Oleg Zhakov

Picture of Oleg Zhakov

Date of Birth: 04/01/1905

Age: 83

Place of birth: Sarapul

Citizenship: Russia



Zhakov Oleg was born in the city of Sarapul in the Urals. In 1922-1925 he studied at the Polytechnic Institute in Sverdlovsk, then fotokinotehnikume (1926-1927).

Since 1928 he studied at the Leningrad Technical School of Performing Arts (graduated in 1929), being engaged in parallel kinomasterskoy FEKS.

Work in the movie

Since 1926, Oleg Zhakov filmed at various studios in the country. He started with the roles of young Soviet people, develop new - heroic - profession: polar Pukhov ( "Ice destiny"), the pilot Tomilin ( "Courage"), diver Campfires ( "Submarine T-9"), radio operator, Kurt ( "Seven courageous "). All films Zhakov few words, he plays facial expressions, eyes, gestures. Whether it`s the Red commanders and the Party dissenters, wise scientists or slippery opportunists. Each image of the actor penetrated into the essence, revealing the history of the character of manifestations. Oleg Zhakov belongs to the constellation of actors, whose work laid the foundation for a new school of acting.

For six decades (!) Oleg played in more than 100 film roles. Among the best films: "Baltic Deputy" (Associate Professor Vorobiev), "Youth of the poet" (Chaadaev), "The Great Citizen" (Borowski), "Invasion" (Fedor Talanov), "White Fang" (Weedon Scott), "Star" ( Serbichenko), "The Way to the pier" (guest) "He submits to the sky" (Basargin), "Darling Helena" (Sergulin), "State criminal" (Guryev), "blunder" (Dembovich), "the lake" ( Barmin), "Mission in Kabul" (Sorokin), "My General" (General Rybakov), "Hot summer in Kabul" (professor Fedorov).

They sozdanatselaya string of different characters, but if you imagine a generalized image of his work, it will be collected, purposeful, full of inner dignity of man. It can be called a courageous intellectual. This is emphasized in the external figure Zhakova roles - in stinginess and noble gesture of restraint, in intonation.

In the life of Oleg Zhakov he was like his best movie heroes. He was very humble and courteous, never asked himself titles and awards, did not participate in idle activities.