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Actress Norma Ronald (Norma Ronald) is best known to the general public Mildred (Mildred Murfin) of the radio show `The Men from the Ministry`, is very popular in the 60`s on the radio BBC Radio. Biography The rules do not become, alas, is the star of the first magnitude, does not become available to the general public. It is known that she was born in Britain, rather early start trying to become an actress and as a young assistant director settled for work, and sometimes it turns out not too prominent role in local theatrical performances. In the `60s she appeared on television, playing Miss Lingard (Miss Lingard) in the series `The Power Game`, in the total amount appeared in 18 episodes of the project. 1969 brought a very small role in the film `fantastic journey across the Solntsa` (Doppelg & # 228; nger); its debut, however, was not observed even in the credits of the film.

Filmography of the actress, whose career has not received the desired push, exhausted by only a few paintings, among them - series `UFO` in the `70s TV series `Solo` at the beginning of the 80s and one episode of `Chocky` s Challenge `in 1986 year.

Some famous Ronald Norma brought her marriage with the popular actor Edward Judd (Edward Judd). We know that the future spouses met at the bar on television. For Edward, it was a second marriage; together they remained until the death of Standards in 1993. This family had two daughters. Later life and work took place outside the norms of television and movie cameras - it was a radio actress.

Ronalds Norma died in 1993, her husband Edward Judd survived her, and died in 2009.

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