Oleg Kuvaev

Picture of Oleg Kuvaev

Date of Birth: 08/12/1934

Age: 82

Citizenship: Russia


Kuva buried in the old cemetery Bolshevo. House Museum is located at:. Korolev, Bolshevo highway, 31 (. From the station Podlipki-chalet 10 minutes walk).

The name is Oleg Kuvaeva youth library of Korolev (str. 50 years of the Komsomol, 5/16).

Probably the only writer, after whose death, miners, skinuvshis, gave him a bronze monument.

Oleg Kuva (1934 - 1975) author of the famous novel "Territory", "Rules of escape", novels and short stories. The life of 40-year-old Oleg Kuvaeva broke on the takeoff of the writer`s skill. Roman "territory", as well as another novel - "Rule of escape", Kuva saw. He broke into the Russian literature, like the "bullet out of the barrel" - a phrase from the "Territory". And not only in Russian, the book began to republish and translate together in the USSR republics, and in Europe the novel came out in the 17 publishing houses. An uncountable number of various publications in periodicals, studies, monographs ... Roman "Territory" prize was awarded to the contest of the All and the Secretariat of the Writers` Union for the best value you n prose of the modern working class for the 1974-1976 years. More recently, in Korolev (Bolshevo) opened the house-museum of the writer, built nephew Oleg Kuvaeva ... From the invitations to the opening of the Museum of TV people politely refused: "It is not enough reasonable excuse".

In August 2004, it will be 70 years since the birth of one of the most amazing of our writers, Oleg Mikhailovich Kuvaeva, author of famous novels "Territory", "Rules of escape", many great novels and short stories. Perhaps few people know that Oleg Kuva lived and is buried near Chernogolovka, in the city of Bolszewo, where there is now a museum of the writer. But so there were these times that over the past nearly twenty years has not published a single book by Oleg Kuvaeva, although during this time appeared in various magazines compilation of his letters, countless notebooks, not less interesting than his books. All of this, including the previously published his things, asking for the publication and reprinting, even on the occasion of the upcoming anniversary. But, alas ... all this requires appropriate means, which, unfortunately, have a family so early departed writer there. Therefore, we appeal to you: Lord businessmen, entrepreneurs, heads of oblast and city! If you are familiar with the creativity of the writer Oleg Kuvaeva and you are ready to take part in the three-volume edition of the jubilee, will be glad to hear from you any information by phone (8-252) 48-648, Melnikov Alexander, a member of the Commission on the preparations for the 70th anniversary of the writer Oleg Kuvaeva. The three-volume edition is planned in case of partial (material, printing), budget financing. Books Oleg Kuvaeva now almost impossible to find, and they grew more than one generation of young, restless men, charmed romantic works of this remarkable writer.