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Birthday: 5/21/1972, the

Age: 25 years

Place of birth: Brooklyn, SShAData death: 09.10.1997 year

Citizenship: SShA

Originalnoe name: Christopher George Wallace Lator

Original name: Christopher George Latore Wallace


"He began to sing and to speak before learned to walk.I started writing before began to walk to school, he was the most beautiful handwriting "

Notorious B.I.G. born May 21, 1972 ; She was the only child Voletty Wallace (Voletta Wallace). "He began to sing and to speak before learned to walk I started writing before began to walk to school, he was the most beautiful handwriting.", -says his mother. His mother raised him alone, but from the influence of Brooklyn and did not protect. Brooklyn - a place where there was the pressure of his quarters, young people who were known as juvenile offenders. The rapper went from high school at the age of seventeen, to sell crack (drugs).Although his mother says that he was not supposed to sell drugs. He was never hungry. He rapper himself stated that: "Drug dealers were my role models." It was the only way for a young black man to make a living in the ghetto. Of course, that linked him to a huge risk, and is not passed unnoticed: drug transportation in North Carolina,over a nine-month stay in prison. Then he had enough time to think over his future, but becoming a millionaire musician was still in his fantasies. After his release from prison Biggie borrowed another tape with a four- band EQ and recorded a few tracks. Although he was known as "Big Chris" in his district,and it can be found right on the corner of this quarter, all knew, that he can do more than just play well in the bone. He could have a good rhyme. "It usually happens only at home parties, spitting out rhymes, and shaking all around He was always good It was a gift from God.." - Says Lil` Cease.Within a few weeks after signing the contract with Biggie, Puffy puts him to work with people like Mary J. Blige, Super Cat and Neneh Cherry. September 13, 1994, the long-awaited debut of Biggie, he released his album called "Ready To Die". This album is its immediacy,honest human autobiographical "story" and superb style is easily changed hip- hop [source? ]. The Album was a stunning success. The first single, "Juicy" went gold within a few weeks, and the album went triple platinum by the end of the year. "Juicy" was in the top five rap singles chart "Billboard". His second single,"Big Poppa / Warning" has achieved the first place. In June 1995, "One More Chance" single debuted in the top five most popular singles. "Ready To Die" has been popular throughout 1995, in the final analysis, it has sold two million copies. With this success, The Notorious B.I.G. He became the most prominent figure in hip-hop.Perfect Connect commercial materialism and realistic banditry, the debut of The Notorious B.I.G. 1994 yearmultiplatinum album "Ready To Die" made him a super star of hip-hop. But despite his new role as a successful rap artist Biggie did not leave his former life. He had several run-ins with the law,he was accused of beating up people and wound up the case related to drugs and weapons. In 1994, he and Puffy were accused of involvement in the robbery and shooting of Tupac Shakur, both denied this fact. (Later, Shakur recorded a diss on Biggie, in which he told me that he slept with Biggie `s wife, Faith Evans).Biggie starts to pull to the scene of his old friends Lil` Kim and Lil` Cease, creating a group called Junior M.A.F.I.A. Their album "Conspiracy", which was released in 1995, it went gold. And then Lil` Kim solo album titled "Hardcore" vypushennyh in 1996, went platinum. Biggie three wins in 1995 at a ceremony "Source Music Awards",including the nomination "Discovery of the Year". In those years in the "Billboard Music Awards", his single "Big Poppa" was called "Single of the Year" and, in 1997, "Life After Death" receives award "the Billboard", in "of R`n`B Album of the Year "category,after he received the award at the "MTV Video Music Awards" for "Best Rap Video" and two awards "ASCAP Awards". But the impact of the album can not be measured by simple sales charts, platinum, or even awards.Biggie ` s success forever changed his life. By the time of the creation of their second album,entitled "Life After Death" (released in 1997)

He has known success, fame, glory, wealth and greed. He put heart and soul into the writing of this project, a double CD with 24 songs. Together with Sean "Puffy" Combs, The RZA, DJ Premier and others, Biggie album made one of the greatest MC. The album was released posthumously,a few weeks after the tragic death of Biggie. "Life After Death" debuted in first place, breaking all the records in the first week of sales and remained in the charts for many months, with singles like "No Money, No Problems" and "Sky`s The Limit". "The Spin "magazine named him" Artist of the Year."" Life After Death "has become ten times platinum and spun on the radio for as long as two years. Crossroads Boulevard Wilshire front car with Combs slipped on the yellow light." Saberban "Biggie stopped at the red, when moving in the opposite direction of the white "Toyota Land Cruiser" suddenly made a 180-degree turn and wedged between the car and Biggie "Chevrolet Blazer", driven by Bad Boy Head Guard company. At the same moment the black "Chevrolet Impala" pulled up beside the car Notorious B.I.G. The cabin sat a black man in a blue suit, bow tie, with a very short haircut. Later,it was suggested that the man belonged to the sect of Louis Farrakhan Nation of Islam. With his right hand he pulled out a gun, put it on his left forearm and emptied the clip into sitting in the front seat of the musician. All the bullets hit the Notorious B.I.G.Car killer jumped up and sped forward on Wilshire Boulevard.Covers it "Land Cruiser" whirled and fled at high speed.

One of the versions of the rapper`s murder is a revenge on the boss of the label "Death Row-Suge Knight". This version and adhered to by the police. But enough evidence has been collected, and currently the case is closed, although the proceedings are still ongoing.While in prison Marion "Suge" Knight told the informant that he was responsible for the death Notoriousa. And again, I do not know what will happen next. Biggie `s death was a heavy blow for the music industry. Public funeral Biggie, however, were far from peaceful.Thousands of people in Brooklyn, climb on cars and faced with the police,in order to catch a glimpse of his hearse. As a result, ten people were arrested. Private funerals were more peaceful, they came to Queen Latifah, participants of Public Enemy and Naughty By Nature. Many artists have paid tribute to Biggie, especially his own colleagues from the record company,released a song called "I`ll Be Missing You" ("I will miss you") as the gratitude and respect to the short, but very colorful life Biggie. May 14 was declared a day of Notorious BIG, more than two hundred radio stations nationwide playing this single, which was followed by thirty- second silence.The single has sold Bole than three million copies, and the money from the sales went to his children, whom he had left. In clubs and at concerts Biggie always room exploded with his lyrical stories from his own life experience. Bigi said in an interview that when he grew up on the streets of New York,its main role models were the local drug dealers, and added that they should give him an idea of ??what actually lives on the streets. Two years after his death, his posthumous album was released under the name "Born Again", which once was in first place in the charts. The album was recorded in conjunction with Lil` Kim, Lil` Cease, Snoop Dogg,Busta Rhymes, Ice Cube and other famous rappers. The album "Born Again", not a memorial or tribute to this celebration of life. The phrase " born again " is largely symbolic, meaning the movement of the soul to a higher level, a belief in the afterlife. Here, the phrase is used to breathe life into an inheritance ,which left the great man. "Born Again" more than archival material, excavated to fill some void. "Family" members Biggie, including Lil` Kim, Lil` Cease and Puff Daddy, added his poems, given one more opportunity to be with their hero and friend. He bequeathed to us - his music, unsurpassed talent, and inimitable voice.In 2005 he was released the second posthumous album and the last Notoriousa - "Duets: The Final Charter". Here, together with the current Notoriousom sing rap stars (Nas, Jay-Z, Eminem), R & B (Mary J. Blige, Missy Eliott), and even alternative (Korn). The style of the album is noticeably different from other works Biggie.There are many theories associated with the death of Biggie, the most common, is the theory of hostility east and west coasts. What it was revenge for the death of Tupac Shakur. There was a lot of noise around Los Angeles that the local rap community was outraged his influence in this area.We must not forget the versionon which Biggie was the victim of hatred label: Bad Boy (Puffy) and Death Row (Suge Knight), the more so because at the moment informants state that Suge he planned the murder. Another theory is that the murderer was a member of the gang that Biggie hired to guard him in West Coast trips,and that Biggie little paid. Although the official actually said that the shooting was a drive -by shutingom (drive by shooting - when from a passing at a slow speed of the car opens fire), some argue that a man came up to the car Biggie and talked to him, and then began to shoot therein.Los Angeles police was a photo of the suspect robotbut not found to this day. Anyway, death is Biggie became a symbol of the senseless violence that disturbs America. Murder of Biggie displays the so-called "rap war" in the spotlight, and calls for peace on both sides. Oboihpoberezhy Rappers like Snoop Dogg, Chuck D, Doug E. Fresh,and others, attended the meeting at the highest level, undertaken Louis Farrakhan in Chicago, they signed an agreement of unity, which included a joint tour and album. Puffy Combs was unable to appear at the summit, but he sent his support, as well as Ice-T and Ice Cube. Cube canceled two performances,which he devised in LosAngeles out of respect to the dead rapper. "Stop The Gunfight" single recorded a few years earlier, in collaboration with Tupac and Biggie was released after their death.

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