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Date of Birth: 08/05/1926

Age: 77

Place of birth: Leningrad

Citizenship: Russia


Ninel Eve

Ninel Myshkova born May 8, 1926 in the family of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Romanovich Myshkova artillery. In the post-revolutionary period, many came up with their children unusual names. Konstantin Romanovich also not remained aloof from the new-fangled trends. Ninel - it`s just the other way around Lenin.

Ninel itself is not very fond of the name and preferred to be called Evoyu. So she introduced herself and her future husband - the young actor Vakhtangov Theatre Vladimir Etush. Etush admitted that in his youth was very amorous man and a beautiful young student of the Shchukin School immediately gone to his head. Soon they were married. It`s funny, but about the real name of his wife, he learned only in the registry office.

Turns privacy

In 1947, Ninel Myshkova graduated from the Theater School. Schukin and at the same time made her debut on the silver screen. It was a role in the adventure film Shabunina Alexander Faintsimmer "For those who are in the sea", filmed on the novel by Boris Lavrenev. But continuing film career was not followed, Ninel circled turns personal life ....

With Vladimir Etush they lived long. In their house there were a lot of creative intelligentsia. Come and composer Antonio Spadavekkia. The author of music to the film "For those who are in the sea", as well as a remarkable film-tale "Cinderella." Ninel fell in love with this man, who was older than her by 19 years. But the marriage did not last long ...

In 1953, Ninel Myshkova met a cameraman, a remarkable master of his craft, Konstantin Nikiforovich Petrychenko. He was older than her, too. At 11 years of age. Ninel generally liked men older than her.

In the same year they were married, and in 1954 the couple had a son Constantine, who later became a well-known diplomat.

In the world of illusions

In the movie at Ninel Myshkova long time I did not have much success. For almost ten years, she has played a few roles. However, two of them remember the audience today. These are the tales of Alexander Ptushko "Sadko", where she played the beautiful and unfortunate Ilmen princess, in love with the main character, and "Ilya Muromets" (Vasilisa).

Ninel generally very fond of acting in fairy tales - they are fascinated by it in another, unusual and fascinating world. Later, in 1959, she played Mary-mistress in the fairy tale by Alexander Rowe. This is her heroine kidnapped insidious Vodokrut XIII (Anatoly Anatoly Kubatsky), denying the beauty of will. Remember her famous phrase - "What will that slavery - all the same?"


But the real success came to the actress two years earlier. In 1957, she starred in the Lion kinoromane Kulidzhanov and Yakov Segel "The house in which I live." Ninel Myshkova created a deep psychological image of the girl Lida. She, at first glance, a wonderful family - a talented husband-geologist. That`s only husband too absorbed in his work, and Lida feels his dissatisfaction with life, its lack of implementation. Leisurely life during the war suddenly explodes. And how much Lida played farewell scene with her husband. He goes to war, and who knows - will return it?

After the film "The House I Live In" Ninel Myshkova begins to play a lot in the movie, with each role increasing their skills. In addition to the "Mary-mistress", she starred in the melodrama Jacob Bazelyan "House with the Mezzanine" (Lida Voltchaninovs), eccentric comedy Eldar Ryazanov`s "Nowhere Man" (the beautiful Olga, which falls Sergei Jurassic hero), the production of the drama "Never" and "Hello , Gnat. "

On the film "Hello, Gnat" Ninel Myshkova met with a man who will be present for her guiding light in life. It was the director Viktor Ivchenko ...

Myshkova and Ivchenko

Viktor Ivchenko (which, incidentally, was also older Ninel Myshkova) at the time of their meeting has already become a famous director. However, his fame was somewhat of a special kind. The fact that in 1959 he made a film "Ivan" with Inna Burduchenko starring. The film was a brilliant anti-religious orientation, so that was cursed by the Pope. The curse caught up with many of the filmmakers. Many in the short time passed away, and Inna Burduchenko burned alive on the set of the next film. With a heart attack and he came down Ivchenko. But apparently, the higher powers have spared him.

In 1965, Viktor Ivchenko started shooting his new film. This time he decided to film the novel by Alexei Tolstoy`s "Viper" - the dramatic story of a merchant`s girl Olga Zotova, otrinuvshego past and plunged into the thick of the Civil War. But the war goes, there comes a time of peace, and she can not find herself in a new life ...

Ivchenko could not find a singer in the title role. Tried Svetlana Druzhinin, other actresses. And then the director remembered Ninel Myshkova. She was already under forty, but looked like it was still fine. In addition, the actress, in the desire to prolong their youth (one of the first in the Soviet Union!) Had plastic surgery.

Suddenly, against Myshkova nominations made by longtime friend and colleague in the cinema operator Alexei Prokopenko. Together, they have created more than one movie on the "Viper" had to work together. In the conflict between Viktor Prokopenko Myshkova and he took the side of the actress, and later the film is another dosnimali operator - Michael Black.

They were happy together

The film "Viper" marked not only a new rise of the actress, but abruptly changed her personal life. It was then that Viktor Ivchenko without memory fell in love with Ninel, and now he was not interested in any position, either quiet family life (he was married and brought up a son of Boris). Passion was so great that Victor frankly admitted to his wife that can not live without this woman, and therefore leaves.

To the feet of Ninel Myshkova Victor threw his whole life. And that his ex-wife had never been able to forgive. Many years later, she did not come to his funeral. I do not come and she later died when their son, Boris, and it was decided to bury him with his father ...

But it was later, and then Ivchenko Myshkova and started a new life. Six years of unalloyed happiness. In all his subsequent films starring he shot only love. At the same time it is not just appointed her to the role, he literally created movies under her, feeling fine character actress. They were not all masterpieces, but is that the point ?! The main thing they were happy together.

g Recent ode

The end came around in 1972. In the late summer of Viktor Ivchenko I went to Rostov-on-Don in the shooting of his new film. There he was caught and heart attack. The fourth. Learning of this, Ninel immediately went to her husband. On September 7, in her arms in the hospital, he died.

For Ninel Myshkova it was a terrible blow. One day she had aged ten years. Ninel she brought her husband`s body in Kiev, organized the funeral, his coffin all the letters they wrote to each other - even if their correspondence will not get anyone. And after the funeral, she went from Kiev. Forever.

The first time, Ninel did not communicate. She completely lost her taste for life and for work. Then it started to appear on the silver screen. But these occasional role did not go to any comparison with her previous work.

In 1982, Ninel Myshkova last starred in the film - in the role of Valentina in the detective series "Racing vertically." And then it caught up with another blow. Ninel struck a terrible disease - progressive multiple sclerosis. It ceased to recognize people, it has ceased to be guided in life.

In these difficult years with her turned out to be her son Constantine Petrychenko. He took his mother to her and surrounded her care. Constantine took her by the best specialists in France, but all heard the same thing - the disease is incurable. So she lived 20 years ...

September 13, 2003 Ninel Myshkova died. And, as often happens, it suddenly remembered about. The press began to write about what it was a great actress and that she had not been able to realize themselves fully ... Trite, but in fact this is true ...


1947 For those who are at sea

1952 Sadko

1956 Ilya Muromets

1956 heart beats again

1957 The house in which I live

1959 Mary-mistress

1959 Human skin changes

1960 House with the Mezzanine

1961 The Man from Nowhere

1962 Hello, Gnat

1962 Never

1963 Silver coach

1964 Easy life

1965 Viper

1967 Tenth step

1967 Dr. Vera

1968 Crash

1968 Men`s Talk

1969 Falling frost

1970 The path to the heart

1974 large space travel

1975 Forest swing

1976 One hundred grams for bravery

1982 Vertical Race

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