not stay: the month was welcome, and a month later the studio closed. But there I met with the guys who are in love to the theater, and, one might say, infected. I was curious. So my decision to become an actress conscious can not be called. Maybe that`s why my first attempt did not succeed. I have not, though left the free listener at GITIS. The month I was like, and left. And I went on tour to Japan.

- In what capacity and with whom?

- With the circus. To dance in the corps de ballet. I have, since I was a decent preparation.

- Japan ... I guess you have there, a host of temptations?

- A lot of temptations. But there was no money. And when they came, I, as an impulsive man, went to a huge store on the entire salary of $ 100 bought ten handkerchiefs! Very beautiful!

- And doroguschih!

- And doroguschih! But I myself do not understand how it happened. Perhaps, joy and excitement. After all, even a hundred dollars now for me a very decent money. At this moment I caught scarves, but probably could chto-to and spend more.

- For example, go to a restaurant ...

- No, we fed there. After all, we were invited. But the temptation to buy a cake, I could not resist. Bought. I must say that I liked Japanese food: sushi, rice sorts. Delicious! But the celebration lasted as long as we did not work for a nursing home. Money we do not pay, feed stop, and we ate rice with mayonnaise.

- So from Japan were not very bright memories?

- What are you, Japan I really liked! You know, I`m a child, though not dreamed of traveling, but the temptation was always. And why dream, if you can not? And then - Japan! I remember the reason the big gambling houses, which were called "Mending". Go to such solid Japanese uncle in ties - to lose the state. It`s in their favorite pastime: go after work to play machines.

- And most did not want to play?

- No, I`m a gambler, and his passion afraid. And suddenly like? Because I remember that as a child, even in the "fool" with passion cut. I from any game can have fun. I love to win! And how can you win if without passion? But as long as I am able to control myself.

- Do you want more time to visit Japan?

- Of course, but I`m afraid to fly on airplanes.

- Why?

- I do not know, probably because they sometimes fall. Get used to this impossible. For excitement, I start to choke.

- Yes, to Japan by train do not get there.

- Unfortunately. But I was already there. And then I watch "Discovery Club" on television. So at least partially satisfying their temptations. It seems to me that if I had a lot of money, I would have just done that traveled. This is happiness!

- Let`s go back to that moment when you come back from Japan.

- Gde-to a month I went to the studio by Mark Zakharov. What was a contest, I do not know. I do not ask. Apparently, large because were listening every day. But in the group there were only fifteen people.

- Oles, and you do not feel that something has changed in your life when you are in GITIS?

- What I had to feel?

- Well, at least what you have become a part of Bohemia?

- Bohemian life - this is where a lot of free time. And I it was very small: studies, rehearsals ... Even in the movies do not have time. Although I love to take a dozen tapes and watch them without stopping.

- A love to play computer games?

- No. I can not. It seems to me that the computer - it is a miracle! It was a girlfriend, and she was at that time went to the Internet - that`s what I`m jealous! What she had an interesting life! I also like to walk on the Internet. You could say that I have owned the temptation. However, I calmed girlfriend. She said she had nothing to fear: "Do not spoil, boldly pushes the button." But while I did not hesitate, although I am very interested.

- When did you learn on the food you have time left?

- Of course. Yes, I`m preparing myself, when there is a mood: tarts with cottage cheese, apple pie. I love sweet. While my passion in the figure is not reflected.

- And party like walking, because there is always a good table?

- No. Hang Out I do not like. Is not it interesting, boring. I kak-to invited to TV-6, so everyone was busy eating. Nobody even dance is not invited. I already ate, standing, waiting, waiting ... and already drunk ... And nobody invited. I was very upset.

- The time when you are nothing dreamed, passed. Is it in GITIS you are not dreaming about the movie?

- And I`m still dreaming. I have a favorite actress - Cate Blanchett. I want to play in the same beautiful film. Our cinema I was not very interesting.

- I think you`re a thrill kakim-to uttered the name. And when you get in Lenk ...

- Of course, was a thrill. After I left (but only dancing) on ??the stage in "Juno" in "Figaro." But in Lenkom such wonderful actors.

- Karachentsov ...

- Yes, Nikolai Petrovich ... But I always had the feeling that this is not happening to me. I come home and my sister to ask about our lenkomovskih stars. What are they? And I do not even know what to say. The fact is that everything that happens on stage, I did not identify with them. As if all that happens on the stage is not to do with me! And my first meeting with the great artists took place at a rehearsal of the play "The Barbarian and a heretic." They played Inna Churikova, Leonid Armour, Alexander Abdulov, Alexander Zakharov ... Can you imagine? I could not. I was in a full clip. In the end, apparently, from experience, I became ill and was hospitalized.

- But now you do not mind that you are engaged in the performance of Dmitry Pevtsov?

- The feeling that they are the inhabitants of heaven, still remains.

- Himself nebozhitelnitsey you do not feel?

- No. I do not even think is over, I am part of the team, but was friends with many. However, mostly the youth. With the old-timers say hello respectfully. But I believe that this is normal.

- And in a movie like you got? You do not think this is a great success for you?

- I do not know. I`m a movie only once looked. The "Pushkinskaya".

- Why?

- I myself do not like it. I do not know why, but I just hate the look. My heroine lives as something separate from me.

- Is she really does not like you?

- Maybe they like. It`s not that. It is strange to look at ourselves. And I got into film because light Walter, who worked with us in the theater was in this project as a costume designer. It seemed that I come to this role. Said Tigran Keosoyanu. Well and further all as usual, sample approval. The most interesting thing is that the person seemed to me that I had nothing. I felt clip. Vse-taki and Cekalo and Stoyanov - the value in show business. I do not even really understand what to do. Ekranved not scene. But it helped that a good relationship in the team. I was helped. You know, and now sometimes when I look at "town", "Greed," I can not believe that I have worked with them.

- I can not ask tricky questions. I have talked with many famous actors. So here they are divided into two camps: some argue that in order to play a love scene, definitely need a little loving partner; others argue that it is not necessary, because it is - only an element of acting. Did you in fact in love with the movie Cekalo?

- Was the human sympathy. But in the film we did not have even a passionate kiss.

- And you would be able to leave, as your character from Cekalo after he put so much effort into it?

- I do not know. Probably not, because you want happiness for a lifetime, to the grave.

- And you...

- Fall in love, fall in love. All the time. And the boy from the first entrance, and from the second. Even in the fourth boy from the entrance to the fifth floor! But they did not even know about it. I always secretly loved and secretly stopped loving. As a child, I liked the movie Rolan Bykov "Attention, Turtle!". When I was in fifth grade, I lived a turtle. I carried her into the yard, waited until the boys suit, fell on her and began to shout: "Attention, Turtle!" And when our yard came to the circus, I began to pretend to be a trapeze artist on a swing. I thought that I had all the love, but ... just dropped.

- And do not fear that your awareness today unwittingly narrows your admirers? After kto-to will simply timid in front of your fame?

- Well, did not I know that? I do not know, I did not think about it. I`m falling in love itself. And maybe, I fall in love with the actor. Is love chooses?

- I really like your modesty, but what you do not know on the street?

- It happens. And almost always unexpected. But you know, I do not aspire to fame. It is not affected. And not because the glory of the spoils people. Just it seems to me that from the moment that catches your glory, you cease to belong to himself. People are starting to equate you with heroin that you play. And you have to be always fit. You already can not seem sleepy eyes of the public, or with tousled head to go to the store. You have to be always in shape and good spirits. And his personal life comes to an end.

- And vse-taki spoils if people thank?

- I do not know, let`s wait.

- And money?

- It all depends on the person. I need money to travel. To help parents, they were my seniors, and sisters, too. That porch lift the country need. I do not want to say, do not spoil. And suddenly they appear and spoil me? I would not want to. Honestly, I`m not very dependent on money, and I pleased.

Author: Andrei Krylov

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