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How to create the best restaurant in Sicily?

Nino Graziano defines Italian cuisine is very short: it is simple, tasty and passionate. Its basis - fresh food cooked in homemade food for a large family tradition - hence the love for pasta, which the Italians, including Nino Graziano, eat every day, and the originality of flavors. Passion - this is what distinguishes the work of love with their work on the master artisan crafts, makes us believe in intuition and receive calls.

Nino Graziano, born in the Sicilian town of Bolognetta, retained throughout his life to the love of his childhood meals - pasta and fadzholi and pasta al forno, which his 93-year-old mother still prepares their own wood-fired oven.

Enrolling in 15 years at Cook`s department of hotel business school in Palermo, Nino Graziano was an intern at restaurants in Switzerland and Milan, then mastered in practice the subtleties of the culinary arts in France, where he met his wife and faithful assistant, the restaurant owner`s daughter Sabine Bour. In 1980 they returned to Sicily, and in 1988 opened his own restaurant `Il Mulinazzo`.

Successfully passing numerous checks when inspectors disguised as regular visitors appreciate not only the quality of food, but also the organization of work and aesthetics of the restaurant as a whole, in 2002, `Il Mulinazzo` won the Italian competition of the best restaurants (the nomination` Lunch goda`) and received two Michelin stars. Triumphant rise Graziano inspired for new projects. He started to open Italian restaurants in Japan, and in 2004 accepted the invitation of the Moscow restaurant owners` Semifreddo` on the reorganization of its work. Owner of an exclusive Sicilian restaurant was a pity to throw his child, which is among the best restaurants in Europe, but the favorable conditions of the contract, as well as a desire to test himself in a new environment won. Now, to be sad regulars on the site of `Il Mulinazzo` - regular pizza, and` Semifreddo Mulinatstso`, although so far that does not appear in the Michelin rating, he earned a reputation as the best Italian restaurant in Moscow. Its annual income is 25,000 euros, and 70% of visitors are regular customers, which every day welcomes Graziano himself and his sous-chef Giuseppe Davi. This was followed by the opening of the restaurant `La bottega siciliana`, in which Nino Graziano is a co-owner and chief brand.

The face of this Sicilian specialties

All restaurants offered by Graziano, meets two conditions: it is a restaurant in the true sense of the word, and they are not so much Italian as Sicilian cuisine. According to the chef, the present value restoranepervoocherednoe have no interior and music, and even alcoholic beverages - to come to enjoy the gastronomic art. As for the Sicilian cuisine, its main feature - the presence of a large number of seafood and fish dishes, as well as a variety of delicious desserts. Graziano describes his cuisine as the author, and notes that often uses techniques well-studied early in his career French cuisine. Also, during his work in `Il Mulinazzo` he gave up a long time of cooking and the use of heavy spices. As the ingredients are often used purely Russian food such as risotto with beets, and chef intends to continue work in this direction. But from a favorite childhood fried sardines had to give up because it transported to Moscow in a fresh state impossible. It hits the restaurant include seafood and pasta with chanterelles, fried squid with artichokes, homemade salad; Visitors mark and an excellent wine list. Signature dessert - soft ice cream, souffle-like, whose name coincides with the name of the restaurant - Graziano prepares a prescription of his grandmother. He approves of the trend of revival of old authentic dishes that are made with modern tehnologiyaPoka that Signor Graziano suggests that `La bottega siciliana`, a member of the group` Semifreddo`, will be his last project. The expansion of the brand is currently going through a network of cafes with more democratic prices and range, but consistently high quality dishes. When asked whether plans Nino Graziano obtaining new Michelin star should be pretty evasive answer. `Mishlenovskiy` status requires not only good food, but also the appropriate level of exclusivity, which is included in the design, professionalism and teamwork of the whole team. Achieving all these requirements requires a lot of dedication, and often work at a loss. However, Michelin guides will visit Moscow, and may begin to inspect the capital`s restaurants in the coming years.

Extensive experience in Moscow Graziano gives grounds to assert that the capital`s restaurants visitors, despite the prevailing pathetic craving for entertainment and status places are becoming more demanding gastronomy. However, the brand-chef recalls that true gourmet manifests his interest in tasting menus, as well as the tradition of inviting chefs to the hall, to thank for cooked dish. Signor Sicilian cuisine believes that the food - it`s not just life, it`s part of the culture and history.

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