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Year of birth : 1997

Age: 18 years

Place of Birth : Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Citizenship : United States


Forerunner of this group became established a native of New York who lived in Puerto Rico ,Robb Rivera team called "Nonpoint factor". Latin rock at the time began to raise his head, and wishing not to limit himself to the island, Rivera moved to Florida in order to collect a real metal band of their dreams.

Robb was lucky, and he met there the future frontman and lyricist "Nonpoint" Elias Soriano. Elias was a native of New Jersey, but spent his youth in Fort Doderdeyle. He loved music ever since he was able to go to a concert of popular Puerto Rican band "Puya".

In 1997, the composition of the "Nonpoint" was finally beefed up the Florida team members "Fuse" Kay Bee bassist and guitarist Andrew Goldmenom. NonpointKollektiv turned out to be extremely harmonious, and this was one of the reasons that "Nonpoint" started easily conquer the Florida audience. Also in 1997, the guys released their first CD "Separate yourself", right Zhestan selling to the southeastern United States. The following year, the success was repeated with the disc "Struggle",and the guys in the meantime easily sold out the most prestigious sites in Florida. Finally, growth in popularity has led to the inevitable result - signing a contract with a major label.

The choice was stopped for "MCA records",and in 2000 under the direction of Jason Baylera their "Saigon kick" the band went into the studio to record their first " real" album. Apart from a few old tracks such as "Mindtrip" and "Victim" was to drive a number of new compositions, including the Spanish -language "Orgulla".

NonpointV 2001-m, the first global national tour "Nonpoint", during which the group had to play with bands such as the "Mudvayne" and "Spineshank". But after appearing on the " Ozzfest " team moved to the category of the headliners, and now traveled across America with the support of "Reveille", "Switched" and "Darwin`s waiting room". In 2002-m " the MCA " reissued early work " Nonpoint " under the name "Separate yourself (The beginning of 1997 `98) ", which entered the material from the first two albums.

In the same year there was also a fresh CD, "Development", created with the participation of Bob Klermontana producer. And while the team was warming up in the round "Locobazooka", the album reached the 52-First line of the US charts.

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