Ole-johan Dahl

Picture of Ole-johan Dahl

Date of Birth: 10/12/1931

Age: 70

Place of birth: Mandal

Citizenship: Norway


Dahl was born in the Norwegian town of Mandal in 1931 in the family of the ship`s captain. Besides him, the family had two children. Married since 1963 to Tove Torget (NOK. Tove Torget), brought with her two children.

He studied from 1949 to 1957 at the University of Oslo, received a Master of Science degree in Computational Mathematics. From 1952 to 1963 he was an employee of the Norwegian Military Research Institute (NOK. Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt), then worked at the Norwegian Computing Center. The Alma Mater received a full professorship in 1968, becoming the first professor of computer science in Norway. There he worked until 1999 [1], along with Christen Nygaard on the theory of object-oriented programming languages. Together they developed the first object-oriented language Simula I later Simula 67. Dahl and Nygaard introduced concepts such as class, object, inheritance, dynamic creation of objects, and so on. D. Now these terms are essential basics of modern object-oriented programming languages - in particular, Java language and C ++.

Since 2000 Ole-Johan Dahl is a Knight of the Order of St. Olav. Along with Christen Dahl Nygaard was awarded the Turing Award and the Medal of IEEE`s John von Neumann in 2001 for ihvesomy contribution to the development of computer science.

Dahl was fond of chamber music, and loved to play bridge and billiards.

Awards (excerpt)

2000 - Order of St. Olav

2001 - Turing Award along with Christen Nygaard for ideas, fundamental for the development of object-oriented programming languages ??have arisen in the course of development I of Simula programming and Simula 67

2001 - Medal of IEEE`s John von Neumann