Oleg Li

Picture of Oleg Li

Date of Birth: 05/04/1942

Age: 74

Place of birth: Namangan (Uzbek SSR)

Citizenship: Kazakhstan


Most of them carried a negative role in the plot. He acted in such famous films as "The People in the ocean", "Trans-Siberian Express," "Lost in Siberia."

Oleg Lee was born in Namangan, Uzbekistan. On the theater and cinema I never thought. He graduated from the Tashkent Electro-Mechanical College and enthusiastically went to serve in the navy - 4 years spent in a submarine in Kronstadt. Back in Tashkent, he entered the Energy Institute, graduating who began working as an electrical engineer at the Research Institute, and even began to write his thesis.

But after two years, he came to visit his brother in Alma-Ata - he worked in the Korean music ensemble. Just at this time on the acting department of the Kazakh State Conservatory was set in the Korean studio. Actors Theater, after looking for a tall, slender Oleg, advised him to try himself in a new way. He took a chance and, to his own surprise, he entered. And then so I carried away by the theater, that he decided to radically change their lives despite the exhortations of his former colleagues of Power.

In 1972, in Alma-Ata was the film crew of "Mosfilm", headed by director Irina Poplavskaya. She was looking for young performers in the film "I -chan Shan" which filmed in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan Chingiz Aitmatov on the novel "My poplar in a red scarf." Oleg had to play a small role Kyrgyz boy-chauffeur. The shooting did not make any impression on him, and he decided that the film - not for him. But a few years later Eldor Urazbaev, started filming "Trans-Siberian Express", Oleg persuaded to try on the role of Isis - Japanese resident. So with a light hand Urazbayeva Oleg Lee went into a great movie.

In the 80s, he starred in the annual two-three films, mainly in Russia. "Asian population" plays. They were spies, saboteurs, pirates, guards, not bearing the mark of virtue. But there is in his biography movies about which the actor recalls with pleasure. First of all, it is "People in the ocean", where Lee played the role of a Chinese sailor Van. For this role, together with the director Paul Chukhrai and Vadim Spiridnovym Oleg Lee was awarded the Prize of the USSR KGB. And in the film Alexander Mitta "Lost in Siberia", he created a tragic image of a prisoner of the Japanese general. In several scenes guessed the story of this man - intelligent, powerful, understanding the mistake started by the war. In the film "Revenge" Ermek Shinarbaeva Oleg Lee played two roles - a monk and King. The film won nine awards at international film festivals of different levels.

In the early 90`s Oleg Lee I had to leave the native theater, kakoe-to time even "taksovat" in Alma-Ata, to feed his family. But in 1994 he was invited to head the new theater - Theatre of Nations, and in 1996 he returned to the theater, in the position of chief director. Now the Korean theater of musical comedy - one of the most interesting and original in Kazakhstan.

In recent years, he is so passionate about the work in the theater that rejects all proposals to the movies. Probably, in vain, says he. But the gangsters and thugs him to play tired, and complex psychological roles do not offer. More recently, however, Oleg Lee starred in the new TV series Eldor Urazbayeva "Wealth", where he played a Japanese soldier-defector who reported kamchtaskomu authorities of the landing of Japanese troops to Kamchatka. The film takes place in 1903-1904. Nakonets-to he was able to play a positive role in Russian cinema.

Among the other films where filmed Oleg Lee: "Right on the shot", "Last Hunt," "Bartender of the" Golden Anchor "," Gangsters in the ocean "," Urgent ... Secret ... Gubcheka "," Seven Forty "," Secrets of madam Wong, "" The Manchurian option. "

On TV channel "Kazakhstan" in 1998 it was filmed a documentary devoted to the work of Oleg Lee. The work with him say Asanali Ashimov, Anatoly Kim, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

In 1969 he graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Energy, then - the acting department of the Kazakh State Conservatory and became an actor the Almaty Korean Theatre of Musical Comedy. Since 1996 - chief director of the theater.

Among the films:

Trans-Siberian Express (1977) - Isis