Nurmuhan Zhanturin

Picture of Nurmuhan Zhanturin

Date of Birth: 04/22/1928

Age: 62

Place of birth: Kondaurova

Citizenship: Kazakhstan


The Kazakh films has played many complex psychological roles in Russian cinema understandably played character roles. But always his characters - strong, brave, strong-willed people.

For his movie opened by Mark Donskoy, sought after performers throughout Central Asia in his film "Alitet goes to the mountains." Zhanturin at the time he studied at the acting department of the Tashkent Theatre and Art Institute. The youth Tumatuge Zhanturin played so funny and touching, which immediately became popular.

It became common to invite to the movies, he got the main role in the performances of the Kazakh Academic Drama Theatre named after Auezov. Just a movie, he played more than fifty roles. His best works, no doubt we can assume the role of the traveler and educator Ciocan Valikhanov in the movie "His time will come" ( "Lenfilm" - "Kazakhfilm", 1957) and the role of Sultan Baybars in the film ( "Kazakhfilm", 1990).

Zhanturin was a man of difficult character. Apparently, therefore, at the beginning of the 70s he left the theater and tried to do filmmaking. It is not that well - he himself knew it. So eventually I focused solely on acting work in film. Suggestions (and those were a lot) he came legibly - if there was nothing to play, and it is not filmed. That is why even in weak films his characters are always significant and interesting. Some of his colleagues believed that Zhanturin overstates the bar, but in fact he did not want to understate it, knowing his worth - he is very kind and respectful to his profession.

After working with the directors of the highest level Zhanturin was ironic, but lenient and tolerant, if realized that once again forced to star in "trifles". Nevertheless, he was in great demand - and "Kazakhfilm", and in other studios of the USSR. Usually, he seems to be distanced from the whole crew, smoking his pipe in the side, almost no one spoke, then went to the set, win back your scene and left. And, in spite of such "wrong" behavior, he was respected directors and partners are stretched, feeling it an acting force and power.

Among the roles in the Russian cinema: Kurbanov ( "first tier"), Tanabai ( "Running pacer"), Chamza ( "Travelling front"), Kamatsubara ( "Look on the other side!"), Ciorba ( "Dance of the Eagle"), Toco ( "Next wolverine"), Ryrka ( "White shaman"), Juma ( "Invincible"), grandfather Mergen ( "Amulang").

People`s Artist of the Kazakh SSR (1966).

Laureate of the State Prize of the Kazakh SSR.

With 14 years of experience in the oil exploration Guryev, then he studied at the projectionist courses in Almaty. In 1950 he graduated from Alma-Ata film school in 1952 - acting department of the Tashkent Theatre and Arts Institute and became an actor of the Kazakh Academic Drama Theater named after Mukhtar Auezov.

From 1971 - actor studio Kazakhfilm. I put the movie "Forest ballad" (1972) and "The Treasure of black mountains" (1979).

Among the films:

FIRST LEVEL (1955) - Kurbanov