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Date of Birth: 12/24/1928

Age: 70

Place of birth: Liverpool

Citizenship: United Kingdom


Norman Rossington - a native of Liverpool (Liverpool), the city that gave the world legendary `the Liverpool chetverku`. Rossington was born on December 24, 1928, his father owned a pub. Norman has not graduated from high school, he dropped out of school when he was 14 years old. After that, he worked part time where necessary, was a courier, a messenger in the Liverpool docks, apprentice carpenter. Later, he still graduated from night school and decided to become a draftsman, he studied technical design at the Technical College of Liverpool (Liverpool Technical College). The interest in acting came at Rossington chance and brought him into the company of one of the local theaters. He studied drama at the Theater School of Bristol Theatre Bristol Old Vic Theatre School and began his career in the Royal Theater (Theatre Royal). By the mid-50s Rossington came up with an already solid luggage - he appeared nastsene London`s Old Vic in such plays as `A Midsummer Night` (A Midsummer Night `s Dream) and` Days of youth `(Salad Days), and toured with theater troupe in the United States.

In 1956, Rossington was invited to appear in the film - he played a tiny role in the comedy `Three Men in a lodke` (Three Men in a Boat), - and on television - the actor starred in two episodes of the series `Destination: Foreign legion` ( Assignment Foreign Legion). But a breakthrough in his career occurred in 1957 when he took part in the popular sitcom `` The game is in the army as an ordinary cook (Private `Cupcake` Cook). In 1958, the actor played the same role in the comedy `I just asked!` (I Only Arsked!), Loosely based on the series.

In 1958, Norman Rossington was involved in the filming of `For her work, Sergeant `(Carry On Sergeant), the first film of the famous comic cycle, a year later - in` for his work, sister!` (Carry On Nurse) and in 1961 - in `For his work, no matter chto` (Carry on regardless). In addition, Rossington played prominent roles in `Saint Joan` (Saint Joan) in 1957 and a classic example of the British `New Wave` called `Saturday Night and Sunday Morning` (Saturday Night and Sunday Morning), released in 1960. In 1958, he starred in `` Doom Titanika` (A Night to Remember), his first film about the ship wreck, where he played the ship`s chef. In 1979, Rossington returned to this theme in the TV movie `` Save the Titanic `(SOS Titanic). In 1962, Rossington starred in the film has become a classic Lawrence of Arabia `` (Lawrence of Arabia), however, his name was not mentioned in the credits.

In 1967, the actor played in another musical film with a superstar. This time it was a `double problema` (Double Trouble) Elvis Presley (Elvis Presley). Norman recalled Preslikak quiet man who sat in a corner and often took his paper.

Since the 70s, Rossington increasingly appeared in television films and serials, and less frequently appeared on the big screen. His track record of 115 roles in movies and on TV. Recent roles Rossington - Berti Mauld (Bertie Mould) in the television series` Heartbeat serdtsa` (Heartbeat) and Sergeant Gaverkemp Horatio (Horatio Havercamp) in `Sharpa` Regiment (Sharpe`s Regiment) in 1996. All this time he did not forget about the scene, playing at the Royal Shakespeare Company (Royal Shakespeare Company) and the New York Metropolitan Opera.

In his spare time he enjoys woodwork, skiing, learning languages ??and a round of golf. The actor has been married twice, the second time he married a few months before his death. Norman Rossington died May 21, 1999 in Manchester (Manchester) at age 70, after 6 months of struggle with cancer.

Author: Elena Murzina

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