Oleg Govorun

Picture of Oleg Govorun

Date of birth: 15.01.1969

Age: 47

Birthplace: Bratsk

Citizenship: Russia


Oleg Govorun born January 15, 1969 in the city of Bratsk in Irkutsk region.

In 1987-1989, he served in the Army Govorun. In 1993 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Forestry the specialty "chemical engineer".

After graduation he worked as a talker, as noted in his official resume, "in business." It is known that up to 2000, he served as vice-president chaired by Mikhail Fridman of Alfa-Bank, as well as being deputy head of the banking department for relations with public authorities. Meanwhile, in 1997-1998, the first deputy chairman of the board of the bank was Vladislav Surkov, who later, in August 1999, he became deputy Alexander Voloshin - Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia Vladimir Putin - and began to engage in the planning and implementation of major projects in the political interests of the Kremlin.

In July 2000, Govorun was appointed first deputy head of the Main Territorial Department of the Presidential Administration. Subsequently, it was noted that Surkov over the years in the administration formed a "sort of pool of effective policy managers responsible for certain areas of domestic policy", and in this pool Govorun responsible "for his work with the territories."

In 2004, the Main Territorial Department and the Office of Domestic Policy (CIP) were combined and Govorun was appointed deputy head of the OHR. Among the achievements of the talker in this post called "successful testing of a new system of appointing the heads of the RF subjects and the mixed system of elections to the regional parliaments." Known sounded in September 2004, that the President`s proposals on reform (introduction to the Russian parliament proportional election system and return to the appointment of governors), after the terrorist attack in Beslan).

In March 2006, he became head of the OHR Govorun, succeeding Andrei Popov, who resigned for health reasons. This post is in the press called the key to the presidential administration, because it is the chief of the OHR is responsible "for the information, analytical and organizational support for the implementation of the President`s constitutional powers to determine the main directions of the State of domestic policy."

According to the "Profile" Govorun for appointment to this position was the preparation of the country`s political system in the electoral cycle of 2007-2008 (during which the elections were held in the State Duma of the fifth convocation and to vote on the candidacy of the third president of the Russian Federation). According to the publication, Govorun was called "a man of Surkov," under whose leadership is preparing for the upcoming elections. In the future, in spite of the non-public Govorun, in 2007, "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" included his name in the list of 100 leading Russian politicians.

It was noted that on the management, headed by Govorun, is also the duty of the President to organize the interaction with the envoys, the chambers of the Federal Assembly, political parties, heads of the regions and the "other civil society institutions." In this regard, "Kommersant" referring to the leader of the "Union of Right Forces," Nikita Belykh told about the "huge impact", which provides management "on the party system in general and in particular on the parties represented in the State Duma." According to White, it determines the OHR, "what decision to take on certain bills, how to behave during elections, in everyday life."

In March 2008, Russia`s new president was elected who was until this post of the first vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev government. In May of the same year as prime minister of Russia was approved by Putin. Then again Govorun was appointed Head of the internal policy of the presidential administration.

In August 2008, he joined the Govorun created by decree of President Medvedev`s commission on the formation and training of managerial personnel reserve. Commission headed by Russian presidential administration head Sergei Naryshkin. It has been reported that the tasks of the Commission will prepare proposals for the development of state policy in the field of formation and effective use of the reserve of administrative staff in the Russian Federation.

In November 2008, Decision X Congress of "United Russia" Govorun was elected to the Supreme Council of the party "United Russia".

September 6, 2011, after Georgy Poltavchenko became governor of St. Petersburg, Govorun succeeded him as presidential envoy to the Central Federal District. Govorun successor as head of the Domestic Policy Department became deputy head Konstantin Kostin.

In March 2012, in the presidential election won by Putin, who in May of the same year, after taking office, appointed Medvedev as prime minister. In the same month, it was announced the new composition of the Cabinet of the Russian Federation - it Govorun was appointed Minister for Regional Development.

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