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Date of Birth: 07/03/1947

Age: 69

Place of Birth: Sao Paulo

Citizenship: Brazil


Author: Olga Strelkova

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In their large family patriarchy reigned, Carlos Graieb father, a lawyer of Lebanese origin, to adhere to strict rules in all. When my father worked at home, children are not even allowed to laugh out loud, so that God forbid, not to annoy my father. True Nivea baby has always been a favorite of his father, but she got it in spite of that, no less than others.

Nivea was a good student at school, was especially fond of literature and history, the father wanted to grow out of her heiress family profession, the girl was prepared for a direct path to the legal department of the university, and a stable legal career.

Therefore, when at age 13 Nivea told his father that he would be an actress, it was a terrible blow to him. "After that, I do not even come near a few months to a TV to hit the shameful desire!" - Recalls the actress.

And in his first starring role in the telenovela Rede Tupi "O Preco de Uma Vida" in 1964, she even had to act in secret. "When his father learned the truth, it was too late to change something, but a scandal in the house bylgrandiozny."

The second act of disobedience became early marriage, darling father did not approve, but Nivea simply ran away from home and married yet published. The truth is less than a year later the marriage broke up and confounded Nivea returned to his parents` home.

This was the lesson of the Shrew and daughter and her strict parents. Nivea has become calmer and more sensible, and his father is no longer found fault with the actress profession and now only rejoiced to its successes.

Telenovelas "A Moreninha" (1975), "Gabriela" (1975), "O Feijao eo Sonho" (1976) and "Vida Nova" (1988), "As Filhas da Mae", "Suave Veneno" (1998) became the most loved in its track record and brought Nivee adoration of the audience and recognition of her talents severe critics.

On the set of the telenovela "A Moreninha", Nivea met Zhervalom Rosa (director telenovelas), by the time Nivea was already twice divorced and had two children: Edsona and Vivian (Edsonu is now 34 years old, he is a programmer, a thirty-year-doctor Vivian) . Mocking Nivea long resisted courting the director, "I had heard about his love affairs. One said to him," nine out of ten actresses were your lovers, I`ll die laughing if I do this tenth! ". Month Zherval silent, then sent me a note," I guarantee, you will not laugh. Marry me!"

A few months later they were married for 27 years and live in perfect harmony. Nivea gave birth to a loved m uzhu another daughter, Vanessa is now 22 years old, she is a student of the Faculty of Psychology.

16 years ago Nivea underwent a serious personal drama, the death of the mother, "it was the most severe emotional blow to me, I thought I will not survive, even going to leave a career," about two years, Nivea has not acted and almost never left the house. Because of severe depression brought Niveyu director Roberto Talma, who persuaded her to star in his miniseries "Anos Dourados" (1986). "It is this work has helped to finally get rid of the ghosts of the past and gave me to understand that we need to continue to live at all costs!"

Today, the actress believes that the role of the telenovela, where her partner was Jose de Abreu, has become one of the most important in her career. By the way with Jose de Abreu, they would meet in the TV series "Vila Madalena" (1999), and will always remain good friends. "Jose extraordinary man, cheerful, understanding, dobryy.On helped me a lot, I owe his therapy, complete recovery from depression, has learned to calmly talk about death materi.Nauchilas control their emotions in any circumstances."

A huge number of telenovelas, (ten novels it withdrew beloved husband Zherval), several theatrical productions, not dissimilar characters (from a submissive mother of the family, to the vulgar manicurists), undoubted talent and hard work, the ability to avoid conflicts with colleagues (Nivea has always been far from the gossip and intrigue), no star disease (not for nothing that many Brazilian actors consider it an honor to work with her in the same project).

"I probably was born under a lucky star, I manage a lot, I have a wonderful family, and thank God, my father is still alive! While still regret that did not make me from a lawyer.!"

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