Noah Beauchamp

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Date of Birth: 02/24/1785

Age: 57

Place of Birth: Maryland

Date of death: 30.12.1842 year

Citizenship: United States

quarrel at the cost of life

Boush Noah was born on the 24th February 1785 the first in Maryland (Maryland), and was the son of Thomas (Thomas) and Sarah Adams Boush (Sarah Adams Beauchamp). When the boy grew up, he stretched out to an increase of almost 183 cm, was big and strong and with a healthy glow on the face. It was said people Boush was very quick-tempered and argued with his father about the morality of slavery.

Noah was a man of very religious, a devout Baptist, and was strongly against slavery. His father, who owned slaves, probably disowned son, who soon left for Kentucky (Kentucky), and then in Ohio (Ohio), where, most likely, he met Elizabeth Adams (Elizabeth Adams), his future wife. Their first child, Noa Boush Jr., was born in Cincinnati (Cincinnati), Ohio, 29 November 1804.

By 1811 th Boush moved with his family to Konnersvill Township in Fayette County (Connersville Township, Fayette County), on the territory of Indiana, where he opened a blacksmith shop. On December 14, 1812 of Boush acquired land in Fayette County, where he lived until 1820, and then moved with his family in Edgar County, Illinois (Edgar County, Illinois). Gde-to in the middle of the 1830 Noah decided to move back to Indiana, but this time in Vigo County (Vigo County).

One of the families in the neighborhood Sugar Creek (Sugar Creek Township), which is bordered on the farm Noah was Mikelberri family. George Mikelberri and Boush been drawn into the dispute, trying to impose on each other `` truism about where to end the boundaries of their property. However, the relationship between the two families were not spoiled enough to hire Mrs. Mikelberri refused Boushama daughters to work, who were engaged in knitting.

It is on this basis in July 1840 broke new controversy, this time between Mikelberri Boushama and women, and daughters Mikelberri began to spread the rumor around town that her daughter had stolen from them Boushama koe-kakie woollens while working. Before Boushama heard rumors about it - and he was very unhappy, I determined to deal with George Mikelberri and restore his good name.

Noah was walking near the home of George and decided to stop and ask God for guidance. He stopped in a clearing where butchered meat, and on the stump was a large butcher knife. After the prayer Boush was armed with a knife, knocked on the door and Mikelberri from the doorway began to blame the home owner for the conduct of his daughters. One of the daughters, who was in the living room, began to talk behind Boushama. Amok Noah began to threaten her, `If you were a man, I would have porezal`, brandishing a knife. At this point, he puts his hand on Mikelberri plechoBoushama who reflexively thrust a knife into his chest. George died almost instantly.

In a panic Boush ran out of the house and turned the river Wabash (Wabash River). There he stole a boat and disappeared. It began a large hunting fugitive killer and searches were carried out across the county of Vigo and its surroundings, but Boushama was not there. Family Mikelberri mourned and buried her beloved husband and father.

Noah fled to Texas (Texas), where he took the money to open his own forge. He owed a large sum of money, and the son of one of the men, who had lent him the cash, I saw a poster in a local hotel `` Wanted depicting Noah. Boush and did not think to use a false name, so that the lender`s son and another man was not difficult to catch the fugitive, for the capture of which offered a reward of $ 500.

They quickly grabbed him and wanted custody ferry on the river to Indiana. First, however, Noah broke free and managed one of the men. The offender tried to flee, but was soon caught again. He was locked up in one of the cabins on the boat, and Boush using the sheets of the bed, I made it a noose and tried to commit suicide. When one of his captors went to check it, then I managed to remove it from the hinges.

Even before the commencement of the trial lawyer Boushama made sure that the process was in Park County, where the investigation will not behave prejudiced. Witnesses claimed that Boush acted in self-defense, does not help the defendant. And after a long process of September 8 1842 Noa was sentenced to death.

The gallows was built in Rockville, Indiana (Rockville, Indiana). On the morning of December 30th, 1842 Reverend Newport (Newport), an old friend Boushama, delivered a sermon outside the walls of the prison, next to the camera was sentenced. Noah was the last time ate, said goodbye to his family and friends and was let down to the gallows, where he was waiting for a lot of people, who came specially from Vigo County. When asked what he would like to say finally, Boush simply said: `Until svidaniya`, and was hanged.

November 7, 1825 cousin Noah Dzheriboa O. Boush (Jereboam O. Beauchamp), killed Colonel Solomon R. Sharpe (Solomon P. Sharp). The incident became known as the Tragedy Boushama-Sharpe. Dzheriboa in an attempt to protect the honor of his wife dealt with Sharpe with a knife at the door of the house. As in the case of Noah, Dzheriboa fled, and it was open hunting. He was caught, tried to commit suicide, he was rescued at the last minute, and then tried and hanged.

Noah Boush - a direct descendant of Quaker Ambrose Dixon (Ambrose Dixon); Dixon was praprapradeda Boushama.

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