Oleg Menshikov

Picture of Oleg Menshikov

Date of Birth: 08/11/1960

Age: 56

Place of birth: Serpukhov

Citizenship: Russia


Born on November 8, 1960 in the town of Serpukhov, Moscow region. Father - Evgeni Menshikov (. 1934 born), a military engineer. Mother - Menshikov Elena Innokentevna (1933 born.), A physician.

In 1977 Oleg Menshikov entered the Higher Theatre School named after MS Shchepkina (VB course Monakhova) Among the roles played in student productions, - the German officer in "Invasion" Leonov, Milovzorov in "Guilty Without Guilt" AN Ostrovsky.

One of the theses of Oleg Menshikov was the role in the play "Stairway of Fame" on the play by E. Skiba. He grabbed lace ligature drama Skiba, its tempo, dynamics; In this vein he played a young lawyer, suddenly making a career and enchanting at the same time is aware of what is happening with him fully. The play was a great success, and Oleg Menshikov after graduation took the troupe of the Maly Theater.

By that time he already had behind him a few kinoroley. The first film role - Scout Shura - Oleg Menshikov played for another 4-year student in film school Suren Shahbazyan "Wait and Hope" (1980). Successful began working Nikita Mikhalkov in "native" (1981) and in Roman Balayan "Flights in Dreams and in Reality" (1982).

Oleg Menshikov`s role in the "native" picture was remembered, though was nearly silent closeup. Nevertheless, immediately after the release of the film on the screen talking circle, "Mikhalkov filmed some unique actor Smart Plan ..."

That was the beginning. After all shocked picture Roman Balayan "Flights in dreams and reality." This film - the tale of lost all generation, where Menshikov skillfully played a duet with Jankowski. Developing the theme of the film, R. Balayan, true to his plan, with anxious and wary curiosity brought into the circle of action of a young man - a nameless, with cold-glass missing eye, free from moral disaster, ready to sweep the world in a moment of the past, but absolutely not in charge in the name of what he swept away ...

His first roles (and all of the second plan) Menshikov himself highlighted, the future, a full-length. Famous made his film "The Pokrovsky Gates" (1982), staged the play by Leonid Zorin.

The film directed by Mikhail Kazakov, after tried to be the bones of a graduate student Romina huge number of young actors, seeing Menshikov on samples immediately realized that luck smiled at him. The role of the young dreamer and romantic Kostik, recommending a senior, has seen a lot, tired people "to be the creators of their own biographies", played masterfully ... not just a pretty and lively Kostik Menshikov triumphantly charming, they played almost jazz improvisation and in the same breath. But most importantly, what Menshikov won millions of viewers - it is a perfect match of actor screen image. Menshikov-Kostik fascinated all shocking passion of love in the world. Considerable Rolv this played a great actor plastic.

After Kostik from "Pokrovsky Gates" for Menshikov seemed long established image of the young men of the romantic. However, the actor quickly and seamlessly crossed the border line - useful theatrical experience, improvisation on stage, enriching and complicating his professional palette.

On the stage of the Central Academic Theatre of the Soviet Army, where Menshikov worked from 1982 to 1985, he played Ganechku Ivolgina in "The Idiot" by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Bulanov in the "Forest" by A. Ostrovsky, roles in "Ordinary" by A. Dudarev, " Clock without hands "B. Rachmaninoff.

In 1985 Oleg Menshikov moved to the Theater named MN Yermolova at the invitation of Valery Fokin, the newly appointed chief director of the theater. Along with him came to the theater Tatiana Dogileva, Elena Yakovleva, Alexander ball.

Menshikov first role on the new stage was small but very visible. In journalistic performance "Speak!", Staged by V. Fokin essays V. Ovechkin "Regional Weekday" and has become one of the most significant during the adjustment period, he played the Assistant Secretary of the regional committee. This secretary - a young, sleek, shustrenko in corduroy jacket this beginner partocrat already knew exactly where, when and what to do and say.

Menshikov played "Speak!" The whole episode only. His character - the sketch, pen sketch of a light in a series of other actors. He appeared and disappeared, scheduling is not so much, perhaps, the specific contours of the character as a very certain future of this guy, the young pilot officer, who started very confident way to the top.

Another work of the actor in the theater of MN Yermolova was Sergei Lukin in the play "The sports scene in 1981" based on the play by E. Radzinsky. Menshikov`s hero expressed in a certain perspective, my generation - confusion, confused, not knowing how to find herself in a new life, which frightens and repels. The play was a strong ensemble cast, especially when playing two duets: T. Doronin - Pavlov, T. Dogileva - O. Menshikov.

Immediately after the "Sporting Scenes 1981" Menshikov plays a role completely opposite Lukin - Robespierre in the play "The second year of freedom" Alexander Buravsky. The actor managed to convey to the audience the tragic throwing the man himself "wrote" revolution, he realized it and now sees what she brought that brought people, including himself ...

Roles in "the sports scene in 1981" and in the "Second Year of Freedom" were very important on creative ways to Menshikov: to determine the extent of his talent, his actor`s personality, versatile features.

In 1989, Pyotr Fomenko invited Oleg Menshikov in the Mossovet Theater for the lead role in the play "Caligula" on the play by Albert Camus. This production became a theatrical legend. Roman dictator by Oleg Menshikov (role awarded the prize and diploma of the festival "Moscow Seasons") - is a hell of a mix of bloody violence and lyricism, impotence and omnipotence, deceit and honesty ... He lives in an attempt to overcome the evil evil, without realizing that the first victim in this fight he will.

Then Menshikov played the role of Vaslav Nijinsky in the play "" of N "Nijinsky" A. Burykina (entreprise Theatrical Agency "Bogis"), staged by the great Russian dancer Blogs. Such work is very difficult: the audience are usually looking for compliance at the Executive level talent and his character. And the author of the play and the actors - Oleg Menshikov and Alexander Feklistov - does not set out to recreate the life and career of Nijinsky, and tried to show the inner world of a genius, an artist - "God particle", wise and naive, a true poet of dance, irrational and incomprehensible . According to critics, even with all the external dissimilarity actor he appeared on stage the very embodiment of "dance of God" as they called Nijinsky`s contemporaries. The play was awarded the "Crystal rose" award (1993).

Popularity Oleg Menshikov brought the role of Sergei Yesenin in the play "When She Danced" M. Sherman in London theater "Globe" (1992), where he played in a duo with the famous British actress Vanessa Redgrave (Isadora Duncan). For performing this role, the actor was honored with the Lawrence Olivier Award of the British Academy of Performing Arts. Here in London, Oleg Menshikov played Ikharev in the play "Players" in NV "Traysekl" Gogol on the stage.

In parallel, there was intensive work in the film - in the paintings "The Kiss" (1983), "Captain Fracassi" (1984), "Obstacle" (1984), "Volodyas small" (1986), "Mikhail Lomonosov" (1986) "on the main street and Orchestra" (1986), "My favorite clown" (1986), "Moonzund" (1987), "champagne" (1988), "Life on the limit" (1989), "Staircase" (1989 ), "The Pit" (1990), "dyuba-dyuba" (1992, nominated for the prize for best Actor). For participation in the film "Moonzund" directed by A. Muratov Oleg Menshikov he was awarded a silver medal named AP Dovzhenko.

Resounding success fell to the lot of drama Nikita Mikhalkov`s "Burnt by the Sun" (1994 Award "Oscar", the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival), and in this great merit Oleg Menshikov. The role of the NKVD agent Dmitry written by writers Nikita Mikhalkov and Rustam Ibrahimbekov for him - one of the best in kinobiografii actor. This broken, unhappy, devastated man who betrayed himself and others, destroyed and erased the fear, the screen was not long ago. Menshikov again amazed and delighted everyone, but now the highest professional actor. Dmitry role in "Burnt by the Sun" earned him the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1996), of Film Award - "Best Actor of the Year", a professional award for Best Actor in "Green apple - Gold leaf."

Great success was acting for the film adaptation of Menshikov and Sergei Bodrov Sr. story of Leo Tolstoy`s "Prisoner of the Caucasus" (1996, Russia - USA). The film was nominated for "Oscar". Created by actor vivid image Ensign Alexander Larin was marked by many cinematic awards. Among them: "Golden Aries", the Grand Prix of the festival "Kinotavr" for best actor prize for Best Actor of the III International festival "Baltic Pearl" in Riga, professional cinema award "Nika" for Best Actor (all 1996). For participation in the film OE in 1998 Menshikov was awarded a second State Prize of the Russian Federation.

New success of the actor - a large-scale production of Nikita Mikhalkov`s "The Barber of Siberia" (1998), where, together with Menshikov, who played a major role - the cadet Andrei Tolstoy, also starring Julia Ormond, Richard Harris, Alexei Petrenko. For the film "The Barber of Siberia" Oleg Menshikov was awarded third State Prize of the Russian Federation (2000), as well as the "Golden Knight" for Best Actor. In 1999, screens out the film "Mother" directed by Denis Evstigneev with his participation.

The certificate of international recognition of the bright talent Oleg Menshikov - an invitation to one of the main roles in the film Regis Wargnier "East - West" (1999, France), where his partners were the stars of French cinema Catherine Deneuve and Sandrine Bonnaire. The film was nominated for "Oscar".

In subsequent years, the actor played Fandorin F. Jankowski in the film "The State Counselor" (2005), Ostap Bender in the "Golden Calf" by director Shilkina W. (2006). Currently Oleg Menshikov stars as Yuri Zhivago in the movie A. Proshkina "Doctor Zhivago" and the role of Dmitry Arsenteva in the film Nikita Mikhalkov`s "Burnt by the Sun-2".

In 1998, Oleg Menshikov created and headed the "Theatrical Company 814", where he made his debut as a director, putting on the play by play AS Griboyedov`s "Woe from Wit", which played the role of Chatsky. In his subsequent performances - performances of "Kitchen" Kurochkin (2000), "Players" NV Gogol (2001), "Demon" (2003) directed by K. Serebrennikov at MU Lermontov - it also plays a major role.

In addition to theater and film awards, as mentioned above, OE Menshikov is the winner of the Russian independent award "Triumph" for his outstanding contribution to the national culture (1994), prize "Idol" (2000, "The Barber of Siberia", "Woe from Wit"), two awards of "The Seagull" (for his role Chatsky in "Woe from the mind ", for best ensemble cast - performance" Players ").

In 2003, Oleg E. awarded the title of People`s Artist of Russia (bypassing deserved). He also awarded the French Order of Arts and Letters.

At the festival in Locarno in 2004, Oleg Menshikov became the first winner of "Contribution to the Performing Arts" prize.

Lives and works in Moscow.