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"Nocturnus" was the first death metal band that is not afraid to put in your arsenal keyboards. He founded the group drummer and vocalist Mike Browning after his departure from the ranks of "Morbid angel" in June 1987.

His first partner was bassist Jeff Estes and guitarists Mike Davies and Gino Marino. Keyboardist Louis Panzer appeared in the team next year, and that with his coming "Nocturnus" found its signature sound. In 1988-m band recorded their second demo, "The science of horror", (produced by Jon Oliva this creation of "Savatage"), the material from which subsequently fell on the album "The Key".

Demko representative noted "Earache records", and in 1990 the team has received a contract from the label. True,Marino has not held up to the event and gave Sean Macknin guitar, and he moved to Atlanta, where he founded the "Euphoria" project.

NocturnusPervy album, "The Key", in addition to the presence of keyboards on all tracks stood high guitar technique, hitherto unprecedented in the death metal scene.With this record -shuffling sold worldwide circulation of more than 500

00 copies. In 1991, "Nocturnus" in the company of "Bolt thrower" broke in Europe, they were exceedingly amazed fans of the genre brutal live performance of their songs. Then the team took part in the US tour "Grindcrusher" in a bundle with "Napalm death" and "Godflesh".Plenty wound on tour, the band went into the studio to record a second LP.

Before the sessions the team added vocalist Dan Izzo (ex- "Tortured soul"), which allowed Browning to concentrate fully on drums. Another reshuffle was made with bass guitarists and Jeff took place Chad Anderson. True,immediately after recording "Thresholds" he left the band, leaving chetyrehstrunku Jim O`Sullivan.

NocturnusVtoroy album was the last release "Nocturnus" on "Earache records". Soon O`Sullivan replaced Emo Mover (ex- "Fallen idols"), and the place of the departed to "Acheron" James Browning appeared Marsinek. After the European tour with "Confessor",in the summer of 1993 the band released seven-inch with two tracks ("Possess the priest", "Mummified"), and then ceased operations. Revival "Nocturnus" occurred in 2000. The updated lineup looked like this: Davies (guitar) , Macknin (guitar) , Mover (bass, vocals) , Panzer (keyboards) and Rick Bizarro (drums) . On the French label "Season of mist records" team released a powerful album "Ethereal tomb", based on scientific fiction.

However, to stay afloat "Nocturnus" and could not. After leaving Panzero Bizarro and the remaining musicians were unable to find a replacement, and in 2002 the group disbanded for a second time. As an epitaph " Noktyurnusu " firm "Karmageddon media" released on one CD with the material of the first two demos.

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