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Date of Birth: 05/02/1975

Age: 41

Place of birth: Dresden

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Andrew Puminov

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The sources of his work can be considered events of before birth Oleg, when his mother graduated from high school. Beautiful girl has filed documents in GITIS, but only managed to reach the third round and went on to study economics. But over time, she decided to become a flight attendant, and at one point during the flight met a young officer in the tank troops - as a result of Mikhail Andreev came to the new post with his young wife.

Began life officer`s wife, endless travel, the family had five children, of which Oleg was the second oldest. He was born May 2, 1975 in the German city of Dresden. Although military service abroad was considered prestigious, paternal family wage was not enough, and the mother moonlighted as a janitor at a time, until the older looking after the younger ones. Germany, Mongolia, Novocherkassk, Germany again - in spite of the hardships of garrison life, Oleg himself dreaming of the service, but would not be a military and a police officer. He was very fond of literature and other humanities, and did not get along with mathematics. Perhaps, therefore, to the senior classes of dreams changed - the boy decided to become an actor, and found the support and understanding of my mother.

After graduation, Oleg came from Dresden to Leningrad, where he lived familiar parents. However, going to the selection committee of the Institute of Theatre, Music and Cinema (now the National Academy of Theatre Arts of St. Petersburg), molodoychelovek was dumbfounded. Tall, lean, dressed modestly, Oleg saw a confident, well-dressed young men who was playing guitar unfamiliar songs and recited poets unknown to him. He kept his head and decided not to tempt fate. Andreev took documents kultprosvetuchilische, where he took out of the competition, and lived in a dormitory, and took a job at one of the Leningrad House of Culture. Teachings given to Oleg easily, and besides, he was the only guy on the course. In their spare time and work student Andreev I sat in the library, visiting museums and theater performances, and after graduating from college confidently passed the exams in the same institution, which did not dare to come in due time. Two years later, Oleg Andreev moved to Moscow and entered the RATI on V.Levertova course, but two years later Levert died, and Oleg returned to St. Petersburg.

In 1998, after graduating from the Academy of Theatre Arts, Andreev was admitted to the troupe of comedy, and then he was invited to the Theater of Leningrad City Council. There he began his friendship with Keira Knightley and Michael Porechenkova. It was in their company, he first met his future wife, Anastasia. After three years of persistent courtship was played modest wedding to which the young come without rings and in jeans. In 2003 they had a daughter Anna, and in 2009 - son Roman. Andreev was busy in many theater productions, including the roles of the young actor - and fairy-tale characters (Ivan the Fool in `Humpbacked Horse `, Cannibal in` Kote in Boots`, brother Gus in `Brer Rabbit in the Wild West`), and the characters of the classic repertoire (Vershinin in Three `sestrah`, Pritikin in` Varvarah`). His repertoire occupies a special place such an ambiguous role as Sipion in `` Camus Caligula, for the execution of which Oleg Andreev was awarded the diploma of the II International Festival Bosporus `` The cars (2000, Kerch). But the real fame came to the actor because of his work in a different genre.

The first time the actor has appeared on TV screens in the cult television series `Streets of broken lamps, 2` in 1999. His role in the 18 series Bratka was quite small, however, proved to be prophetic - it is in the continuation of this series later Andreev managed to play one of his most popular on roles today. In a sense, this debut was decisive in the choice of genre for the main actor. In 2001, he successfully played in Genk `3`-destructive power, and since then has become a very sought-after performer of roles in the criminal and detective films and serials. Rare exceptions were roles in `The Tale of Fedot-Archer` (2000), `White Lilac` (2007), `The fan `(2012), TV series` Pure Life` (2003), `Long Walk` (2005) and some others. But his characters in `pogonah` enjoyed the same success with the audience, in particular, Colonel Dyuzhev in` Kamenskoy` (2006).

The most rated and charismatic role Oleg Andreev became first lieutenant sobs, which first appeared in the ninth edition of `` Streets of broken lamps in 2008. Filming of the show involving Oleg Andreev continued to the present, and his character has received the rank of captain. Andrew sobs also appears in some films, in particular in `samuraya` Honor (2012), was praised by the audience.

It is obvious that such a strong predominance of roles one direction is not always favorable for the development of the actor`s talent. However, theatergoers positive about the stage works of Oleg Andreev. It should also be noted the successful work of the actor in the military drama `dyavoly` Sea (2013) and the critically acclaimed role in the film Michael Avilova` Poklonnitsa` (2012).

Currently Oleg Andreev live with his family in St. Petersburg. He has withdrawn, and participates in performances, but little free time to family. Anastasia Andreeva, remained at heart a theater, a manager at the Institute of Dentistry. In discussing the question of whether Andreev wants children to follow in his footsteps, the actor answers evasively. He believes that the difficulties of artistic craft able to overcome only by those who have the talent, perseverance and a great desire to do it. However, Anna Andreeva engaged in dances, she loves to speak in public and wants to play in a movie.

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