Nina Persiyaninova

Picture of Nina Persiyaninova

Date of Birth: 03/20/1967

Age: 49

Place of birth: Kolomna

Citizenship: Russia


Author: Igor BIN

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Acting Education Nina Persiyaninova received the Higher Theatre School. BV Shchukin, where she studied in the course of YP Lyubimov. "Pike" Persiyaninova graduated in 1996, and in 1998 was accepted into the troupe of the South-West. At this price for the years of work she played lots of different roles. Especially close to her has always been the role of the classical repertoire, allowing you to create complex, multi-faceted images. Such, for example, it Katharina in "The Taming of the Shrew" by Shakespeare - sometimes grotesquely funny and sometimes surprisingly lyrical, full of inner tragedy.

Grotesque and subtle tragicomedy inherent in many heroines Nina Persiyaninovoy. Great facial expressions, outstanding looks and acting skills make her an unforgettable character. This feminine, attractive, but too emancipated Titania from "Midsummer Night`s Dream" by Shakespeare, and arrogant lady citizen Peresvetova of "Wristcutters" Nikolai Erdman, and Olga of "Three Sisters" by Chekhov, many others.


Unlike theater cinema for a long time in no hurry to use the talent of Nina Persiyaninovoy. She occasionally appeared in various films and TV series, but it was a small role, sometimes just episodes.

Successful was the "romance" actress with the TV channel CTC. In the series "Father`s Daughter" Nina Persiyaninova in the usual grotesque eccentric manner played the role of the school principal Taisia ??Kirillovna. At the same STS she has been involved in small roles in popular TV series "Kadetstvo. Season 3 "(a relative of Colonel Nozdryov) and" Ranetki "(Anton`s mom and Agash).


1999 President and his granddaughter

1999-2003 Simple Truth - series

2000 Love to the grave

2000Dom for the rich

DMB 2000

2000 Features bathhouse policies or Banja 2

2001 School Etoile

2001 Family Secrets - the series

Brigade 2002 - series

Striped summer 2003

Afromoskvich 2004 - series

2005 Multiplying Grieve

2005 Tourists - series

2005 Hunting for elk

2005 Gromov - series

2006 Race for happiness

2006 Airport-2 - TV series

2007 Kadetstvo. Season 3 - TV series

2007-2008 Still, I love ... - series

2007-2009 Father`s Daughter - series

Bus 2008 - series

2008 I fly - series

2008 Soldiers 15. New call - series

2008-2009 Ranetki - series ^