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Year of birth : 1988

Age : 27 years

Place of Birth : Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Citizenship : United States


Creative force "Nine inch nails" is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Trent Reznor (b. May 17, 1965, Mercer, United States) . During his provincial childhood in Pennsylvania, he learned to play the classical piano, but, discovering rock and early " industrial " Trent completely changed his musical tastes.

After a period working in recording studios in Cleveland and play in local bands ,Reznor began recording as the "Nine inch nails" in 1988. The first CD "Pretty hate machine", written and produced by Trent, sounded quite gloomy because of the abundance of synthesizers, but at concerts (in particular at "Lollapalooza" 1991) , the material was converted ferocious wall of guitars. The composition of "Head Like A Hole" is constantly spinning the American radio stations and the album was certified platinum. Inspired by the "live" performances, Reznor added rigid guitar sound to the sound of "Nine inch nails" on the EP "Broken" (its subsequent remix was called "Fixed"), which hit the US Top 10 ,and the composition of "Wish" won the award "Grammy".

Nine inch nails However, the video for the song "Happiness In Slavery" has been banned because of scenes where the artist Bob Flanagan returned to break itself apart as a slave to the machine, playing a theme common to Reznor`s lyrics. Trent also directed the full-length (but not released in the rental) band "Broken", where ,He said, "Happiness In Slavery" reminiscent of Disney movies. By this time, Reznor moved to Los Angeles, where he built a studio in a rented house, where, as he later discovered, the whole family was killed (much to his displeasure izfor the eternal questions in an interview on the contribution of this house atmosphere in the creation of "The downward spiral").

Occupying the middle ground between the styles of previous releases, multi-layered mix of synthesizers and fierce guitars provided fascinating soundscape for Reznor study of human degradation through sex, drugs, violence ,depression and suicide, ending the personal emotional pain on the "Hurt": " I hurt myself today to see if I still feel I focus on the pain, and it is the only reality."

Nine inch nails: Trent Reznor "The downward spiral" debuted in ameikanskih charts in second position. At concerts Trent accompanied Robin Finck (guitar) , Danny Lonir (bass, guitar), James Woolley (keyboards) and longtime friend of Reznor`s drummer Chris Vrenna. "Nine inch nails" has become the most discussed in the group `s annual Woodstock show. In 1994, Reznor`s label, "Nothing", began to leave the first releases ,not related to the "Nine inch nails" (starting with Marilyn Manson) . The group also found time to record the soundtrack for Oliver Stone`s film " Natural Born Killers ". Reznor himself moved to New Orleans.

During 1996, he worked with the film`s director David Lynch on the music for "Lost highway", and produced Manson "Antichrist Superstar". In 1998, Trent was the executive producer of the ex - vocalist of the project "Judas priest" Rob Halford "Two". He returned to his own music in the autumn of 1999 with warmly greeted the album "The fragile", which debuted in the US charts at number 1.

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