Nurzhuman Ihtymbaev

Picture of Nurzhuman Ihtymbaev

Date of Birth: 05/14/1941

Age: 75

Place of birth: Chisinau

Citizenship: Kazakhstan


In Nurzhuman Ihtymbaeva no acting education. It so happened that in the village where he lived and worked, came to the crew of the film "Anxiety Morning" (1966). Filmmakers noticed a charming guy and was invited to appear in a movie. After a successful debut Ihtymbaev became a regular actor studio "Kazakhfilm". Participation in such famous films as "The Song of Manshuk" and "Seventh Heaven," where he played the role of resilient, happy and cheerful jokers, determined his future creative destiny.

With age Ihtymbaev departed from his youth roles, the actor has extended range. He started to play serious dramatic, psychological and character roles. Often his characters - people of few words and even harsh and cruel. Such Ihtymbaeva character in the movie "The cub among the people", without regret killed cub and be stuffed. Of special note is his work in the film "The Great Samoyed" (1981) - in this film, he played the role of a famous artist and storyteller Nenets tyko vylka, lived the life of his hero at a young age to old age.

One of the last works of the actor - the main role in the film Asanali Ashimova "House at the salt lake", which tells about the fate of persons of different nationalities were deported to Kazakhstan in the 40s. However, in the film are busy Ihtymbaevym Asanali Ashimov, Svetlana Svetlichnaya Vladimir Tolokonnikov.

People`s Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Winner of USSR State Prize (for his role in Muratalieva epic "The taste of bread").

He graduated from the Kazakh State Pedagogical Institute.

Among other Russian films: "Seventh Heaven" (1971), "I - the Tien-Shan" (1973), "Last year, the Golden Eagle" (1978), "On the night of a lunar eclipse," "Chief Designer" (1980),