Nino Burdjanadze

Picture of Nino Burdjanadze

Date of Birth: 07/16/1964

Age: 52

Place of birth: Kutaisi

Citizenship: Georgia

Nino Burjanadze: "Did NOT RUSSIA oriented to the West?"

The Acting President of Georgia Nino Burjanadze 39 years. She has two sons - ten and eighteen. She`s a real Georgian housewife and mother. This policy - almost ten years. Her husband two days before the revolution, one of which was Burjanadze leaders resigned from the post of first deputy prosecutor of Georgia. The new government, headed by associate Burjanadze, Zurab Zhvania, it has not yet invited. Her father Anzor Burjanadze in Soviet Georgia, served as Secretary of the District Committee and the head of the Tourism Committee. He was one of the supporters of Eduard Shevardnadze, who has been a whole week is not the President of Georgia. In Shevardnadze`s former office in the State Chancellery is now a country headed by his daughter. For its machines no longer block the street .............. like in time for the motorcade of President Shevardnadze.

About what and how she went to Georgia, she shared with the correspondent of "Izvestia" Natalia Ratiani in the same office with the very furniture and open windows through which penetrated the Saturday sun and fresh air.

In the building in front of which a few days ago, I flew the flag of the revolution, so far nothing has changed. The same furniture Soviet times the half-life, shabby walls, the smell of nomenclature and bulletproof glass door that protects the floor of the President. "There`s even a cockroach - so small, red - are recognized with a laugh," Izvestia "young guys from Zhvania`s team - but nothing, and soon they will not be there." As, probably, there will be 26 volumes of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia 1976 issue that Shevardnadze left in his waiting room.

The building with low ceilings and "heavy aura" - that is to say it is not only the representatives of the new authorities, who have entered into these offices last week, and local working here a long time cleaners - Burjanadze is almost out. They work almost around the clock. "The day before yesterday, Saakashvili and Zhvania left my office at half past five in the morning and I`m in it and has remained - in half past eight begins a new day and so almost every day." - Said Nino Burjanadze, on the face of which, however, there is no trace of fatigue. On the contrary - a friendly smile. The huge office Shevardnadze she kept confident.

- It is true that now the budget can not scrape together more than 300 thousand lari (about 150 thousand dollars), despite the fact that the 2003 budget of Georgia amounted to little more than 1 billion lari budget almost empty?. These days the international community has confirmed its intention to help Georgia. Our friends that allocate money for elections, will help us to carry out their normal and really fair.

- Supporting Shevardnadze forces, which are now referred to as a new, or "proshevardnadzevskoy", the opposition accused the new authorities in the pro-Western sentiments. Arguments in favor of the fact that there is nothing wrong for Georgia. And Russia has no reason to be afraid of something ...

- It is strange to hear the definition of "proshevardnadzevskaya" opposition. I do not know a single person and not a single opposition force in Georgia, who for the past 30 years because of the circumstances at least for some time would not work together with Shevardnadze. I am not ashamed of those years, when it was close to President Shevardnadze, on the contrary, I am proud of these years. Especially before 1999, Shevardnadze, despite a number of errors made decisions that were necessary to strengthen the independence of Georgia.

- It is true that the original proposals Igor Ivanov differed from the final decision?

- Right, I can say: Ivanov supported Shevardnadze resign and tried to find a way out without it. However, the situation has been brought to such a critical point that I immediately said Mr. Ivanov: only a miracle will save the situation without the president`s resignation, but he his statement can return people to their homes. What happened was completely logical.

"Excuse me, where is focused Russian?"

- Came to power pro-Georgian forces! I`ve always said - I set up pro-Georgian. For me in the first place the interests of my country. In no event shall Western orientation of Georgia or the desire to build a truly Western civilization does not mean that it will be done to the detriment of the legitimate interests of Russia.

Yes! We are oriented to the West. But for pity`s sake, where are oriented Russia? When Russia says that it is very important to the maximum to develop cooperation with NATO, it is necessary to join the Schengen agreement - is that not the West ?!

Some Russian politicians simply can not part with imperial ambitions. Russia can and should be friends with the West, but Georgia can not. And if Georgia is possible, only through Moscow. Why do I have to enter the European Union through Moscow, if I can get there other ways? In the interests of Russia - a single, coherent and civilized Georgia. Just as in the interests of Georgia - a unified, democratic and civilized Russia.

Our goal - to become a member of NATO, a member of the EU, as much as possible to integrate into the other European institutions. Our aim is also - to develop good neighborly and mutually beneficial, based on mutual respect relations with Russia.

- Russia said on the possibility of introduction of a simplified visa regime with the territory of Georgia, where "stable environment". We are talking about Adjara. Do not you think that Russia is ready in principle to a new fragmentation of Georgia?

- I do not want to criticize the Russian initiative, but it is impossible. Please tell me, where is the logic? The visa regime at the time was introduced because allegedly the Georgian territory is not controlled and the situation was unstable. However, the visa regime two of the most volatile regions of Georgia were excluded - Abkhazia and so called South Ossetia. Now it states that you need to remove another region of the visa regime, because he was, on the contrary, very much stable. All this is not linked to the statements of Vladimir Putin president of Russia I respected that he respects the territorial integrity of Georgia. We love these statements, but they have to prove in practice.

In September in Moscow at a meeting of heads of parliaments of "the Caucasian four" - Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia - I addressed to the Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov, the proposal or relieve or cancel visa regime in the entire territory of Georgia, or to establish equal treatment for all regions of Georgia . What is happening now gives rise to unfavorable talk in Georgia. Against the background of a difficult political situation Russia is going to provide Adjara visa privileges and even puts a notice to the Georgian leadership. It`s not beautiful.

- Did you not notified, for example, a telephone call?

- I do not know, maybe with Shevardnadze and someone said. They did not call, the opinion of the current head of Georgia no one was interested. It is hoped that the positive things that made the arrival of Mr. Ivanov in Tbilisi in a difficult time for Georgia, do not come to naught. We have to start with a new sheet of relations between Georgia and Russia.

"No cunning plan was not"

- There is an opinion that Saakashvili`s favorite in the race for a long time been called the former president as his successor. There is a feeling that you are in a network of Shevardnadze, who just spent another cunning combination?

- God be with you. This could be done with other politicians. Saakashvili - a very important and emotional politician and would be unlikely to agree to such concessions. No it was not a cunning plan. It`s no more than speculation. They said that we have distributed the posts for themselves as Shevardnadze said about it. There were so many funny version that I`m not even going to consider them.

- You just decided for themselves that the presidency is not for you?

- I`ve never torn a big power. It is very limits of human freedom. But I am a very responsible person. Now I have no ambition to become president. We thought that by the year 2005, can be and will be ready to put forward my candidacy for the presidency. But in 2003 we did not plan to do so.

Mikheil Saakashvili - leader of the revolution - for the past two weeks received from the public is very much support. The nomination of two candidates, which would support the same electorate, would cause a split in society. I have no right to disappoint the people who were waiting for the opposition to be united. We do not begin to gnaw each other`s throats even for the presidency.

- It often happens that the supporters of the revolution then can not share power, criticize each other. Saakashvili has expressed his dissatisfaction with a number of your appointments ...

- Do you think that national issues are solved without frictions and disputes? We have to argue emotionally, to find the truth. We just smart enough to listen to the proposals of those of us whose arguments are most reasonable. The truth - the salvation of the state. No one argued with Shevardnadze - that brought the country to such a state. I allowed myself to speak the truth Shevardnadze. That`s why he did not pick up the phone the last four days, when I called. I hope no one among us come to the point that not even listen to the unpleasant and different from his own, but the true opinion.

- What did save Georgia from disintegration: federation or confederation?

- We have long been saying that they are ready for a serious steps to resolve the internal conflicts that hinder the country out of crisis. The federal structure - it is a good model, which can be upgraded and improved for the benefit of the peoples who live on the territory of Georgia, Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

- At one time you said that in the policy are targeting a career of Margaret Thatcher. From what her advice would you now do not refuse?

- From any!