Oksana Bazilevich

Picture of Oksana Bazilevich

Date of Birth: 02/26/1969

Age: 47

Place of birth: St. Petersburg

Citizenship: Russia


Childhood and adolescence

Oksana from childhood dreams of becoming an actress. With four years she showed adult performances. Then there were other hobbies. Oksana wanted to become a singer and dancer, and even a surgeon. In high school competitions "Hello, we are looking for talent!" Oksana was not only leading, but also an actress - dance, vocal soloist in the group, do tricks.

After high school, after studying for a year in the Ryazan Pedagogical Institute on Philology, Oksana decided to change their destiny ...

Oksana went to Leningrad to enter LGITMiK. However, the arrival could not have taken place. On the trouble in the selection committee of her bags had the record book Pedagogical Institute. "Oh, you have somewhere learn! We do not take your papers!" - She said. Oksana came out in tears. All was settled because of its future teachers Valery Galendeevu, Benjamin Filshtinsky and Arkady Katsman ...

About his studies Oksana says: "a student I was shkodnoy, hooligan. Now I`ll never know, you know Katzman, I could not come to college not because he was ill, but because: Well, I just did not have the location spirit. If you missed a session, then had to prepare a creative excuse. On my account there were more than that of classmates. One of kakuyu-to offense Katzman put me out the door. five minutes later I had to go and say, "Arkady I., I`m sorry, I will not, "I came out and went for a week Katzman said.." Tell Oksana if she does not come, I it`ll drive, "I made a creative excuse Led this policeman he me as if dragged by the collar...: "this hooligan crashed car, did it, it is" Our classes frequented listeners refresher courses and Katzman asked:... "Oksana, please repeat creative apology" "Excuse me, Arkady I., and where am I to you this policeman find ?! "" Repeat! "I went to look for a policeman: And generally we Arkady Iosifovich had very good relations. And the course, we had wonderful! ".

Working in the theater

In 1990 Oksana graduated from the institute. She settled in the Theatre "farce" (St. Petersburg).

Oksana plays in productions of "Hamlet" (Ophelia), "Turgenev" (Dolores), "Village Stepanchikovo" (Anastasia), "Fantasia" (Girl with a dream), "Striptease" (Hand). Theatre has toured extensively in France, Spain, England, Holland.

The theater on Foundry Oksana Bazilevich playing Cordelia in the play "King Lear".

Work in the movie

For the first time on the screen Bazilevich Oksana appeared in 1991 in the Russian-French film "Chekist".

In 1996, Oksana starred as Barbara in the Hollywood adaptation of "Anna Karenina" with Mel Gibson and Sophie Marceau.

Since 1998, the actress can be seen in the movies more often. On account of its role in many famous films and television series, "The American" (Antonina), "Mechanical Suite" (stripper Asya), "Streets of Broken Lamps" (Ella), "Secrets of the investigation" (Larissa), "Deadly force" (Jeanne Y.), "Agent national bezapasnosti-2" and others.

In 2001, she starred in several films: "Spets.otdel" (Elvira Stanislavovna), "Happy New Year!" (Lyudmila), "Agency golden bullet" (Inga).

In 2002, Oksana Bazilevich was invited to the detective series "Knife in the clouds." She played businesswoman Montezuma. The actress says: "My role - it is the role of self-confident woman, and I myself would like to be as I refused to understudy and she starred in a striptease with a boa was terribly scared, but I`m glad I tried..."


1991 Chekist - Russia-France

Anna Karenina 1996 - United States

1998 American

1998 Streets of broken lamps. The third from the left ( "contract killing")

1999 The New Adventures of cops. love-potion

2000 Mechanical Suite

2000 Keys to Paradise

2000 National Security Agent - 2. Nobel laureate

2000 National Security Agent - 2 bomber

2000 Destructive Power - 2. Mission Possible

2001 Spets.otdel

2001 Happy New Year!

2001 Agency golden bullet

2002 Knife in the Clouds - series

2003 Features of the national policy