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Date of Birth: 05/14/1975

Age: 41

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Oleg Morozov graduated in 1997, the theater department of the Saratov State Conservatory. Sobinov, where he studied in the studio of People`s Artist of Russia A.G.Galko professor. The actor worked in the Saratov Drama Theatre, Moscow theater "Modern" and "At Pokrovka" and entreprise - in the theater Lyudmila Gurchenko.


In the movie, Oleg Morozov - since 2002. At first he battered supporting roles, such as Karpov sergeant in the movie "My border" or captain Yuri T. Nekrasov in the historical series "Bajazet". And the first great work of the actor was the role of restaurant owner Arthur Ignatov in the series "Stepmother", launched at the screens of the country in 2007. In the same year Oleg Morozov began to appear in another "long-running" projects - crime series "Next", where he became a hero Alexei Khlebnikov.

It so happened that on the screen actor mostly appear in action movies, detectives, criminal or military ribbons, playing the role of a detective, lawyers, military ( "Sea Devils - 4", "Hostages of love"), or - of criminals, crooks, terrorists ( " Aerobatics "," Moscow. Three station "," Web-4 "), that is, people are on different sides of the law. One of the most striking works of Oleg Morozov was the role of operative Denis Bielecki 12-serial thriller "declared wanted." Although the plot is not new (the hero, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, forced to hide from law enforcement and to conduct its own investigation), the picture aroused interest among a certain audience.


2002 My border

2003 The guys from our town

2003 Bajazet

2004 Saboteur

2004 Jackpot for Cinderella

2004 Twins - series

2005 Kamenskaya-4 - show

2005-2007 Doomed to become a star - series

2006 deal

2006 to make God laugh

2006 Young and evil

2007 Blind-3 - show

2007 Trackman

2007 Law & Order: Criminal Intent -1 - series

2007-2008 stepmother - series

Next 2007-2011 - series

2008 Murder in the holiday season

2008 Adult Games

2009 Forty-third number

2009 Wild

2009 Aerobatics

2009 Silent Witness 3 - series

Neudachnikov.net 2010 - series

2010 Moscow. Three station - series

2010 Sea Devils - 4 - TV series

2010 Golden Trap

2010 Mother`s Voice

2010 Fights

2010 Web-4 - show

2010 has been declared wanted

2011 Property 11

2011 Hostages of love

2011 White Rose Hope

2012 Death to Spies. Hidden enemy (Belarus-Russia-Ukraine)

2012 Rust

2012 Last Minute 2

2012 Effect Beauharnais

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