Nonna Grishaeva

Picture of Nonna Grishaeva

Date of Birth: 07/21/1971

Age: 45

Place of birth: Odessa

Citizenship: Russia


The winner of the MK Theatre Prize "For the best female tandem" (2005, for her role as Denise in "Mademoiselle Nitouche" performance).

Winner of the contest actor Song them. Andrei Mironov, the winner of the international competition "St. Petersburg engagement".


Nonna Grishaeva can be proud of their ancestors. After all, her great-grandmother and great-grandfather sang in the famous La Scala. And the other great-grandfather - a professor of Novorossiysk University of Kazan - corresponded with the very Nemirovich-Danchenko.

Nonna`s childhood passed in his native Odessa. She studied at the ballet school, tried his hand at the theater, and dreamed of the future to become a real actress. For ten years she played her first leading role in the Odessa Theater of Operetta.

The girl grew very house the child, and this prevented her from immediately after school to become an actress. Nonna went to conquer Moscow, and almost already gone, but at the last moment intervened mother, who was afraid to leave the seventeen year old daughter in a strange, unfamiliar city.

Returning to Odessa, Nona enrolled in music school. On a winter vacation she, along with other students, making New Year`s musical fairy tale "The Princess and the Pea", again poisoned in Moscow. Tour with great success on the stage of DC Rusakov (later - Roman Viktyuk theater). 53 play! Of course it was not easy, but at the time earned good money. And most importantly - it is the experience gained, Nonna so proud that his baptism of fire!

The trip to Moscow once again awakened in the girl a great desire to become an actress. And Nonna finally persuaded her mother to let her go to the capital.

Student years

Next summer Nonna Grishaeva arrived in Moscow and filed documents in the Shchukin School. Her future teacher Valentina Petrovna remembered Nikolaenko abiturientku entering the last year, and missed her immediately to the third round. Successfully passing it, Nonna Grishaeva was credited to VV Course Ivanova.

Student years Nonna passed in a rather hard times. Home 90 - a tank outside the White House, the products on the cards ... She recalls: "My mother sent from Odessa, food parcels, which I could not manage to stretch, because all at once eaten, and then had a long time to starve. We lived in a college dormitory in the same room with Masha Aronova. Once such a funny thing happened. Since the fridge we did not, we hung out products in the grids of the window. Once I hung out of the window lard, which I once again sent my mother. The next day, I take out the net and find that she became suspicious light, look and see - all devoured fat tits! Masha so laughed at me - very kind I had a tragicomic! On the other hand, it was the most wonderful years of my life! Students often do not appreciate this time, everyone is thinking: "Hurry to work - in the theater, in the movies ..." They do not realize that only the school have the opportunity to play what you want, when the independent passages you choose the product and the role which dreamed. More in this life will not be. "

In the third year Nonna Grishaeva started to work on the popular comic transfer Igor Ugolnikova "Wow." There is what is called a "hand stuffed", and later it was often offered comedic roles.

90 years. Work and personal life

In 1994 Nonna Grishaeva graduated from the Theater School. BV Shchukin. And on the third day after the prom it was magnificent wedding - Nona married actor and musician Anton Derov. The young actress whirled in the vortex of family and creative life. Working in the Theater. Eugene. Vakhtangov, shooting a movie, pregnancy. And all this at the same time. Yes, Nonna, being six months pregnant, was shot simultaneously in three films: "Place on Earth", "The Countess de Monsoreau" and "first strike"!

Directed by Arthur Aristakisyan because of the pregnancy of the actress even changed scenario of his painting "place on earth." The shooting occurred in this colony of hippies and bums, where there was a peculiar smell, and dirt was terrible. Of course, from this Nonna became ill. Although the plot of her character was supposed to stay there, the director made sure that she left this place.

In the series Vladimir Popkov "The Countess de Monsoreau" Nonna Grishaeva played charming maid g longwall heroine Gertrude. Played bright, emotionally, and hardly anyone in the audience noticed that the actress was in an interesting position.

By the way, her pregnancy Grishaeva carefully concealed from the director`s blockbuster "first strike", the famous Jackie Chan. This picture he took off in Yalta, and Nonna played it quite a prominent role - the girl of his principal enemy. When Jackie Chan learned about this, I was extremely impressed.