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Date of Birth: 09/01/1977

Age: 39

Birthplace: Tomsk

Citizenship: Russia

most beautiful police captain

Author: Andrew Puminov

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Elegance appearance and manners Nina Gogaeva give reason to believe that she was born and grew up in a big city, among cultural centers and libraries. Meanwhile, well-known actress was born in Western Siberia, in the north of the Tomsk region (9 January 1977). The name of his birthplace actress calls emphatically: `blank tayga`. There were no theaters and concert halls, but in the house constantly sounded plate Vysotsky, Pugacheva, Magomayev, Jeanne Bichevskaya, and the club had a wonderful folk choir. Nina loved since childhood Siberian songs from their particular polyphony, and began to sing in the school choir, as well as participate in a school theatrical circle. The girl wanted to seriously pursue singing, quite successfully participated in a competition of amateur, but at one point I realized - her vocal skills are not sufficient to achieve the professional peaks and decided to become an actress, so much so that all the school plays a major role battered her.

Arriving in the capital, after graduating from high school, Nina Gogaeva filed documents in the Shchukin School, and very successfully passed through the millstones of entrance examinations. She was enrolled in a course Grave and zealously assimilated everything that could give her school teachers. In 2000, Nina received a diploma with honors, and listen to the results she joined the Moscow Art Theatre. Gorky.

In the same year she took part in the St. Petersburg competition of reciters them. Smolensk and won third place. The first role of the young actress on the stage were, as usual, small. But after a few years in its repertoire includes Natasha in Insulted and oskorblennyh` `,` Angel in Dahme-nevidimke` Inna `in the Control vystrele` (S. Govorukhin`s statement) and other bright work.

Unlike his classmates, a student Nina Gogaeva did not yield to the temptation to earn participation in film productions at the expense of lessons. Her film debut took place in 2002. It was a cult TV series `Brigada` but a tiny role in the performance of the secretary of Nina did not even won a mention in the credits. The same fate was prepared and several episodes involving young actress in the famous film `Oligarh`. At this time, Nina considered herself primarily a theater actress, and shooting - is only a small episode in his life.

The first major work was the role of Nina Gogaeva Fahey in the film `` Sel (2003). Then, after not too noticeable roles in such projects as `Hello stolitsa`,` Lord efira`, `Avtonomka` et al., Followed by a starring role in the film` Espresso` (2006).

Successful for the actress began in 2007. Nina Gogaeva first hit TV show `` Next (2007), where a series of `` The water she sang the role of the doctor-poisoner. The role of the captain Borisova went to her crime series `Pautina`, and in the Bay of` missing dayverov` Gogaeva played a central role and Marina took part in underwater filming. Employment in the television series television actress forced to rethink their creative plans, and she left her job in the theater. Successfully played the role in the crime dramas and action movies made popular actress Nina this direction. She played Maria Semak in `` Autumn detective (2008), Rose in `` Hour Volkova (25 series), investigator Galina in `` Champion (2008).

However, all these roles were only a preparation for the great success that is expected the actress after her performance as Captain Demina in the TV show `Mech` (2009).

`` The sword has become very rating show, but the audience watched with bated breath, not only for the way Max Kalinin and his group are fighting against impunity, generating lawlessness, but also for the development of relations between Tatiana and Max. Duet Gogaeva Fleur became a real find of the series, and for the role of Tatiana Demina Nina Gogaeva was nominated for `` Golden Rhino Award for Best Actress.

Successful actress for steel and shooting soldiers `` 16 (the role of Zoe, 2009), the movie `` The Hindu (lawyer Galina, 2010), the series `` Mine (Catherine Cherbenkova, 2010). Another triumph Nina Gogaeva expected in 2011, when she returned to television project `Sled`. This time she got the role of Margarita Vlasova. Gogaeva heroine - a police captain, she is engaged in operative work, skillfully owns any weapons, always cool and confident, and thus also very attractive, and does not hesitate, if necessary, take advantage of it. Execution of this role has caused very many questions to the very actress who replied that she created the image of a fiction and nothing to do with her and her character has not. In 2012, despite the enormous popularity of her character, Nina Gogaeva announced its withdrawal from the TV project `Sled`.

Recent work by the actress today are several major roles, in particular, the doctor Tatiana Resurrection in the television series `Nyuhach` (2013) and Nina in the miniseries` Sudya` (2014). There are also shooting and the American film `Soul shpiona` and continuing `Mecha`. On questions about his personal life Nina Gogaeva not responding. It is known that in 2004, her son was born, who is rumored to have co-starred with her in the TV series `Shahta`, although according to official sources, the son of screen heroine Nina Gogaeva played Artyom Zharkov.

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