Oleg Soloviev

Picture of Oleg Soloviev

Date of Birth: 05/11/1980

Age: 36

Place of birth: Irkutsk

Citizenship: o.Kuka


Children`s Dream

Oleg Solovyov was born in Irkutsk, but most of his childhood (from 6 years) took place in the town Gusinoozyorsk Selenga region of Buryatia. He grew up very ordinary boy, was fond of sports, namely karate, and no one could have guessed that already, in the early years, Oleg wanted to become an actor in the future.

Before finalizing the nine classes of high school, then he graduated from Oleg Soloviev Gusinoozerskaya Energy College and went to work on the hydroelectric power station in 1998. It seemed - his fate is sealed. But at this moment, he finally decided to try his acting break. Many were surprised by this choice. Many, but not the mother of Oleg, who for a long time could see him acting gift. "I am still convinced that the lucky star, which has helped me to succeed - it`s love and understanding of my mother, - says Oleg. - Dad, on the contrary, was strongly opposed. He believed that the first person you need to get a real education, without which it can not do in our time, and then to carry out the dream. "

In the same 1998 Oleg Solovyov he entered the Irkutsk Drama School. However, having studied for only two years, and threw it back in Gusinoozyorsk. His decision, he subsequently explained the reluctance to be provintsialnymakterom. Oleg again got a TPP and began to prepare to enter the Moscow theater schools.


The following year, Oleg Solovyov was already in Moscow. He filed papers once in two theatrical institution - Moscow Art Theatre School and the WTU them. Shchukin. Its isolated and there and there. Oleg chose the Moscow Art Theater.

In 2004, Soloviev has successfully graduated from high school studio and was admitted to the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov, headed by artistic director Oleg Pavlovich Tabakov. There he worked until 2006.


As a student, Oleg Soloviev starred in episodes of the TV series "Secret Mark" and "Moscow Saga," in a short film, "Waiting", the drama Natalya Naumova "Year of the Horse - the constellation of Scorpio." In 2005, the actor played the role of Rudakova 16-serial detective director Victor Sergeyev "Calling."

Fame to Oleg Soloviev came with the release in theaters of the series, "Doomed to become a star", where his character was Nikita. It should be noted that the casting for this role was quite hard - of applicants was about 400 people. Oleg Soloviev was able to prove that he is worthy of the role. The reward for that - the first fans who had come to recognize the young actor on the street. Oleg Soloviev said that the first time it happened in Ukraine, as a time during the filming: "It was very hot, and I went to the store to buy fermented baked milk. Behind the counter I was tired from the cares of a middle-aged woman. When he saw me, at first she did not show any attention. Then, suddenly roused, his face broke into a smile and in Russian with a strong Ukrainian accent said: "Sho! Do not believe it, but it w Nikita! I wa with just learned!". And I ran over a piece of paper to take my autograph. We had a long talk with her ... "

To his fans actor respects. "" Oklonniki - it`s part of our profession, and you have to accept them for what they are. It is they who assess the degree of acting, and you, in turn, should respect them for the selfless love and devotion ", - he says.

After the series` Doomed to become a star "Oleg Soloviev starred in the role of crime boss Michael Boyarova a detective" Dozen of Justice "(2007), lit up in an episode of the comedy series" Who`s the Boss? ", Played the boyfriend of Julia in the series" Red " as well as ordinary Mineeva in the sixteenth season of the popular TV series "Soldiers".

About It

As recognized himself Oleg Solovyov, work takes him most of the time, so his passion is often not enough. Yet he chooses a free moment to read your favorite books (Oleg prefers English literature, which reads in the original), and go to the gym workout Karate (this is for the maintenance of the sports form).

His secret to success is persistence and optimism. "The person who knows what he wants from life, always gets its way, - says the actor. - And every time, when it seems that there is no escape, do not despair: it is, once you have it until you see, do not guess about it. You have to be an optimist in life and get lucky. Be sure and you will achieve great results in any field. "


2003 Waiting - Short

2003 Invisible Sign-2. Return of the master - series

2004 Secret sign-3. The formula of happiness - series

2004 Moscow Saga - series

2004 Year of the Horse - the constellation of Scorpio

2005 Private Detective - series

Calling 2005 (Belarus-Russia) - series

2005 The White Guard - photoplay

2005-2007 Doomed to become a star - series

2007 Bear Hunt

2007 May

2007 Who`s the Boss? - TV series

2007 Women`s History - series

2007 Dozen justice - series

2008 Pulp Video

2008-2009 Red - series

2009 Soldiers-16. Dembel inevitable - series

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