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Date of Birth: 08/07/1955

Age: 61

Citizenship: Russia

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Author: Igor BIN

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People`s Artist of Ukraine (2009)


Nina Nijeradze graduated in 1980. State Institute of Theatrical Arts in Moscow, workshop Tabakov. During her studies, she married a fellow student Victor Saraykin. Soon they had a son Matthew.

After graduation, the couple went to Kiev, where he became an actor of the Theatre on the Left Bank. On the stage of the theater Nina Nijeradze constantly performed the leading role.

In 1995 Nina Nijeradze with Viktor Saraykin moved into the troupe of the Kiev National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama. Lesya Ukrainka, where he works to this day. Over the years, the actress has been busy in the performances: "Angel, or Sexual Neuroses of our Parents" (chef`s mother), "Don Quixote. 1938 "(housekeeper of Don Quixote)," Uncle`s Dream "(Natalia Paskudina, Sofia Petrovna Farpuhina)" Leaning Tower "(Wife)" cynical comedy, "" A bit of tenderness "," number 13 "," All of this was ... and it will ... "," Revenge of the Italian "(Assunta)," Cat on a Hot Tin roof "(May)," Love the student "(Evdokia Antonovna)," The Last passionately in love "(Elaine Navatstso ) and others.


Cinematography Nina Nijeradze once paid little attention. In the 80 years it has occasionally acted in small roles (in the drama "The Uninvited friend" - a laboratory assistant Rima, in the children`s film "Summer impressions on the planet the Z" - Anna Maksimovna Mukhina). And in the 90s and completely ceased to act, thinking that the movie is not interesting to her. The actress stopped going to auditions, to accept invitations to audition ...

In the film, Nina G. returned in the new century and then only thanks to the persistent belief of her husband. Saraykin Viktor recalls: "I remember one day during a break on the set of Hochma heard from the mouths of fellow - actor Dolinsky. "Go, - he says - call his future widow." I came home and delivered an ultimatum: "Come on, Ninka, start slowly acting on the case when she become a widow." ".

For Elvira`s role in the detective series "Russian Medicine", was followed by other works. In the period from 2005 to 2011 Nina Nijeradze played a variety of roles, including: Head of pharmacy Barbara detective in "The myth of the perfect man," the director of the orphanage Victoria Pavlovna in melodramatic series "Sisters in Blood", Secretary Anna Karlovna in the comedy "The Seventh petal ", Schur Gavrilovna in the series` Yefrosinya".

The first major role on the silver screen actress took place only in 2012 in the social drama "Istalgiya". In this tape heroine Nina Nijeradze, an immigrant from Ukraine Ruslan, trying to find happiness in someone else for himself in Germany ...


1980 Deep relatives - Short

1980 Uninvited friend

1983 Clarinets of tenderness

1986 Summer impressions on the planet Z

1993 Garden of Gethsemane (Ukraine)

1994 Sin and repentance

2002 Critical Condition (Ukraine)

2004 Russian medicine

2005 Divorce and maiden name (Russia, Ukraine)

2005 Sworn Attorney

2005 The myth of the perfect man. Detective by Tatiana Ustinova (Ukraine)

2005 Return of Mukhtar-2

2005-2006 sisters by blood (Ukraine, Russia)

2006 Return of Mukhtar-3

2007 Seventh Petal (Ukraine)

2008 For all you thank-3 (Ukraine)

2008 The Power of Attraction (Ukraine)

2008 How to find the ideal (Ukraine)

2009 Return of Mukhtar 5

2009 good reasons for murder (Ukraine)

2010 When the cranes fly away to the south (Ukraine)

2010 Faith, Hope, Love

2010-2013 Yefrosinya (Russia, Ukraine)

2011 Glow (Ukraine)

2011 Spring in December

2012 Istalgiya (Germany, Serbia, Ukraine)

2012 Defender

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