Nodar Mgaloblishvili

Picture of Nodar Mgaloblishvili

Date of Birth: 07/15/1931

Age: 85

Place of birth: Tbilisi

Citizenship: Georgia


Nodar Mgaloblishvili - the first and so far the last actor in his family. About this profession since childhood dream, but at the end of the school I decided to enter the Georgian Polytechnic Institute. Cut off at the first exam - math - and then firmly decided to go to the theater. Initially played heroic lovers, but soon switched to the characteristic, predominantly negative role played and continues to play scams, villains, "thieves in law". Among the most notable theatrical roles Mgaloblishvili: The actor ( "The Lower Depths"), Oswald ( "Ghosts"), Khaki Adzba ( "Khaki Adzba"), Iago ( "Othello"), Teimuraz Hevistavi ( "collapse").

Nodar Mgaloblishvili - Actor deep, intelligent, with a strong charisma and very expressive eyes. His characters are fascinating and make admire them, even if they are extremely dangerous types.

In the movie, actor starred extremely rare, really noticed and appreciated after the "Formula of Love", where he brilliantly played Count Cagliostro. Other famous films with his participation: "Beach", "Ogarev, 6", "Captain" Pilgrim "," Catala "," Moscow beauty "," Empire of the pirates, "" Hammer and Sickle "," guardians of vice. " Unfortunately, in Russian Mgaloblishvili he said with a heavy accent, and in the movie of his voice to other actors. In particular, in the series` On behalf of the Baron, "said the voice of the main character of Boris Smolkina.

In 2001 Nodar Mgaloblishvili otkazalsyaot high government award - the Order of Honor. He said that the authorities took away his dignity, causing misery. At the awards ceremony the actor did not show up and sent home to the Order returned.

People`s Artist of Georgia.

In 1954 he graduated from the Tbilisi Theatre Institute and became an actor named Marjanishvili Theatre (Tbilisi).

Among the films:

Formula of Love (1984) TV - Count Cagliostro


ON BEHALF OF THE BARON ... (2002) - Baron